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The Mommy Manicure

I love having my nails painted!  For some reason, I feel like even if I haven’t showered, and have no make up on…painted nails signify that I tried haha.  Weird, I know, and most days…I don’t try 😉

However, I swear even after a professional manicure, I’m lucky to get one day out of it before it chips.  Plus, who has time for that??!  It’s an rare extravagance to go into a salon for me.  I did try the gel manicure for my friends wedding, and I LOVED how long it stayed on, but hated the removal process!

Then, I saw the Sally Hansens Miracle Gel polish at Target.  And because it wouldn’t be a trip to Target without me tossing a few random things in my cart, in it went!

It boasts-

  • 2 Steps (true!)
  • Up to 14 Days of Color & Shine (the most I’ve gotten is 5, but still…FIVE?!!  I wash my hands about 87 times a day, so total win in my book!)
  • Easy Removal (you can use regular nail polish remover!!  It takes a little longer than normal polish, but still SO much better than buffing and then soaking in acetone like salon gels)
  • No light needed (Meaning no magic lamp, but you do need to dry your nails in sunlight.  I did the first time, when I got the 5 day result.  My second attempt only lasted 2 days, but then I realized I had just let it dry inside the house with no sunlight.  So…I wouldn’t skip this step)

Oh, and if you are wondering.  You can’t just use the Miracle Gel top coat on regular polish and expect it to last as long.  I tried.  It didn’t work haha.

Below, I’m wearing “Wine Stock”, which is appropriate for most Moms 😉Blog Sally Hansen Miracle GelStill…most days, I don’t have time to do this.  Mainly it’s the dry time.  Just sitting and waiting for nail polish to dry…not happening.

SO, what I’ve been doing lately?  I call it my “mommy manicure”.  I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (this isn’t a sponsored post, I’ve just found both of these products work and they happen to both be by Sally Hansen :))  It dries in 60 seconds, and you only need one coat!  That means you can literally paint your nails and then run out the door, pick up your toddler, wash your hands, wash their hands, make everyone lunch, scarf lunch, or any of the other 100 things that you need to do during the day.  It usually chips a little after a day, but it comes off in about 60 seconds too because it’s only one coat!  So…for those days or nights when you want to add a little extra fun, you can do it!  Truth be told, I wear it for about 3 days haha.  I’m still waiting for the “chipped nails” to become totally fashionable.  Let’s all band together and make it happen, no?!  Who’s with me?!! 🙂

Below, I’m wearing “Grease Lightening”Blog Elliott Lauren Buffalo Plaid Jacket Zara Asymetrical Tee DL1961 Joy Flare Jeans Joan David Boots-1With the time I saved NOT doing my nails, I actually had time to do my hair for an impromptu date night last weekend.  Woo hoo!  Maya was still napping, so no shots of her 😦

This would be my “Oh, hi Mom and Dad!”  They just walked up to start Maya duty, so me and the Huz could go out. 🙂Blog Elliott Lauren Buffalo Plaid Jacket Zara Asymetrical Tee DL1961 Joy Flare Jeans Joan David Boots-2I’d love to hear if anyone else has any time saving beauty tips!  Mine usually are just…throw my hair in a bun and run, so I could use some help haha.

On Me

Jacket- Elliott Lauren (eBay for $2.80!!!!! similar here)
Watch- Michele (old, similar here)
Top- Zara (similar here)
Shoes- Circa Joan and David (thrifted, similar here)
( all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod 🙂 )


Boho Tops…come in handy when you go out :)

 It was my friend’s birthday the other night, so we went to someplace special.  He’s a total foodie, so we let him pick the spot.  When I looked at the menu, I knew I needed a top that had “room to grow” haha.  That is one of the things I love so much about “boho” tops.  They are loose and flow so you can’t see the “after food and wine belly” 🙂

Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-1 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-2I love stacking jewelry.  Even before it was the thing to do.  Mainly because I’m too lazy to take anything off and rotate, so I just keep everything on haha.  This time I mixed $4 bangles from H&M with…a not $4 bracelet 🙂 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-3 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-4 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-5 Blog Winter Kate Top DL1961 Coated Jeans-6And because it was a “going out” night, I didn’t get mixed pics of me and Maya, but I took these a few weeks ago and never blogged them.  I have a small obsession with Osh Kosh overalls.  Call it a generational thing 🙂Blog Maya 105 weeks Green Striped Osh Kosh Overalls-1 Blog Maya 105 weeks Green Striped Osh Kosh Overalls-2 Blog Maya 105 weeks Green Striped Osh Kosh Overalls-3On me…

Top- Winter Kate (old, but similar here)
Shoes- Report (similar)
On Maya…
Overalls- Osh Kosh (thrifted/vintage?)  skirt version in red here.
Leg Warmers- Baby Legs (similar)
Super Mom Tip
These tops are great for so many occasions/times in your life.  Wear them in the first trimester when you are trying to “hide the bump”.  Then wear them after the baby comes to…well, “hide the bump” :{  Then, wear them when you have a two year old to hide the food baby 🙂  That said.  It’s best to wear loose flowing tops with tighter bottoms to even things out. 🙂


What to wear to a video shoot

What to wear to a video shoot? I’m still learning, but here are some tips I’ve gathered on the way.

blog Gap Sweater Gap Skinny On Air-1


  • Do wear solid colors
  • Bright colors are good – they often seem brighter in person than on screen
  • Neutral and muted colors and pastels work very well too
  • Do wear make-up
  • Do wear fun shoes!


  • Don’t wear patterns or stripes, it confuses the camera
  • Don’t wear pure black or white as the camera will boost the contrast and white can seem very bright and black can look very dark
  • Don’t wear jewelry that jingles or makes noise when you move as the mic tends to be super sensitive
  • Don’t wear glasses if possible because they can pick up glare from the lights and be distracting on camera. Tthis is a classic “Don’t do as I do, just do as I say!” since I wore glasses during my video shoot below – but I was reading a teleprompter and felt more comfortable in glasses. Bottom line – do what’s best for you!

blog Gap Sweater Gap Skinny On Air-2 blog Gap Sweater Gap Skinny On Air-3 blog Gap Sweater Gap Skinny On Air-4 blog Gap Sweater Gap Skinny On Air-5

Most importantly – wear something you FEEL good in! This will boost your confidence and if you are comfortable or uncomfortable – it will show up in your body language and face.

When in doubt, bring multiple outfits and have the camera operator do a quick on-camera check. Ahem.. there might be a reason my daughter has three outfit changes before leaving the house in the morning..! 😛blog Gap Sweater Gap Skinny On Air-6On me…

  • Jeans- these are my basic skinny jeans from GAP
  • Top – GAP and sorry I can’t find anything quite like it! It’s a light sweater with sequin embellishments at the front. Something like a simple button down would work, see this one from A.Byer on Amazon or something simple like a crew neck from Boden
  • Shoes- Bandolino strappy wedges, similar at


Joie Peasant Blouse 3 ways… Day 3

Yesterday, I paired this Joie top with slip on oxfords and a pair of cropped pants for a more casual work outfit.  Then, paired it with a belt and a fun pair of pumps for a dressier casual office outfit.  The day before that was a more casual look.

Today, I wanted to show how I would wear it dressed up for a more corporate outfit.

I first put on a simple white camisole (probably don’t want your co-workers to see through your blouse!).  I stock up on these for layering under just about everything!  Then I tucked them into a pair of super wide low rise menswear inspired wool trousers.

My 13 yr old step son asked “What are you wearing?  Those look like mens pants.”  hahaBlog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-1 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-2 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-3 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-4 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-5On me…

Top- Joie (on sale!!)
Pants- Lauren Moffat (old, but similar style different color here)
Shoes- Charles by Charles David (old, but similar 40’s style here.)  These are fun too!
Belt- Banana Repbublic (old, but similar here).  This is fun too!
And there you have it!  One blouse, worn three very different ways- Casual, Office Casual, and here.  What was your favorite?dit-elle-Lauren