Goodness Knows Bars (a healthy snack bar!)

How many of you moms get asked about 87 times a day if your kid(s) can have a snack??

How many times are they TRULY hungry?  About 3… haha.

For me.  I really try and feed Maya good healthy meals, and I try and limit snacks to small things here and there in between.

SO..when Goodness Knows contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try their bars, I was all in!

They are portioned out bars!!!  AKA…you don’t have to give out the entire bar if you don’t want to.  Great for the kids that ask for a snack and then only take a few bites.  That is NOT Maya, but I know a lot of kids are that way.  The 4 portions totally save you on wasted food!

Did I mention they are all Non GMO, No Artificial Sweeteners, and Gluten Free?!

You can totally tailor it to your kids need.  You can say…”You can have TWO bars!”

Or…”Three!”  Or “FOUR!”

And this is done for me!  I don’t have to break a part of the bar off for her.  I just give her a square! I’ve been keeping these in my purse in a little baggie, and it’s been super helpful to just give her a square here and there!
Clearly, she loved these!! Thank you SO much Goodness Knows for sending us yummy bars to try!  They were a HIT!

By the way.  I kept these hidden from my husband and teenage son until we could try them and photograph them.  Afterwards, they were asking if it was ok to have some, and my teenager said “These are really good! I could eat about 20 of them!”  He’s 6′ 4″ and 17…. 🙂

The Huz liked them too!

SO…suffice to say, they are now a crowd pleaser in my multi age/multi opinionated family!!

*** While these were given to us, all thoughts and opinions are my own! ***

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