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Denim Jacket + White Sundress + Peep Toe Clogs + Vintage Wicker Bag (Memorial Day Outfit Inspo)

 I can’t believe it’s already Memorial Day weekend!

Although, we took these pictures a few weeks ago, I thought it would be the perfect Memorial Day outfit inspiration for those headed to BBQ’s and parties.  A white dress might be asking for trouble (hello spills!), but…that’s what stain remover is for, no??! 😉
I am SO obsessed with this vintage bag I scored while I was on a girls trip in Idaho!!  It’s in perfect condition and the bakelite handles and trim are SO amazing!!
I loooooove the color of these clogs!  At first I thought they were pink, but they are the prettiest blush nude that will go with EVERYTHING this summer!
I can’t handle these next ones…LOVE HER!!  AND…The rainbow sunflare I got in these next ones makes me so happy!
She kept tickling me with this, and then…I realized she was really trying to get yellow dust all over my face.  See outtakes 🙂

The gap toothed smile is my all time favorite! I was SO sad that her front two teeth grew in SO FAST!

Thankfully, these side ones have taken their time growing in…

On me…

Jean Jacket- 3×1 thrifted for $10!!! (similar here retails for $300!!)
On Maya…
Jacket- Hudson Kids (ebay, but similar here)
Dress- Les Petites Choses (thrifted, but similar print here)
Jeans- Gap Kids (thrifted, but love this light wash here)
Keeping it Real…
Yup, another “1st shutter click shot”
nailed it! haha.
Is this thing working??
This is where I realized she was trying to dust me with yellow powder…
And yes…bikers and walkers were going past us constantly.  No shame at this point!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Tie Front Button Down + High Waisted Flares + Clogs ( + Cherry Blossoms!)

 Truth be told…I kinda forgot we took these!

I had all these ideas for taking pics amongst all the BEAUTIFUL cherry blossoms all around Seattle, but alas…time or lack thereof….

Finally, I decided to stop a along this street a few blocks away on my way to go pick Maya up from school.

It actually got really sunny later, but it was still overcast and chilly earlier as it seems to be lately.  SO, it’s all about layering!
I’m all about tying tops with high waisted jeans vs tucking in.  Who wants the added bulk??

On the way home, we just stopped back off at the same place.
Dying over Maya’s little shirt dress!!  Scored it off eBay from one of my fav sellers in a lot of 4-5 pieces.  She only took pictures of everything folded, so I thought it was a denim shirt.  SO excited when I pulled it out!  Basically it ended up being $3 or $4!!
I wanted to try and get some pics like we did a two years ago.  Not sure I’ll be able to pick her up next year…

On me…

Sweater- 360 Cashmere (eBay)
Jeans- MIH “Caron” in Redo (eBay, sold out similar here)
On Maya…
Leggings- Crewcuts (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Dr. Martens “Delaney”  (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
The first shot when the shutter goes off is often me adjusting things haha.  And clearly my RBF…
She kept pinching my cheeks!
And… Not wanting me to kiss her.  HA!  That’s not happening!
I do believe the days for piggy back rides are limited.  She keeps flinging herself back and with
how much she weighs that just isn’t good!!
My face though ha!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Happy Mother’s Day to me! | 2018

 I don’t really want a big fanfare for my birthday or Mother’s Day.   Really, I want a hall pass on some of the day to day duties (namely DINNER!) and I want pictures-duh.

It’s what my mom and I ask for every year, and I’m SO glad I have them to look back on!!

If you want, you can look back on 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 part one and two (lucky year!), and 2017.

And…I’ll admit.  This next shot wasn’t just of me haha.

The remote was going crazy and firing off never ending shots until we turned the camera off!  Needless to say, there are a LOT of outtakes.  And…some of Maya and the Huz next to me with questionable looks on their face :).  But, since I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of just my outfit…this will have to suffice 😉 What to say about this sweet nugget…

While she challenges my patience, she also brings me so much joy, love, and pride every single day!

I am one lucky mama.
And…twinning is always winning! Love these next few!!!

BUT…just wait for the outtakes at the end…
My new favorite of the three of us!! And…to my amazing mom and friend…

Maya and I are both SO lucky to have you in our lives!  Even luckier that it’s in our daily lives!! I can’t even… Again….NEW FAVORITE!
Funny story.  I cropped myself out of this shot because I was frantically running towards the camera on the tripod that was going CRAZY taking pics!  Maya’s face though….WORTH IT! All the heart eyes… Pretty much the best reality of our group shot attempts… But then we got this!! And this, so…I’ll take it all! And then…letting her do what she loves to do.

Which, is what I love to capture, so…win WIN!

On me…

Dress- Corey Lynn Calter (eBay for $14!!, LOVING this midi version!)
Clogs- Sven “Ankle Wrap Strap”C/O
On Maya…
Dress- (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I thought of doing an entire post of our outtakes, but…let’s be honest.  I don’t even have time
to blog REAL posts, so…here are some of the best ones.  There are more!
SO…just know…as my mom and I walked away, we thought…
“I’m sure we got one or two…”
And of COURSE we did.  BUT…, it wasn’t all super smiley perfectness…
AND, I really could have posted twice as many outtakes, BUT, I also could have posted twice as
many shots that I love too!  I guess it’s all about balance…and…reality. 🙂
This first one.  Maya probably telling my parents she doesn’t want to take pictures.  And one of the many shots with the shutter firing when it wasn’t supposed to!
Hahaha.  Yes, by butt as a try to stop the shutter AGAIN, and Maya picking her nose…as she does ALL THE TIME. Licking me….as she does ALL THE TIME 😉
Me trying to wrestle her to NOT lick me… Maya giving herself a hickey that you can STILL see 3 days later…I love that I caught the remote being thrown in mid air.  I’d had it with it’s craziness!
Maya probably explaining to me how I can fix it 🙂
AND….any guesses what I’m about to say here?? 🙂
Even with all these, I’m so grateful for ALL these images, and feel totally thankful for my role as
a mama to Maya and daughter to my amazing mom!
Most pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod.  Or taken by me, my mom, and my dad!


Layering Chunky Knits + Stripes + Frye Boots + discount for a Wood Watch!

 We are still at the point where we are mostly in full on cold rainy season, BUT…every once in a while the sun still peeks out!

That means layering!  I’m a bit of a striped top junky.  I think it’s such a nice peek of print as a layer.  I always layer a striped tank under a sweater, or a long sleeve tee under a 3/4 length sweater! These Frye 12″ Harness boots were one of my thrifting unicorns…$10!!!! I can’t even handle it sometimes when I look back on the images I capture!  Like…I KNOW we were dancing around and having fun, but it still surprises me when I capture these moments…

I originally posted about this amazing wood watch (yes, it’s made out of wood!) last week as a gift idea for the man in your life.  Clearly…you could keep it for yourself too-HA! 🙂  Am I the only one guilty of that?  Oh…hmmmm, that’s a GREAT gift idea!  I want it too!  Whoops…

AND…they’ve offered all of YOU 25% off ALL their amazing watch options by clicking here.

LOOOOOOVE this next shot!!  Total happy accident!

Maya being Maya… 🙂And this one?  Makes me so happy too! So, when we take these images, we usually spend about 10-15 minutes shooting pics of “us”.  This shoot was actually 20 minutes because I had some specific shots I wanted to get.  And to be clear…she’s running around the park the entire time I’m trying to set up shots, and then I have to wrangle her back for a few here and there!

THEN…I just let her play and do whatever she wants.  Most of the time that means she runs up to any dog we see and asks to pet them.  She spent the next 25 minutes throwing the frisbee for this dog we met!  Now…If I had cropped in, you would have thought I told her to pose, which she NAILED haha.  But, nope.   Just her waiting for the dog to bring back the frisbee!  People always comment about her posing and being great in front of the camera, but she does NOT like when I want her to actually pose or do something.  I have to just let her play, and then snap her genuine moments… I broke out my Lensbaby to brush up on using it! She will literally dance anywhere!  This was in the follow through from throwing the frisbee!

LOVE IT! Oh, and the light setting….at 4:30!  WAH!!!  But…so pretty!

On me…

Sweater- Design History (old, love these here )
Top- America Eagle (thrifted, super fun option here)
Jeans- Hudson “Nico Skinny” (thrifted for less than $10!)
Boots- Frye 12″ Harness boots (thrifted for $10!! They were in the men’s section!!)
On Maya…
Sweater- Janie and Jack (thrifted, but similar here)
Top- Crewcuts by J Crew (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
She’s always either grabbing the focus stand while I’m setting up, or singing and dancing around it.
I swear these are some of my favs!  🙂
The remote got stuck and just kept taking shots!  Maya thought it was hilarious!  I didn’t reeeeally want 100 shots in a row! 😉 Typical…Yes, there are people walking behind us if you look close. She really wanted me to swing her around, but our hands were super slippery for some reason.  She literally almost flew out of my hands!!
Graceful dismount…as always!
*** While this gorgeousThe Reece Series in Golden Camphor & Khaki   watch was given to me,
all opinions are my own**
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Tis the Season!! Gift Idea For the Man in Your Life (or… YOU!) | Jord Wood Watch

Tis the season to think about what to buy for the men in your lives!  YIKES, right??!!

I think men are the hardest to shop for!  Am I right?!!  They buy the electronics, sportswear, etc that they want for themselves, and leave you thinking….um…?

So, you are left to think outside of the box!

I’ve done some creative shopping in the past.

(I miiiight have time to post those at some point, time for that right now-SORRY!)

Honestly, I usually try and find some clothing or accessories that “they”  (I’m saying they, because I struggle every year for my husband, the boys, and my dad!) might need, or they don’t think they need, but…they DO!!  HA-righ?!

I’ve mostly gotten lucky in the past…but I think my luck is running out…

When Jord reached out to me, I immediately thought, YES!  This is a great gift for the guy that has everything!

Functional, yet…totally different and cool!

A WOOD WATCH!! Oh, and the box that it comes in you will want to steal for yourself!

Ok, honestly, you will want to steal the watch for yourself too… Soooo maybe this is also a gift idea for YOU?!!  Because, if you are like me, when your significant other asks you what you want…you draw a blank!

  WHY IS THAT? UGH!  We are as bad as them!  Am I right?!!  I can NEVER think of ideas to give the Huz!  Or my parents!

Universal gift?

Yes, please… And then I had to get some pics with Maya… LOVE HER!!!

The particular watch that I’m wearing is The Reece Series in Golden Camphor & Khaki  , but, there are so many other amazing options to choose from!

AND…they’ve offered all of YOU 25% off ALL their amazing watch options by clicking here.

*** While this watch was given to me, all opinions are my own**


Goodness Knows Bars (a healthy snack bar!)

How many of you moms get asked about 87 times a day if your kid(s) can have a snack??

How many times are they TRULY hungry?  About 3… haha.

For me.  I really try and feed Maya good healthy meals, and I try and limit snacks to small things here and there in between.

SO..when Goodness Knows contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try their bars, I was all in!

They are portioned out bars!!!  AKA…you don’t have to give out the entire bar if you don’t want to.  Great for the kids that ask for a snack and then only take a few bites.  That is NOT Maya, but I know a lot of kids are that way.  The 4 portions totally save you on wasted food!

Did I mention they are all Non GMO, No Artificial Sweeteners, and Gluten Free?!

You can totally tailor it to your kids need.  You can say…”You can have TWO bars!”

Or…”Three!”  Or “FOUR!”

And this is done for me!  I don’t have to break a part of the bar off for her.  I just give her a square! I’ve been keeping these in my purse in a little baggie, and it’s been super helpful to just give her a square here and there!
Clearly, she loved these!! Thank you SO much Goodness Knows for sending us yummy bars to try!  They were a HIT!

By the way.  I kept these hidden from my husband and teenage son until we could try them and photograph them.  Afterwards, they were asking if it was ok to have some, and my teenager said “These are really good! I could eat about 20 of them!”  He’s 6′ 4″ and 17…. 🙂

The Huz liked them too!

SO…suffice to say, they are now a crowd pleaser in my multi age/multi opinionated family!!

*** While these were given to us, all thoughts and opinions are my own! ***

Matching Swim Cover Ups for the win! + another Giveaway!!

 I’ve talked a few times about my love of Swimzip.

Most recently with my thoughts on “Day to Night” wearing here.

But, my love first started with the kids wear, to be honest.

And you know, I’m sure I’ll talk about them a few more times, because I LOVE the fact that there are cute alternatives to protecting our skin!  As we all should!

I was super excited that we finally got a nice day with temps in the 60’s and an amazing low tide!  So, we threw on our matching Swimzip suits and headed out to play.  Warning…I took A LOT of pics!

And…guess what?!  I’m doing another giveaway over on Instagram and today’s the last day to enter, so GO tag your friends for a chance to win a $35 credit!

The ruffles on Maya’s suit?  DYING!! I can’t even handle this next one… THAT BUTT!!

On me…

On Maya…
Shoes- SaltWater Sandals (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Taking pics with a shutter release and tripod in water was not the easiest.  I usually set something down where I’m going to stand, so that the focus is on us.  Not so easy to do in the water.  Oh, and at first the shutter release wasn’t working.  Here I am manually pushing it, AND standing where I originally meant to stand (getting my full reflection).  Thankfully I figured out what was wrong with the shutter release.
Here’s a behind the scenes video of the set up and a runaway Maya 😉
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Dressing up super cute SPF50 Cardigans + Giveaway!

I posted this outfit with a different top and shoes on Monday to show a more casual look, but I love that it can easily be dressed up too!

These fun booties I scored for $14 will be seen A LOT more on the blog.  LOVE THEM! And the detailing on the back of this cardigan?  So fun and so flattering! Maya had the remote for these close ups of me 🙂And she was dancing around in front of me for this next one 🙂

I love the way it drapes when you button and snap it up!

Pretty much, she just runs around and plays while I take pics of myself.
And then she comes in for a few.
Especially if I let her dance 🙂 Loooooooove these next three!

Don’t forget that you can still win a $35 credit towards a purchase of either my cardigan, Maya’s cardigan, or so many other cute SPF50 tops!  If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow us at @dit_elle and @shedolane

Giveaway ends Friday at 9PM PST

On me…

Top- Velvet (old, similar here)
Shoes-Sam Edelman “Posey Chain” (thrfited, similar here)
On Maya…
Dress- Raquel & Chloe Kids (thrifted)
Leggings- Tea Collection
Shoes- Saltwater (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
 I set up where I was going to be and then gave Maya the remote for most of the close up shots of me.  She always has fun, and I just laugh hysterically win win! Her tongue here! and…both her face and ALL the people.  Yes, I got rid of them in most of the shots, but just know…yes, there were people walking by as we were taking these.  I’ve given up caring haha.
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Super cute SPF50 Cardigans + Giveaway!

 I recently got this cardigan, and it’s instantly been one of those pieces of clothing that I reach for and wear all the time!  You know that top that you can throw over anything in the in between seasons?  This is it!  I’m just bummed I didn’t get it in time for our recent Mexico trip because it would absolutely make the cut in the packing wardrobe!

Swimsuit cover up?  SPF50, so YES!

Throw it on over a tank and shorts?  YES!

At night when the temps drop?  YES!

Wear to the park with your kid over the tank and jeans that you thought would be warm enough??  YES!

And…I’ll be styling it (and with Maya too!) with a dressier option coming later this week!

Is now too soon to mention that you could win a $35 credit towards a purchase of either my cardigan, Maya’s cardigan, or so many other cute SPF50 tops?  If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow us at @dit_elle and @shedolane

Sooooo much goodness and more giveaways coming throughout the month of May!

And it has POCKETS!! LOVE the detailing on the back!!

Oh, and btw, the same company sells Girls and Boys clothing too!  Maya’s cardigan has SPF50!

I’m way more diligent on Maya’s coverage, even though I’ve been diagnosed 3 times!  AND…let’s be honest.  I still want her to be cute while being protected!  I’d feel guilty about saying that, but since I found Shedo Lane and SwimZip, I don’t!  You can absolutely still be active and out in the sun and still look cute and protected!

Or…in the shade looking at plants haha.  And while I’m on the PSA.  Our shoes are buy a Mom’s pair and get a kids pair for FREE!!!!

These are UNISEX, and soooo well made!
I’m trying to be better about taking videos as we go, but honestly…most times, just taking pictures with the tripod is about all I can handle!

I did manage to capture a video of us taking these next shots though…

I want to eat her up!! It’s almost as if I asked her to showcase the cardigan!

As if… 😉 I mean…

Totally bumming that I chopped her hand off becaus she danced so close to me, but still…

Funny bts video of right before this next shot here.

She’s so freaking funny, and I’m SO glad I get to capture that!

On me…

Top- Thrifted
On Maya…
Top- CrewCuts (thrifted, but similar here)
Jeans- DL1961 (eBay, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
And this is what it looks like before we take a shot… 🙂  My focusing stand, and Maya wanting to be in the shot.  WHICH, she mostly wants to be in the shot that I’m focusing on.  When it comes to taking a picture, she takes off!  Such is life… 🙂
Ok, I was on the fence about posting that other shot as a real shot or a behind the scenes, but these two…hahaha.  For SURE BTS!!And…for our shoe shots?  Yes, this happens more often than not….but, I can’t decide which I like more, so I don’t really care!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


SwimZip “The Sophisticated Swim Cover Up” Day to Night

I did a post before about my love of SwimZip.  You can see Maya frolicking in low tide in the cutest suit in this post.  Seriously…LOVE!

After having two skin cancers dug out of me last year, I’m all about the cover ups!  Also…at 42 my skin does not need any more damage.  I swear, every day I find a new sun spot, and I hate them!!  Much better than finding more skin cancer though…

All that to say…I’m a total fan of cute cover ups that have SPF built in, and SwimZip has SO many great options!

About a month and a half ago, they posted on their Instagram page that they were looking for bloggers to partner with.  I jumped at the chance, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them and shoot this adorable dress! I looooove the cinch tie side!!  You can adjust it to the length you want, and the draping effect is super flattering!  I got a medium.  For reference, I’m 5′ 8″, but have a super long torso and no…well, no boobs to be blunt.  I had considered getting a small, but was worried I would be too self-conscious about it being too tight.   I’m so glad I got the size that I did!  It may have looked baggy on me except for the cinching!  All that to say, there’s some wiggle room.

And the thumb holes on the sleeves-love!! These are SO cute that I wanted to show how you could wear them day to night!  You know when you are on vacation and you go straight from the pool to dinner?   Ok, I don’t, because I want to go shower and change, BUT…you totally could with these if you didn’t have time!

What HAS happened to me?  I am super careful during the day about sun protection.  I lather up in sunscreen/and or wear cover ups, but then at night?  I throw on a summer dress and that’s it.  And then because the sun is still out, I get sun damage-GRRR!

Well, now I have another option!  🙂 Ps- I showed these to the Huz, because I was a liiiiiiittle nervous about this post showing too much skin and wanted a second opinion (so weird because I’ve done posts in cut offs and tanks, but…).

When he saw this next one he said “Woah…I want a copy of that one!”

So…as self conscious as I felt…he liked it, and on some level…I guess that’s all that matters 🙂

On me…

Hat- Thrifted, similar here.
Bag- Gift
Sandals-Salt Water Sandals and Ugg (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
My excitement over this swim cover up aside…I hadn’t quite realized just how nervous I would be to take these images!!  I think every woman is self-conscious about her body, and I’m certainly no different!  I kept vowing to not have any wine the week before, and try not to snack so much, but…yeah, that never happened.
Then there’s the fact that I take all our images with a self timer and tripod… I felt like the biggest nerd on the beach by myself, but I honestly had so much fun taking these shots!!
You can watch a behind the scenes video of me taking the close up shots.
THEN there’s the fact that we are still having total winter weather!!  It literally snowed the weekend before, and had been raining non stop.  We had a break in the rain, so I decided to just go for it…in 50 degree weather-I wore a down parka and my Hunter boots down to the beach hahaha..  I had dreams of taking these images with amazing sun flare, but… At least I had the beach to myself!  Not sure I could have done this in front of a bunch of people!  Although, there is a walking path right above where I was, so I’m sure a few people wondered…
Oh, and of course the owner of the “closed” restaurant lives across the street and came out to ask if he could help me-AWKWARD!
While I was given this amazing cover up, all thoughts and opinions are my own!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod)