Layering Chunky Knits + Stripes + Frye Boots + discount for a Wood Watch!

 We are still at the point where we are mostly in full on cold rainy season, BUT…every once in a while the sun still peeks out!

That means layering!  I’m a bit of a striped top junky.  I think it’s such a nice peek of print as a layer.  I always layer a striped tank under a sweater, or a long sleeve tee under a 3/4 length sweater! These Frye 12″ Harness boots were one of my thrifting unicorns…$10!!!! I can’t even handle it sometimes when I look back on the images I capture!  Like…I KNOW we were dancing around and having fun, but it still surprises me when I capture these moments…

I originally posted about this amazing wood watch (yes, it’s made out of wood!) last week as a gift idea for the man in your life.  Clearly…you could keep it for yourself too-HA! 🙂  Am I the only one guilty of that?  Oh…hmmmm, that’s a GREAT gift idea!  I want it too!  Whoops…

AND…they’ve offered all of YOU 25% off ALL their amazing watch options by clicking here.

LOOOOOOVE this next shot!!  Total happy accident!

Maya being Maya… 🙂And this one?  Makes me so happy too! So, when we take these images, we usually spend about 10-15 minutes shooting pics of “us”.  This shoot was actually 20 minutes because I had some specific shots I wanted to get.  And to be clear…she’s running around the park the entire time I’m trying to set up shots, and then I have to wrangle her back for a few here and there!

THEN…I just let her play and do whatever she wants.  Most of the time that means she runs up to any dog we see and asks to pet them.  She spent the next 25 minutes throwing the frisbee for this dog we met!  Now…If I had cropped in, you would have thought I told her to pose, which she NAILED haha.  But, nope.   Just her waiting for the dog to bring back the frisbee!  People always comment about her posing and being great in front of the camera, but she does NOT like when I want her to actually pose or do something.  I have to just let her play, and then snap her genuine moments… I broke out my Lensbaby to brush up on using it! She will literally dance anywhere!  This was in the follow through from throwing the frisbee!

LOVE IT! Oh, and the light setting….at 4:30!  WAH!!!  But…so pretty!

On me…

Sweater- Design History (old, love these here )
Top- America Eagle (thrifted, super fun option here)
Jeans- Hudson “Nico Skinny” (thrifted for less than $10!)
Boots- Frye 12″ Harness boots (thrifted for $10!! They were in the men’s section!!)
On Maya…
Sweater- Janie and Jack (thrifted, but similar here)
Top- Crewcuts by J Crew (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
She’s always either grabbing the focus stand while I’m setting up, or singing and dancing around it.
I swear these are some of my favs!  🙂
The remote got stuck and just kept taking shots!  Maya thought it was hilarious!  I didn’t reeeeally want 100 shots in a row! 😉 Typical…Yes, there are people walking behind us if you look close. She really wanted me to swing her around, but our hands were super slippery for some reason.  She literally almost flew out of my hands!!
Graceful dismount…as always!
*** While this gorgeousThe Reece Series in Golden Camphor & Khaki   watch was given to me,
all opinions are my own**
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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