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Leather Bomber + Silk Tank Dress + Wrap Sandals | All Black for Date Night!

 The Huz and I were long overdue for a date night!  We had gotten a gift certificate from his boss for….CHRISTMAS, but just hadn’t gotten the chance to use it until now!

Ok….these were taken about 3 weeks ago now…as per usual!


We went to the Pink Door downtown, and I decided to sass it up a little bit more than my usual around the neighborhood date night.  This dress is SO comfy, and I love that it can be dressed up or down.  I’m all about small cross body bags when I go out.  Easy to wear and not at all cumbersome! AND…I even managed to coerce the Huz out for a few!! Maya was not as happy about it.  She was a little bummed that we were leaving her behind… I knew it would get chilly in the evening, so I brought along this leather bomber.I think it’s such a fun alternative to the classic biker leather jacket! And these sandals are SO comfy!  I accidentally wrapped them oppositely, but I kind of like it!Dying over this vintage Hanna Andersson dress!!

SO CUTE!!  Even if she’s giving total attitude…

On me…

Leather Jacket- Remake Remodel (eBay for $16!! similar here and cute faux option here)
Dress- Feel the Piece “Ray Tank Dress” (ebay $14- retail $290! similar here less expensive here)
Cross Body Bag- DVF (eBay, similar here and less expensive here)
Sandals- Koolaburra “Alexa” (eBay)
On Maya…
Dress- Vintage Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Leggings- Tea (thrifted)
Shoes- Converse (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Her face in these…
Kind of classic these days.  I’ll TAKE pictures, but I’m going to be a grumpy face about it….
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Boho Tops…come in handy when you go out :)

 It was my friend’s birthday the other night, so we went to someplace special.  He’s a total foodie, so we let him pick the spot.  When I looked at the menu, I knew I needed a top that had “room to grow” haha.  That is one of the things I love so much about “boho” tops.  They are loose and flow so you can’t see the “after food and wine belly” 🙂

Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-1 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-2I love stacking jewelry.  Even before it was the thing to do.  Mainly because I’m too lazy to take anything off and rotate, so I just keep everything on haha.  This time I mixed $4 bangles from H&M with…a not $4 bracelet 🙂 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-3 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-4 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-5 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-6And because it was a “going out” night, I didn’t get mixed pics of me and Maya, but I took these a few weeks ago and never blogged them.  I have a small obsession with Osh Kosh overalls.  Call it a generational thing 🙂Blog Maya 105 weeks Green Striped Osh Kosh Overalls-1 Blog Maya 105 weeks Green Striped Osh Kosh Overalls-2 Blog Maya 105 weeks Green Striped Osh Kosh Overalls-3On me…

Top- Winter Kate (old, but similar here)
Shoes- Report (similar)
On Maya…
Overalls- Osh Kosh (thrifted/vintage?)  skirt version in red here.
Leg Warmers- Baby Legs (similar)
Super Mom Tip
These tops are great for so many occasions/times in your life.  Wear them in the first trimester when you are trying to “hide the bump”.  Then wear them after the baby comes to…well, “hide the bump” :{  Then, wear them when you have a two year old to hide the food baby 🙂  That said.  It’s best to wear loose flowing tops with tighter bottoms to even things out. 🙂