SwimZip “The Sophisticated Swim Cover Up” Day to Night

I did a post before about my love of SwimZip.  You can see Maya frolicking in low tide in the cutest suit in this post.  Seriously…LOVE!

After having two skin cancers dug out of me last year, I’m all about the cover ups!  Also…at 42 my skin does not need any more damage.  I swear, every day I find a new sun spot, and I hate them!!  Much better than finding more skin cancer though…

All that to say…I’m a total fan of cute cover ups that have SPF built in, and SwimZip has SO many great options!

About a month and a half ago, they posted on their Instagram page that they were looking for bloggers to partner with.  I jumped at the chance, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them and shoot this adorable dress! I looooove the cinch tie side!!  You can adjust it to the length you want, and the draping effect is super flattering!  I got a medium.  For reference, I’m 5′ 8″, but have a super long torso and no…well, no boobs to be blunt.  I had considered getting a small, but was worried I would be too self-conscious about it being too tight.   I’m so glad I got the size that I did!  It may have looked baggy on me except for the cinching!  All that to say, there’s some wiggle room.

And the thumb holes on the sleeves-love!! These are SO cute that I wanted to show how you could wear them day to night!  You know when you are on vacation and you go straight from the pool to dinner?   Ok, I don’t, because I want to go shower and change, BUT…you totally could with these if you didn’t have time!

What HAS happened to me?  I am super careful during the day about sun protection.  I lather up in sunscreen/and or wear cover ups, but then at night?  I throw on a summer dress and that’s it.  And then because the sun is still out, I get sun damage-GRRR!

Well, now I have another option!  🙂 Ps- I showed these to the Huz, because I was a liiiiiiittle nervous about this post showing too much skin and wanted a second opinion (so weird because I’ve done posts in cut offs and tanks, but…).

When he saw this next one he said “Woah…I want a copy of that one!”

So…as self conscious as I felt…he liked it, and on some level…I guess that’s all that matters 🙂

On me…

Hat- Thrifted, similar here.
Bag- Gift
Sandals-Salt Water Sandals and Ugg (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
My excitement over this swim cover up aside…I hadn’t quite realized just how nervous I would be to take these images!!  I think every woman is self-conscious about her body, and I’m certainly no different!  I kept vowing to not have any wine the week before, and try not to snack so much, but…yeah, that never happened.
Then there’s the fact that I take all our images with a self timer and tripod… I felt like the biggest nerd on the beach by myself, but I honestly had so much fun taking these shots!!
You can watch a behind the scenes video of me taking the close up shots.
THEN there’s the fact that we are still having total winter weather!!  It literally snowed the weekend before, and had been raining non stop.  We had a break in the rain, so I decided to just go for it…in 50 degree weather-I wore a down parka and my Hunter boots down to the beach hahaha..  I had dreams of taking these images with amazing sun flare, but… At least I had the beach to myself!  Not sure I could have done this in front of a bunch of people!  Although, there is a walking path right above where I was, so I’m sure a few people wondered…
Oh, and of course the owner of the “closed” restaurant lives across the street and came out to ask if he could help me-AWKWARD!
While I was given this amazing cover up, all thoughts and opinions are my own!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod)


3 thoughts on “SwimZip “The Sophisticated Swim Cover Up” Day to Night

  1. Second City Mom

    I didn’t know you had skin cancer last year….so sorry to hear. I love that you did this shoot all by yourself and how great it turned out. The dress looks amazing on you! Rock it, mama!


    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you Leyla! I was so nervous about it beforehand, but once I got down to the beach, I was like “F it!” and had fun! 😂

      Yeah, and I’m due to go back for another check up. I’ve had one clean visit since, but it’s still nerve wracking!

      Hope you have lots of fun adventures planned for this weekend!



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