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I am a photographer (as my day job) who loves fashion and cooking!  Ok…I don’t LOVE cooking.  It’s a necessity, and I love healthy beautiful food!  Because…if it’s pretty, it tastes better, right??  I used to blog a few times a week, but the pandemic hit and…well, the rest is literally HISTORY on this blog.  I hope to come back to it soon!  If you follow us on Instagram, I’m more active there…especially on stories!

I love this image, because it shows US.  We LAUGH, we sometimes get dressed up… I’m most often found wearing no make up and a top knot-seen here HA!  However, we most definitely are not this tan….only a few months out of the year (hello PNW!!), but this is from the summer of 2021 on our NEW FARM!  More on that to come…

For the deets on me…for those that care 🙂

I got my degree in Fashion Design from FIDM back in 1994 (don’t do the math!).  I spent the next 13 years in finance (the most logical step after a fashion design degree, right haha?!!?), then finally threw in the towel to pursue photography in 2010.

I have always loved clothes and how they can reflect your mood and even affect your mood!  I’m hoping a few of my outfits (successes and failures-I post both!) will give some busy mothers ideas!  The majority of the daily outfits I post are what I’m actually wearing, not outfits I’m putting together just to be photographed (there are a few exceptions :)).  Most aren’t all that fancy, but that’s what I wanted to show.  That you can be comfortable chasing your children around and still look stylish.

More than our outfits, I found that I really just love documenting the fun that Maya and I have together!  This blog has turned into a “book” for Maya and I to hopefully look back on for years to come!!

As a side note, 95% of the clothes that Maya and I wear are from thrift stores or eBay.  You don’t have to spend a lot of $$ to wear current brands and trends!!  Added bonus…when I’m spending $2 on Maya’s clothes, I don’t have a heart attack when she plays in mud, jumps in puddles, or paints on herself 🙂

When we first started this blog back in 2013, I begged my husband to take pictures of us.  I got tired of begging, and honestly hated the lack of control I had over the final images. (confessions of a control freak 😉 )

SO…I practiced, and we now shoot the all of the images with a tripod and shutter release.  See a few blog posts that have tutorials on how we do it here and some behind the scene videos here.

Taking pictures with a tripod and shutter release has it’s own share or bloopers and outtakes.  I always include a “Keeping it Real” at the end of each post to show that it’s not always all smiles and perfectly posed shots.  IT NEVER IS haha.

Over the course of this blog’s evolution, Maya and I have been unbelievably fortunate to work with a number of amazing brands.

Posts can be viewed here.

I’d love add to the list, because it gives me a reason to step out of my comfort zone and gets my creative juices flowing!  Oh, and I’ve gotten to meet some amazing business owners along the way-added bonus!! 🙂

Honestly, that keeps changing…and probably will continue to do so!  For me, this has become a place where I can indulge in my love of fashion, photography, and preserving memories of the fun that we have for Maya!

Thank you so much for stopping by (and making it this far on this introductory post!!).

 We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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