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Boho Dress + Denim Jacket + Birkenstocks

Pictures originally taken 8/15/2020 (playing catch up!)

Words written on Instagram on that day…

I have to admit…I’ve lost my love of photography the last few weeks.


I put out the announcement to my clients and friends that I wouldn’t be doing shoots this fall-my busiest months!! That decision was due to Covid and distance learning/no childcare, but it’s kind of taken the wind out of my sails…

And…I’ve taken on a lot of projects at our rental property, which is both mentally and physically exhausting.

My creative juices have been lacking…for here.

But, the fall/winter is upon us in the PNW and rain is coming. Sooooo, it made me nostalgic.

I do love me some #sunflare ✨💫

AND….this was for our 11th Anniversary!! Not that we went anywhere, but..

LOOOOOVE these next ones!!!!

I posted these separately on Instagram a few days later….this is what I wrote-

The reason for this blog
(that I haven’t blogged in FOREVER!!)
I’m hoping to fix that soon!!
But…Until then.


And including one of Maya that I used to “focus on before we took pics”
STOPPPPP!!! Are you 8 or 18?!?!
And, as I said in our stories…you’d never expect that we got these! (behind the scenes video here.) but…

😬🙄🤷🏼‍♀️#lkkeepingitreal #DitElleBehindTheScenesVideo
I can’t even with the sunflare!!  It can be SO difficult to manage, but when you do….MAGIC!!!

On me…

Dress-Free People “Petra” Maxi Dress (Ebay)
Jean Jacket- 3×1 thrifted for $10!!! (similar here retails for $300!!)
Bag- thrifted
Shoes- Birkenstock “Mayari”
On Maya…
Dress- Vintage Nightgown (thrifted)
Jean Shorts- Levi’s DIY cut off by me (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
I always post behind the scene videos on Instagram, and at some point…I’ll maybe add them here too, but…if you want to see them- here you go!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Mother’s Day 2019

“A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.”

– Princess Diana

Well said… and I’ll also add…love and laughter. The two components that make it all worthwhile.

SO glad I have both with my mom and Maya! And even more thankful that Maya has it with my mom too!

It’s a tradition.

The thing my mom and I both want for Mother’s Day?


We used to try and go to a “location” but found that going across the street after dinner for a few minutes made everyone more happy 😂

I think I can safely say for both my mom and myself that we will treasure these forever! ❤️

LOOOOVE  this next one!! LOVE this one too!!!
Truth be told.  The Huz and I were trying to get a picture of just us.  Of course, the quickest way to get Maya into a picture is to NOT want her in one.  
Of course she hopped in and made it the most perfect picture!!
My mom got of few of just me.  This dress is SO comfy!!

On me…

Dress- Gypsy (eBay, similar here)
Belt- Vintage
Sandals- Birkenstock “Gizeh” (thrifted, like new for $25!!)
On Maya…
Dress- Fleurisse “Samantha” (eBay for$3.50-retail $245!!!)
Sandals- Stuart Weitzman Kids “Camia Ava” (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I swear every time we take family pictures my mom and I think…”Well, hopefully we got ONE!!” haha.  And then every time we get SO MANY!!  But it’s not always smooth sailing and happy laughter and smiles… 😉 .   

We were taking pictures right in front of my neighbors house, and of course they came outside…haha.  Don’t mind us.  Fortunately, they are used to it by now!Hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day!!