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No cut hemmed jeans

I may be the only person still wearing boot-cut jeans these days.. but I had to retire some pairs of jeans recently and in a pinch one day (it was a classic day in our house where laundry was back-logged, I didn’t have time to go on a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, and didn’t want to spend a fortune either..) so I dusted off this pair of Silver jeans which were too long and had been sitting in my closet for a few years..

I hemmed them using a quick and easy, no-cut, technique – this is not the “fold under and sew” way, which removes the bottom edge!

Here’s how!

First put jeans on and measure exactly how much you need to shorten them by. For example if you want to take an inch off, you’ll fold up a big cuff and then pin the 1″ into the bottom portion of the cuff (1/2″ front/back). Once you’ve pinned it, turn the cuff down, try the jeans back on to make sure the seam is going to hit where you want it and the length is good.

blog bootjeanshem1

Fold up jeans as shown – your seam will be where the legs get shortened – so determine first how much you are needing to hem them by. I took an inch off these.

blog bootjeanshem2

After you’ve sewn the cuff inside out, fold it over and sew a security seam to pin down the fold and create an edgier look (also see above).

blog bootjeanshem3

Once sewn, flatten, pin the fold downward and sew another security seam to create a bit of an edge and set the fold.


blog bootjeanshemchoice2

Blog Black Outfit with Boots Close UP- Blog Black Outfit with Pewter Flats-1


Blog Black Outfit with Flower-1

Successful shortening of the jeans! 🙂


DIY Lace Crown

This is ridiculously easy to do.  Now that I know it works and is so easy, I plan on doing some more detailed ones and buy some really cool lace!  Added bonus-it takes maybe 5 minutes to make woo hoo! 🙂Blog DIY Lace Crown-1Blog DIY Lace Crown-2 Blog DIY Lace Crown-3 Blog DIY Lace Crown-4 Blog DIY Lace Crown-5What you need…

  • Lace
  • Glue
  • Glitter (you could also glue on beads-I will next time :))
  • Blown up balloon (or something else you can rest it on while it dries that you don’t care about getting glue on)
  • paperclip
  • Newspaper

What you do…

  • Measure the lace around your toddlers head (honestly, this is probably the hardest part of the whole process haha)  Leave about 1/2 an inch overlay and cut.
  • Lay the lace down on the newspaper and run a bead of glue along the bottom of the lace and in the middle.  Smudge with your finger .
  • Let your toddler go to town on the glitter.  🙂
  • Fold the lace into the crown shape and make sure there’s plenty of glue on the ends that overlap.  Paperclip the spot where the ends overlap so that it stays connected.
  • Place the crown on the balloon and wait for it to dry.  I went back and moved it a few times so that it didn’t get glued to the balloon.  It will dry in the shape of the crown, but it’s still moveable/not stiff.

I can totally see making these for a party, or having the girls make them at the beginning of a party to take home when they leave!  dit-elle-Lauren

DIY to do with your toddler // What we did for Valentine’s Day

I had all these grand plans for what Maya and I were going to do for the Huz for Valentine’s Day.  Then…I lost my car keys (the ones we had lost the spare to a few months earlier :{).  I spent 4 hours searching our house top to bottom (87 times!), and then finally gave up.  So, our crafting time was a little cut short.  We still had a blast, and truth be told, the 30 min we spent on them was probably her max anyway 😉Blog Valentine DIY-1Blog Valentine DIY-2Blog Valentine DIY-4Blog Valentine DIY-3

It all started when Maya said “It’s a heart!” on our walk a few days ago, pointing to a pile of rocks.  Of course, I’m like “No, those are just rocks.”  “HEART!” as she tugs me to pick one up.  And what do you know…a heart!  And I knew we would give it to the Huz for Valentine’s Day. 🙂Blog Valentine DIY-5She has the eyes of an eagle, that one…Blog Valentine DIY-6What you need… (for the Valentine’s)

  • Tarp or sheet for easy clean up 🙂
  • Card stock paper or I used a cardboard insert that had come in clothes I bought online.  Yes, I save everything just in case.  Yes, I was so excited to finally use some of my hoarded craft supplies!
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Foraged goodies.  We used both mini pinecones and obviously the “heart/rock”
  • Empty Box (to contain the glitter bomb and glue)

What you do…

  • Since we were doing this for Valentine’s Day, I cut little hearts out in different shapes.  We gave the hearts as Valentines to Maya’s brothers and a few friends 🙂  You could do circles, or just sqares/rectangles.  If you have a fun corner punch that would be cool too!  Those are SO addicting!!
  • Put the “cards” in a box and let your toddler drizzle glue all over them.
  • Then, while glue is still wet, have them go to town with the glitter!

I took these next images with my phone.  Didn’t want to risk getting my camera glue/glitterized 🙂Blog Valentine DIY-7Blog Valentine DIY-8Blog Valentine DIY-9I had a jewelry box that I had saved (duh), that I just glued two of the hearts onto for the box.

Super fun and easy, and Maya did most of it all by herself, which was cool!dit-elle-Lauren

DIY destroyed jeans with the strings attached…

I love the look of destroyed jeans.  What I don’t love, is that they seem to add about 25% on to the price tag.  Plus, they get snatched up on eBay immediately/usually go for more than my allotted budget.  So…I googled it and found  bunch of cool tutorials online.  If you are more of a video person, there are a ton on YouTube.  Anyway…here’s what I did.

First figure out what jeans you want to destroy.  I have three pairs of these jeans (two in one size, and one in a size down-ALL purchased on eBay, mind you).  I tend to buy in multiples when I find a pair that fits perfectly.  Obviously, only if I can get them at a screaming deal, and usually with the intent on doing something like this!  Then figure out where you want your holes to be.  I totally braincramped, so I googled (what did we do before google????) destroyed skinny jeans and determined the look I liked vs didn’t like.  I really wanted to start out minimally on this first pair.  It’s so addicting though, so the next pair I’ll be more bold.  I used hair cutting scissors because they are slimmer and more sharp.  It’s not necessary though.Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-1Make the cuts about 1/2 an inch apart for as long and wide as you want to hole to be.  Again, I wanted smaller holes for this pair, because I knew I could always make them bigger later 🙂Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-2Then, turn the jeans inside out, take tweezers, and pull a few of the white threads away.  You need to pull at least 3 of the white threads to expose the blue threads that run up and down.Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-3Then, use the tweezers to start pulling the blue threads out.  It’s hard at first, but then you can get 3-4 out at a time.  All that is left then is the white threads going across!Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-4I did a small area on the back pocket too.  I didn’t want to do it on the main part and risk things falling out, but the top part is lined.  You can’t turn it inside out, but it still works.Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-5And here they are!  I think they are going to keep getting better and better with each wash 🙂Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-6Then I decided to try it on a pair of Maya’s jeans.  She had bit the dust a while back and started a tiny hole.  I figured they would be the perfect pair.  I LOVE how hers turned out!  Isn’t everything cuter when it’s tiny??  I did a few around her pockets too, since it’s not like she’s carrying anything important in them!Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-7I decided to reinforce hers though, just in case she bites it again.  Don’t want her skinning her knees in the name of fashion… :}  I just used iron on patches.  Super easy!Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-8And here she is wearing them in a post from earlier this week.  So cute, right??Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-9Happy cutting!dit-elle-Lauren

Festive Felted Wool Ball Ornaments

Felted Wool Ball Ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas tree decorations to make. Super easy (you need some wool, Styrofoam balls, soap and hot water!) and a fun activity to do with a toddler or older kid. After all, who doesn’t like playing in soapy water!

Ava and I had fun making these. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of us doing this project as soap was flying and Anders has just started crawling (read: tearing around the house)! But we had a blast! 🙂



  • Styrofoam balls – they come in different sizes and can be found at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s Fabric
  • Wool (find carded wool or roving online or your local yarn store)
  • Decorative long pins (optional)
  • Ribbon or yarn for tying around the balls
  • Soap & Water (liquid soap for hand or dish washing works great)


  • Wrap a bunch of loose wool around Styrofoam ball – it should be loose and fluffy
  • Dip in hot soapy water and start ‘packing a snowball’
  • Repeat this – making the ball very sudsy and keep ‘packing’ and rubbing it for 5-7 minutes
  • The loose wool will shrink and turn into felt and ‘hug’ the surface of the Styrofoam ball
  • Rinse in warm water and gently squeeze off excess water with a towel
  • Decorate and let air dry

blogfeltballs4 blogfeltballs3  blogFeltBallsx2-2



DIY Pine Cone Centerpiece


Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-5This was one of those projects that I had grand plans for.   A fun DIY project that both Maya and I could work on together.  Well, it didn’t quite work out the way I had envisioned, but I kind of like it better!  And we both still had fun 🙂

Start off by gathering pine cones.  If you can find mini pine cones, that would work better.  Plus, they are so tiny and cute!  This was probably Maya’s favorite step 🙂Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-1Look for other fun branches along the way.  Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-2My first thought for this project was to spraypaint the pine cones, and then have Maya shake glitter on them.  Well, I thought I had glitter.  I searched all the various places in the house that said glitter might be hiding, wasted an hour, then finally decided to try cookie sprinkles.  That didn’t work, but by that time it was time for Maya’s nap 😦  Any sane person, would have just saved the hour, gone to the store, bought more glitter, and moved on.  I’m not that person (obviously) 🙂Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-3

She still had fun shaking the bag!  Which was the point of the project anyway, so-SUCCESS! 🙂Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-4A few days went by (ok, weeks).  I never made it to the store to get glitter.  Faced with Christmas less than a week away, I just dumped the pine cones in a few vases and called it good.  We both like it!Blog DIY Christmas Pinecones-6SuperMom tip-

You don’t’ have to be a supermom 🙂  This was totally easy, got Maya involved, and I think looks pretty too.  Plus, it was A LOT less messy than my original plan.dit-elle-Lauren

Legends of the Fall..

I love fall! So much color! We live in a beautiful place that is green pretty much year round. The rain and damp have arrived, but the trees are still brilliant.

A favorite fall table decoration is a bowl of water with leaves and tea lights. I know, so simple right!

The bowl could be a piece of thrifted crystal or porcelain (something fire proof!). I get the tea lights in bulk at IKEA, and then add your favorite fall leaves or flowers! Gorgeous when lit, adding coziness to fall evenings. And I’m all about coziness. 🙂

Blog autumnleaves x3Blog autumnleaves4 Blog autumnleaves3   Blog autumnleaves5Blog autumnleaves x2


How to make a chalkboard banner | DIY

I made this chalkboard banner a few years ago and have used it SO many times.  I will admit that it wasn’t easy.  I have had lots of practice with power tools, but you could cut out a few steps and achieve the same result.  Here’s what I did…

Step 1-

Go to Home Depot and buy a plain piece of partical board.  Make sure it’s the kind that has a hard smooth surface on one side.  Had this 3/16 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. Marker Board (4-Pack) been there that would have been totally cool!

Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-1Step 2-

Spray paint primer.  You could roll on primer too, but spray paint was easier and dried faster 🙂Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-2Step 3-

Paint 2 coats of chalkboard paint.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-3Or…skip those steps and buy this 🙂

Step 4-

Measure out 6 inch strips.  You could make them bigger or small though.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-3.1

Step 5- (DO NOT use table saw unless you know how to use it)

Cut board into measured strips.  You could buy these and skip the cutting.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-4Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-5Step 6-

Measure out triangle pieces.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-5.1Step 7- (DO NOT use miter saw unless you know how to use it)

Cut triangles out.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-6Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-7Step 8-

Mark holes at the top of each triangle for holes.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-7.1Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-8I used twine, but you could use yarn or any other kind of strong string.   I used it here for Maya’s birthday.Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-9I’ve also brought it to weddings, and had couples use it for their “Thank You” cards 🙂Blog DIY Chalkboard Banner-10The best part is you can use it over and over for any occasion!

You could skip the cutting steps and buy square, round, or if you can find them triangle precut boards at a craft store.  All you’d have to do is drill the holes and string.dit-elle-Lauren

How to take your own fashion blog pictures…

So, about 60% of the shots I take are with my tripod and a timer.  20% my husband takes, and the other 20% one of my parents take.  (*edited to add* As I’ve gotten better with this process, I now take about 98% of the shots of me/me with Maya).  When I take images with my tripod and timer this is how I do it.

1-Put my camera on a tripod.

2- Find something I can focus on.  I’ve used a chair, Maya’s stroller, a long stick stuck in the grass, and then I figured out I could use a light stand.  Most people won’t have a light stand, so just use anything that will stand on it’s own that’s at least 3 feet tall.  (*edited to add.  I now tie something onto the top of my stand, so that the camera really has something clear to focus on.  I actually tied a little stuffed animal to it :})

3-Have your lens on auto focus.  Focus on your fake subject, and while you still have the shutter pressed halfway down, move the focus to manual.  This will keep the focus locked where you want it.

4-Mark where you had your fake subject.  If you are shooting at a shallow depth of field, a few inches will matter.  I usually use a leaf or a crack in the pavement.

5-Either use the self timer button or a shutter release.  I’ve got both, but end up using the self timer, so that I don’t have to worry about having something in my hand.  Plus, a lot of the times that’s how I get good laughing shots on my own.  I might trip on my way back to my spot, have a neighbor drive by wondering what the heck I’m doing, or just laugh at the hilariousness of it all.

Blog Hudson Jeans Pink Converse- Blog Hudson Jeans Pink Converse-1Ok, truth be told.  It doesn’t ALWAYS work haha.  I almost scrapped this post because I totally messed up on the focusing, but why just show my success stories?  Maya now thinks it’s a fun game.  Press the button, run to the spot…go back to the camera.  Over and over :).Blog Hudson Jeans Pink Converse-2It also helps to have a handy assistant to lug all your gear around for you 😉 Blog Hudson Jeans Pink Converse-3Good Luck!!

On me…

Jeans- Hudson
Shoes- Converse
On Maya…
Jeans- Cherokee
Top- Gap
Sweater– H&M (old)
Shoes- Converse