DIY destroyed jeans with the strings attached…

I love the look of destroyed jeans.  What I don’t love, is that they seem to add about 25% on to the price tag.  Plus, they get snatched up on eBay immediately/usually go for more than my allotted budget.  So…I googled it and found  bunch of cool tutorials online.  If you are more of a video person, there are a ton on YouTube.  Anyway…here’s what I did.

First figure out what jeans you want to destroy.  I have three pairs of these jeans (two in one size, and one in a size down-ALL purchased on eBay, mind you).  I tend to buy in multiples when I find a pair that fits perfectly.  Obviously, only if I can get them at a screaming deal, and usually with the intent on doing something like this!  Then figure out where you want your holes to be.  I totally braincramped, so I googled (what did we do before google????) destroyed skinny jeans and determined the look I liked vs didn’t like.  I really wanted to start out minimally on this first pair.  It’s so addicting though, so the next pair I’ll be more bold.  I used hair cutting scissors because they are slimmer and more sharp.  It’s not necessary though.Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-1Make the cuts about 1/2 an inch apart for as long and wide as you want to hole to be.  Again, I wanted smaller holes for this pair, because I knew I could always make them bigger later 🙂Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-2Then, turn the jeans inside out, take tweezers, and pull a few of the white threads away.  You need to pull at least 3 of the white threads to expose the blue threads that run up and down.Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-3Then, use the tweezers to start pulling the blue threads out.  It’s hard at first, but then you can get 3-4 out at a time.  All that is left then is the white threads going across!Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-4I did a small area on the back pocket too.  I didn’t want to do it on the main part and risk things falling out, but the top part is lined.  You can’t turn it inside out, but it still works.Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-5And here they are!  I think they are going to keep getting better and better with each wash 🙂Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-6Then I decided to try it on a pair of Maya’s jeans.  She had bit the dust a while back and started a tiny hole.  I figured they would be the perfect pair.  I LOVE how hers turned out!  Isn’t everything cuter when it’s tiny??  I did a few around her pockets too, since it’s not like she’s carrying anything important in them!Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-7I decided to reinforce hers though, just in case she bites it again.  Don’t want her skinning her knees in the name of fashion… :}  I just used iron on patches.  Super easy!Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-8And here she is wearing them in a post from earlier this week.  So cute, right??Blog DIY Destroyed Denim Jeans With Strings Attached-9Happy cutting!dit-elle-Lauren

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