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Mother’s Day 2019

“A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.”

– Princess Diana

Well said… and I’ll also add…love and laughter. The two components that make it all worthwhile.

SO glad I have both with my mom and Maya! And even more thankful that Maya has it with my mom too!

It’s a tradition.

The thing my mom and I both want for Mother’s Day?


We used to try and go to a “location” but found that going across the street after dinner for a few minutes made everyone more happy 😂

I think I can safely say for both my mom and myself that we will treasure these forever! ❤️

LOOOOVE  this next one!! LOVE this one too!!!
Truth be told.  The Huz and I were trying to get a picture of just us.  Of course, the quickest way to get Maya into a picture is to NOT want her in one.  
Of course she hopped in and made it the most perfect picture!!
My mom got of few of just me.  This dress is SO comfy!!

On me…

Dress- Gypsy (eBay, similar here)
Belt- Vintage
Sandals- Birkenstock “Gizeh” (thrifted, like new for $25!!)
On Maya…
Dress- Fleurisse “Samantha” (eBay for$3.50-retail $245!!!)
Sandals- Stuart Weitzman Kids “Camia Ava” (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I swear every time we take family pictures my mom and I think…”Well, hopefully we got ONE!!” haha.  And then every time we get SO MANY!!  But it’s not always smooth sailing and happy laughter and smiles… 😉 .   

We were taking pictures right in front of my neighbors house, and of course they came outside…haha.  Don’t mind us.  Fortunately, they are used to it by now!Hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to me! | 2018

 I don’t really want a big fanfare for my birthday or Mother’s Day.   Really, I want a hall pass on some of the day to day duties (namely DINNER!) and I want pictures-duh.

It’s what my mom and I ask for every year, and I’m SO glad I have them to look back on!!

If you want, you can look back on 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 part one and two (lucky year!), and 2017.

And…I’ll admit.  This next shot wasn’t just of me haha.

The remote was going crazy and firing off never ending shots until we turned the camera off!  Needless to say, there are a LOT of outtakes.  And…some of Maya and the Huz next to me with questionable looks on their face :).  But, since I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of just my outfit…this will have to suffice 😉 What to say about this sweet nugget…

While she challenges my patience, she also brings me so much joy, love, and pride every single day!

I am one lucky mama.
And…twinning is always winning! Love these next few!!!

BUT…just wait for the outtakes at the end…
My new favorite of the three of us!! And…to my amazing mom and friend…

Maya and I are both SO lucky to have you in our lives!  Even luckier that it’s in our daily lives!! I can’t even… Again….NEW FAVORITE!
Funny story.  I cropped myself out of this shot because I was frantically running towards the camera on the tripod that was going CRAZY taking pics!  Maya’s face though….WORTH IT! All the heart eyes… Pretty much the best reality of our group shot attempts… But then we got this!! And this, so…I’ll take it all! And then…letting her do what she loves to do.

Which, is what I love to capture, so…win WIN!

On me…

Dress- Corey Lynn Calter (eBay for $14!!, LOVING this midi version!)
Clogs- Sven “Ankle Wrap Strap”C/O
On Maya…
Dress- (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I thought of doing an entire post of our outtakes, but…let’s be honest.  I don’t even have time
to blog REAL posts, so…here are some of the best ones.  There are more!
SO…just know…as my mom and I walked away, we thought…
“I’m sure we got one or two…”
And of COURSE we did.  BUT…, it wasn’t all super smiley perfectness…
AND, I really could have posted twice as many outtakes, BUT, I also could have posted twice as
many shots that I love too!  I guess it’s all about balance…and…reality. 🙂
This first one.  Maya probably telling my parents she doesn’t want to take pictures.  And one of the many shots with the shutter firing when it wasn’t supposed to!
Hahaha.  Yes, by butt as a try to stop the shutter AGAIN, and Maya picking her nose…as she does ALL THE TIME. Licking me….as she does ALL THE TIME 😉
Me trying to wrestle her to NOT lick me… Maya giving herself a hickey that you can STILL see 3 days later…I love that I caught the remote being thrown in mid air.  I’d had it with it’s craziness!
Maya probably explaining to me how I can fix it 🙂
AND….any guesses what I’m about to say here?? 🙂
Even with all these, I’m so grateful for ALL these images, and feel totally thankful for my role as
a mama to Maya and daughter to my amazing mom!
Most pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod.  Or taken by me, my mom, and my dad!


Mother’s Day 2015

 Every year, both my mom and I ask for one thing on Mother’s Day.  Pictures.  The apple doesn’t fall far haha.

I got soooo much more though, and it truly was the perfect day.  Maya and I started off going for a morning walk with my parents while the Huz got some work done (and snuck away to Pike Place to get both me and my mom gorgeous flowers!).  Then, we took a little day trip to Snoqualmie Falls.  Came home in time for Maya to “nap” 😉  while I got some work done, then my parents came over for an AMAZING dinner the Huz prepared.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day…

I ditched the tripod and my mom got these of me and Maya before dinner.Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-1Btw, my entire outfit is thrifted, and the total cost was around $20! 🙂 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-2 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-3 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-4 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-5 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-6 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-7 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-8This looks super sweet, but she’s just about to bite my nose haha. 😉 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-9 Blog J Crew Peasant Blouse DL1961 Emma Cellar Faconnable Espadrilles-10Blog GapKids Cardigan Chambray Dress Edie Mark Kids Sandals-1-Blog GapKids Cardigan Chambray Dress Edie Mark Kids Sandals-1I could just eat her up!!!Blog GapKids Cardigan Chambray Dress Edie Mark Kids Sandals-2And then my dad got these of the three of us.  That little smirk KILLS ME!!Blog Mothers Day 2015-1Blog Mothers Day 2015-2Blog Mothers Day 2015-3Blog Mothers Day 2015-4Blog Mothers Day 2015-5Blog Mothers Day 2015-6After dinner and a liiiittle wine, we all came back outside.  I switched up Maya’s sweater so that she would match the Huz 🙂Blog Mothers Day 2015-7Dancing with Daddy 🙂Blog Mothers Day 2015-8The Huz finally got on the receiving end of Maya’s licking kisses 🙂Blog Mothers Day 2015-9And then my mom got a few of me and the Huz.Blog Mothers Day 2015-10LOVE this one.Blog Mothers Day 2015-11Blog Mothers Day 2015-12Yeah, Maya wanted nothing to do with getting in a pic with us.Blog Mothers Day 2015-13Blog Mothers Day 2015-14But you couldn’t get her OUT of the pictures I was trying to take of my parents hahaha.  She’s actually in the one above this too, but I zoomed in and cropped her out 😉Blog Mothers Day 2015-15Blog Mothers Day 2015-16Blog Mothers Day 2015-17Blog Mothers Day 2015-18Blog Mothers Day 2015-19On me…

Top- J Crew (thrifted, similar here and here)
DL1961 Emma in “Cellar” (thrifted, but similar on sale here)
Shoes- Faconnable (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Sweater- Both are GapKids (thrifted)
Dress- GapKids (thrifted, but similar here)
Shoes- Zulily (search Eddie Marc Kids)
Keeping it Real…
And…this is a true keeping it real hahaha.Blog Outtake-1Nose bite… Blog Outtake-2“Toddler kiss” 😉 Blog Outtake-3
(Pictures taken by my mom, dad, the Huz, and me :))