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The Faux Fox Purse

I’ve been on a faux fur kick this past year. This summer I posted the Lion Tote – golden faux fur with dark accents. The latest creation – the Faux Fox. Faux fur, light camel colored felt sides and top closed with a zipper, and dark handles.

Making this purse was not easy. I had a vision, found the materials, and got started. The design part was easy, the construction and assembly pretty hard.. You have to think about things like what seams carry weight, overall architecture and construction.. For a while it was a very frustrating “try as you go” DIY project, several ‘start overs’, pricked fingers, but I finally got a good prototype out of it.. and I will say, this purse gets a ton of compliments!

I haven’t (yet) created a *real* pattern for this purse (that would take a little more patience and a lot more time!) but I did get some tips from this awesome DIY faux fur collar to clutch pattern which I found on Pinterest. What would we do without Pinterest!

Thanks Lauren for the fabulous photos. Despite doing a fashion/food/design blog together, we rarely see each other, but had a chance to get together on Veteran’s day for an hour or less in a park – and the kids and weather all cooperated brilliantly so we were able to get a few bonus shots!

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Festive Felted Wool Ball Ornaments

Felted Wool Ball Ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas tree decorations to make. Super easy (you need some wool, Styrofoam balls, soap and hot water!) and a fun activity to do with a toddler or older kid. After all, who doesn’t like playing in soapy water!

Ava and I had fun making these. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of us doing this project as soap was flying and Anders has just started crawling (read: tearing around the house)! But we had a blast! 🙂



  • Styrofoam balls – they come in different sizes and can be found at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s Fabric
  • Wool (find carded wool or roving online or your local yarn store)
  • Decorative long pins (optional)
  • Ribbon or yarn for tying around the balls
  • Soap & Water (liquid soap for hand or dish washing works great)


  • Wrap a bunch of loose wool around Styrofoam ball – it should be loose and fluffy
  • Dip in hot soapy water and start ‘packing a snowball’
  • Repeat this – making the ball very sudsy and keep ‘packing’ and rubbing it for 5-7 minutes
  • The loose wool will shrink and turn into felt and ‘hug’ the surface of the Styrofoam ball
  • Rinse in warm water and gently squeeze off excess water with a towel
  • Decorate and let air dry

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