Tis the Season!! Gift Idea For the Man in Your Life (or… YOU!) | Jord Wood Watch

Tis the season to think about what to buy for the men in your lives!  YIKES, right??!!

I think men are the hardest to shop for!  Am I right?!!  They buy the electronics, sportswear, etc that they want for themselves, and leave you thinking….um…?

So, you are left to think outside of the box!

I’ve done some creative shopping in the past.

(I miiiight have time to post those at some point, but..no time for that right now-SORRY!)

Honestly, I usually try and find some clothing or accessories that “they”  (I’m saying they, because I struggle every year for my husband, the boys, and my dad!) might need, or they don’t think they need, but…they DO!!  HA-righ?!

I’ve mostly gotten lucky in the past…but I think my luck is running out…

When Jord reached out to me, I immediately thought, YES!  This is a great gift for the guy that has everything!

Functional, yet…totally different and cool!

A WOOD WATCH!! Oh, and the box that it comes in you will want to steal for yourself!

Ok, honestly, you will want to steal the watch for yourself too… Soooo maybe this is also a gift idea for YOU?!!  Because, if you are like me, when your significant other asks you what you want…you draw a blank!

  WHY IS THAT? UGH!  We are as bad as them!  Am I right?!!  I can NEVER think of ideas to give the Huz!  Or my parents!

Universal gift?

Yes, please… And then I had to get some pics with Maya… LOVE HER!!!

The particular watch that I’m wearing is The Reece Series in Golden Camphor & Khaki  , but, there are so many other amazing options to choose from!

AND…they’ve offered all of YOU 25% off ALL their amazing watch options by clicking here.

*** While this watch was given to me, all opinions are my own**


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