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Easter Egg Tree 2016

It’s the season.. daffodils, cherry blossoms, puddle jumping and Easter Egg fun!

Want to make an Easter tree? It’s a fun project especially for older kids and the result is pretty stunning. Preparing the eggs takes quite a bit of time and effort (you will actually empty egg out of the shell through a small opening by blowing through a small hole on the opposite side of the shell), but the good news is that if you are careful, these eggs can last for years and be used on your tree again and again!

Check out our Easter “science” project from last year here – naturally dyed eggs!
And from two years ago, our Easter Tree here.

Ready to get started? See instructions captioned in each photo.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fresh white eggs
  • Something sharp (like a large yarn needle) to make small holes in the shell with
  • Small sticks (toothpicks or bamboo skewers broken into 3/4″ length
  • Sewing thread
  • Food color/egg dye, vinegar, hot water
making an easter egg tree blog (2)

Use fresh white eggs


making an easter egg tree blog (1)

1) Hold the egg firmly in one hand and using a large sharp pointy tool (I used a large yarn needle) tap the “north” or “south” end of the egg – like a bird might chip away at something, or think of a woodpecker in a tree! 2) You’ll tap firmly ~10 times and a small hole will form. Make it bigger by continuing to tap and clear some shell away. The bigger the hole, the easier to get the egg out, but you don’t want it too big. About 1/4″ or less should do. 3) flip the egg upside down and now start chipping a hole on the opposite side (this hole can be smaller). 4) Once you have two holes, insert needle about an inch into the egg to pierce the yolk (this will make getting the egg out of the shell easier). 5) You will now blow a thin stream of air into one of the holes (smaller one) and gravity should pull the egg out the other end. 6) Pour some water into hole and rinse by repeating step above.



making an easter egg tree blog (3)

You’ll have plenty of egg yolks and whites – save for an omelet or cake!


making an easter egg tree blog (4)

Let eggs air dry before dipping in dye

Ave and Anders helped with the dye process – using bamboo skewers to turn the eggs (hollow eggs float!). They loved comparing colors and watching the eggs turn deeper shades.

Note that you can get standard food coloring from the grocery store (e.g. McCormick makes a small box of four bottles: red, yellow, green, blue) and following the instructions we made some pretty cool mix & match colors.. sunset orange, jungle green, raspberry, etc. Other than dye, you’ll need vinegar and hot water.

While the eggs dry, fasten a piece of sewing thread to a small stick (e.g. broken toothpick or bamboo skewer), drop this into the egg so that the stick flips to the horizontal and becomes an ‘anchor’ from which the string is attached. Now the egg is ready to be decorated further and/or hung. Ave put colored feathers into each egg and was in charge of hanging. And yes, every step of the way there is risk of the eggshells breaking – they are eggshells after all – but make a bunch and have fun!

Beautiful, right? 🙂

Have fun! 🙂


DIY to do with your toddler // What we did for Valentine’s Day

I had all these grand plans for what Maya and I were going to do for the Huz for Valentine’s Day.  Then…I lost my car keys (the ones we had lost the spare to a few months earlier :{).  I spent 4 hours searching our house top to bottom (87 times!), and then finally gave up.  So, our crafting time was a little cut short.  We still had a blast, and truth be told, the 30 min we spent on them was probably her max anyway 😉Blog Valentine DIY-1Blog Valentine DIY-2Blog Valentine DIY-4Blog Valentine DIY-3

It all started when Maya said “It’s a heart!” on our walk a few days ago, pointing to a pile of rocks.  Of course, I’m like “No, those are just rocks.”  “HEART!” as she tugs me to pick one up.  And what do you know…a heart!  And I knew we would give it to the Huz for Valentine’s Day. 🙂Blog Valentine DIY-5She has the eyes of an eagle, that one…Blog Valentine DIY-6What you need… (for the Valentine’s)

  • Tarp or sheet for easy clean up 🙂
  • Card stock paper or I used a cardboard insert that had come in clothes I bought online.  Yes, I save everything just in case.  Yes, I was so excited to finally use some of my hoarded craft supplies!
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Foraged goodies.  We used both mini pinecones and obviously the “heart/rock”
  • Empty Box (to contain the glitter bomb and glue)

What you do…

  • Since we were doing this for Valentine’s Day, I cut little hearts out in different shapes.  We gave the hearts as Valentines to Maya’s brothers and a few friends 🙂  You could do circles, or just sqares/rectangles.  If you have a fun corner punch that would be cool too!  Those are SO addicting!!
  • Put the “cards” in a box and let your toddler drizzle glue all over them.
  • Then, while glue is still wet, have them go to town with the glitter!

I took these next images with my phone.  Didn’t want to risk getting my camera glue/glitterized 🙂Blog Valentine DIY-7Blog Valentine DIY-8Blog Valentine DIY-9I had a jewelry box that I had saved (duh), that I just glued two of the hearts onto for the box.

Super fun and easy, and Maya did most of it all by herself, which was cool!dit-elle-Lauren