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Lantern Craft

It’s that time of year.. the days are short, the nights are long, and if it’s raining, the days just feel dark! These lanterns are a wonderful kid activity and winter decoration to bring some warm light into the house! Growing up in Scandiavia and going to a Waldorf, we would make these every November for our Lantern Festival. They are super simple to make and you can get creative with shapes, sizes and color schemes! Have fun! 🙂

Blog DIY Lantern craft (7) Blog DIY Lantern craft (6) Blog DIY Lantern Craft x4 Blog DIY Lantern craft (5)


  • Glass jar (any shape/size OK, but needs to be glass not plastic)
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Glue (watered out Elmer’s glue)
  • Brushes or sponge brushes to brush light coat of glue on outside of jar
  • Tea lights / votive candles
  • Shiny star stickers (optional)


  • ‘Paint’ the outside of the jars with a thin coat of watered out glue and rip up pieces of colored tissue paper and stick to jar
  • Repeat with multiple layers until desired color density / effect is reached
  • Let dry, and add a few star stickers
  • Light candles and drop inside the jars
  • Enjoy super cosiness! 🙂


DIY Toddler Thank You Cards / Art

After Maya’s birthday this year, I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a part in her thank you cards.  This is a super easy, relatively fast DIY that you can do with your toddler or…on your own 🙂  You could do these for thank you cards, or even frame them as art!Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-1What You’ll Need…

  • Blank Note Cards with Envelopes.  I got mine at Target on clearance, but you could get some at any craft store.
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Cookie sheet lined with tinfoil.  You could just lay out an old sheet/newspapers, but I like to collect all the unused excess glitter and save it :).

What to do…

  • Lay the blank cards out
  • Let your toddler drizzle the glue all over.  I had to rotate the cookie sheet a few times and guide her around so that there wasn’t just a big puddle haha, but she got the hang of it.  The best part is that it’s her design!Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-2 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-3 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-4
  • Sprinkle glitter over the top and then shake off excess.Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-5 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-6 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-7 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-8
  • Let it sit until it dries.
  • You can write your thank you message on the back with a note “Handmade by…”

The above images are the 2nd set we made recently.  Here’s the ones she made for her birthday.  I love that she’s super proud of them, and that she has a part in the actual “Thank You” process 🙂Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-9 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-10Have fun!dit-elle-Lauren

DIY Glitter Cap Toe Shoes

When I saw these shoes at the thrift store from far away, I died!!  When I got closer, I noticed they were pretty beat up.  The fronts of the toes were shredded, but for a $1(!!!!), I knew I could do something fun to try and save them.  Haven’t we all had that moment of “Noooooo not the shoes!!!” when our toddlers stumble a little, or as Maya likes to do someitmes…drag her feet.  Grrrr.  Anyway, this wouldn’t work for all shoes, and it does take some time, but…I love how they turned out!  Maya loves them too!

“Glitter shoes!!”Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-You can see below what they looked like…Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-2Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Painters tape (it’s not as sticky/won’t ruin the shoes further :))
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • (You could also just paint the toes!)Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-4Tape off the cap of the shoe in the amount you want to do the glitter toe cap.Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-3Cover the area in glue.  I did a pretty heavy coating to make sure it covered up the shredded areas of the shoe.  I put an apple container under haha, but you could line a cookie sheet with tin foil 🙂 Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-5Then, I let Maya go to town pouring the glitter on.  I actually did these shoes back in September, but am just now blogging them.  I promise, she wasn’t freezing outside in a tank top 🙂 Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-6Voila!Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-1And…here she is wearing them the other day 🙂 Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-8 Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-9 Blog DIY Glitter Toe Shoes-10Have fun and happy glittering!dit-elle-Lauren

Happy Little Ghosts Kid Craft

Looking for a super cheap, super fun Halloween craft that you can involve the kids in? My soon-to-be 4 year old and 18 month old had a blast making our “Happy Little Ghosts” craft. All you need is a box of tissues, cotton balls, thread and a needle (you do the thread and needle part, kids can do the tissues and cotton balls part)! 🙂

Blog DIY ghost craft-2 Blog DIY ghost craft-3 Blog DIY ghost craft-1

Supplies (makes 10 ghosts)

  • 10 tissues
  • 10 cotton balls
  • Spool of white sewing thread
  • Needle (for sewing thread)
  • Scissors (for cutting thread)


  • Thread needle with 2 feet+ of thread, and center the needle in the middle of the thread
  • Tie the ends together in a knot, so that you now have a double thread
  • Lay a tissue on a flat surface (kid activity!)
  • Place a cotton ball in the center of the tissue (kid activity!)
  • Gather edges and pick up tissue, holding it so that the cotton ball is completely covered and cinch up the tissue where the ghost neck will be (kid activity!)
  • Stick needle just below covered ball and make two circles around head and cinch up (parent activity here and rest of craft! :))
  • Stick needle into ‘neck’ and up into cotton ball, so that it comes out on the top of the head
  • Pull upward, cut needle off string, tie strings together with a knot
  • Voila! One done! On to the next one! Ava was running such a little ghost craft factory that I could not keep up. Anders meanwhile was having lots of fun pulling tissues out and tossing cotton balls all over.

Tip:  You get a different effect if you wrinkle the tissues a bit (which is why this is such a great kid craft) and you can do this at the first step or even after the ghosts are hung! 🙂


DIY Toilet Paper Roll Glitter Crown with Tulle

Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-1Maya is obsessed with “princesses”.  Every dress is a “princess dress”, and her obsession with Elsa and Anna is (like most toddler girls) a bit out of control 🙂  I had brief thoughts of making her an Elsa costume, but then reality slapped me in the face.  Esther, on the other hand, IS making Ava one, and I cannot wait to see it!!  I went the easy route with Maya’s costume and found a cute orange and black tutu looking outfit at Goodwill for $4.  It’s supposed to be a witch, but I called it a Pumpkin Princess outfit, and Maya’s in love haha.

But…every princess needs a crown, no?  The DIY lace crown I made before was super easy, but I wanted to try something a little more complex and fun.  I had the idea of using a toilet paper roll for the crown, putting glitter on it, and somehow having tulle shoot out.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it until I started making it ha!

As luck would have it, Mother had a post that very morning on Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.  I had originally just cut my crown straight across, but their gold crown with the points was so much cuter!  Saved just in the nick of time!

What you’ll NeedBlog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-2 Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-3

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glitter
  • Marker that is either the same shade or complimentary to your glitter
  • Glue
  • Small Hole Punch
  • Elastic
  • Tulle (a yard should be plenty, although if you want a longer train use more)
  • Large Cookie sheet lined with tin foil for easy clean up
  • Toddler (added bonus :))


  • Cut your toilet paper roll in half
  • Cut jagged design in one half
  • Cut the other half into a fourth and then cut up one side so it slides inside itself to be smaller and will fit inside the jagged crown piece.
  • Color the Crown piece with your marker.  That way when the glue dries, you will see that color vs the brown toilet paper roll.Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-4
  • Punch holes in opposite sides at the bottom of the crown.
  • Lightly coat the crown with glue (I put a little too much on and it started dripping :{Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-5 Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-6
  • Have your toddler help with lightly pouring the glitter on.  I used both black tiny ball glitter and gold dust glitter.
  • Set that aside to dry.  If you lightly coat it with glue, it should be fine standing up right.
  • Next, cut your tulle into 6 inch squares.  I had probably 8-10. Stack all the tulle with the corners at varying vs being all lined up.  I think it would look cool if you did longer pieces and they were flowing down the back too!
  • Place your cut 1/4 piece of the roll in the middle of the tulle stack and fold up, securing with a rubber band.  Secure the excess with more rubber bands so it’s easier to feed through the crown.Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-7
  • When your crown is dry, feed the tulled inner crown up through the middle and place some glue around the bottom to secure.Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-8 Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-9
  • Cut the rubber bands and fluff the tulle.Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-10
  • Tie the elastic through the punched holes, and your done!Blog DIY Toilet Paper Glitter Crown with Tulle-11Have fun!!


Easter Egg Tree

A beautiful, inexpensive, and FUN activity with kids! Only about a few weeks late, but figured I’d post it as inspiration for next year! 🙂

blog Eastertree5 blog Eastertree4 blog Eastertree3 Blog Eastertree2 blog Eastertree1

What you need

  • Eggs
  • Dye
  • Toothpicks
  • Thread
  • Fresh tree branches (Forsythia, dogwood or other work well)

How to make your Easter Tree

  • Select fresh white eggs and blow them out. Here’s how: 1) make a small hole in each end by tapping/chiseling with the tip of a sharp knife, 2) poke a toothpick inside one of the holes to break yolk, 3) then blow the egg white/yolk out into a bowl, 4) wash off egg and let try. This is a tricky process and not recommended for kids – you should do this first and then you can have the kids help with dyeing the eggs. More tips here.
  • Dye eggs and decorate as you wish – some metallic paint brushed on dyed eggs is a fun way to add some sparkle or shine!
  • Hang by tying some sewing thread to a 1/2 toothpick inserted into the egg to create a stopper.

Ava quickly became a pro egg dyer!


My Easter Tree via Instagram!


No cut hemmed jeans

I may be the only person still wearing boot-cut jeans these days.. but I had to retire some pairs of jeans recently and in a pinch one day (it was a classic day in our house where laundry was back-logged, I didn’t have time to go on a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, and didn’t want to spend a fortune either..) so I dusted off this pair of Silver jeans which were too long and had been sitting in my closet for a few years..

I hemmed them using a quick and easy, no-cut, technique – this is not the “fold under and sew” way, which removes the bottom edge!

Here’s how!

First put jeans on and measure exactly how much you need to shorten them by. For example if you want to take an inch off, you’ll fold up a big cuff and then pin the 1″ into the bottom portion of the cuff (1/2″ front/back). Once you’ve pinned it, turn the cuff down, try the jeans back on to make sure the seam is going to hit where you want it and the length is good.

blog bootjeanshem1

Fold up jeans as shown – your seam will be where the legs get shortened – so determine first how much you are needing to hem them by. I took an inch off these.

blog bootjeanshem2

After you’ve sewn the cuff inside out, fold it over and sew a security seam to pin down the fold and create an edgier look (also see above).

blog bootjeanshem3

Once sewn, flatten, pin the fold downward and sew another security seam to create a bit of an edge and set the fold.


blog bootjeanshemchoice2

Blog Black Outfit with Boots Close UP- Blog Black Outfit with Pewter Flats-1


Blog Black Outfit with Flower-1

Successful shortening of the jeans! 🙂