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Matching Swim Cover Ups for the win! + another Giveaway!!

 I’ve talked a few times about my love of Swimzip.

Most recently with my thoughts on “Day to Night” wearing here.

But, my love first started with the kids wear, to be honest.

And you know, I’m sure I’ll talk about them a few more times, because I LOVE the fact that there are cute alternatives to protecting our skin!  As we all should!

I was super excited that we finally got a nice day with temps in the 60’s and an amazing low tide!  So, we threw on our matching Swimzip suits and headed out to play.  Warning…I took A LOT of pics!

And…guess what?!  I’m doing another giveaway over on Instagram and today’s the last day to enter, so GO tag your friends for a chance to win a $35 credit!

The ruffles on Maya’s suit?  DYING!! I can’t even handle this next one… THAT BUTT!!

On me…

On Maya…
Shoes- SaltWater Sandals (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Taking pics with a shutter release and tripod in water was not the easiest.  I usually set something down where I’m going to stand, so that the focus is on us.  Not so easy to do in the water.  Oh, and at first the shutter release wasn’t working.  Here I am manually pushing it, AND standing where I originally meant to stand (getting my full reflection).  Thankfully I figured out what was wrong with the shutter release.
Here’s a behind the scenes video of the set up and a runaway Maya 😉
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Low tide + Adorable Rash Guards

Having had two skin cancer diagnoses in the last year, I’m pretty fanatical now about sun screen or covering up both Maya and myself.
I stumbled upon Swim Zip a few years ago when we were heading to Hawaii for a family vacation.  I got Maya a few sets, and DIED when we got them.  SO CUTE!!
I’ve been buying them ever since, and we always get compliments!  Btw, this is not a sponsored post!!  I just really love them!
That little ruffle on the butt??!!Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-1I didn’t get a good picture of the front, because she was constantly running away from me haha.  BUT… the thing that initially sold me was the fact that they zip all the way up the front!!!  It makes getting them on (and more importantly OFF) super easy!  Even soaking wet-SCORE! Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-2 Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-3 Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-4 Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-5Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-6 Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-7 Blog Purple Swim Zip Cutie Cruiser Rufflle Bottom Low Tide Alki-8
On Maya…
Keeping it Real…
Over the last few weeks, Maya has tried on several occasions to play with various groups of kids who didn’t want to play with her.  Last weekend at a street fair, it got downright cruel.  She went up to a girl that she went to school with.  She was so excited to see someone she knew, but the little girl happened to be with a few older girls (friends?  relatives? siblings?)  All the other kids ganged up on Maya and were telling her she wasn’t the little girls friend and started yelling at her to go away.  Maya just stood there shocked and kept saying she WAS the girls friend.  I honestly stood there shocked for a while, and then ran over to get her.  I brought her back with me to stand in line, and the kids kept yelling at her and taunting her until she started crying.  Truth be told, I started crying too (ugh, I’m tearing up as I write this!!).  It was a few minutes before I could calm us both down.  She kept crying “Why are they being so evil to me?!” and she wanted to go yell back at them.  I kept telling her that we were there to have fun, and we were about to go on a really fun ride.  That she needed to just forget about them, because THEY were the ones not having fun, and we needed to not be around people that didn’t want to be nice.  So, we went to another ride, and she met new kids that wanted to play with her.  Such a hard cruel world we live in, and I hate that it starts so young.  We talked a number of times about how it made her feel when the other kids were mean to her, and to make sure that she never made anyone else ever feel like that.  I kept trying to tell her that there will always be people that are mean, but that there are ALWAYS people that are nice too.  That she should always try and choose to be the nice person, and to try and always choose to be around the nice people and walk away from the mean ones…
On this day, she tried going up to a few older kids and got shunned again.  They were fairly nice about it, but the message was clear.

“We don’t want to play with you.”

UGH.  I wish I could always hold her and comfort her, but I know that those days are numbered… Breaks my heart. I love her so… Blog Outtake

(All pictures taken by me)