DIY Lace Crown

This is ridiculously easy to do.  Now that I know it works and is so easy, I plan on doing some more detailed ones and buy some really cool lace!  Added bonus-it takes maybe 5 minutes to make woo hoo! 🙂Blog DIY Lace Crown-1Blog DIY Lace Crown-2 Blog DIY Lace Crown-3 Blog DIY Lace Crown-4 Blog DIY Lace Crown-5What you need…

  • Lace
  • Glue
  • Glitter (you could also glue on beads-I will next time :))
  • Blown up balloon (or something else you can rest it on while it dries that you don’t care about getting glue on)
  • paperclip
  • Newspaper

What you do…

  • Measure the lace around your toddlers head (honestly, this is probably the hardest part of the whole process haha)  Leave about 1/2 an inch overlay and cut.
  • Lay the lace down on the newspaper and run a bead of glue along the bottom of the lace and in the middle.  Smudge with your finger .
  • Let your toddler go to town on the glitter.  🙂
  • Fold the lace into the crown shape and make sure there’s plenty of glue on the ends that overlap.  Paperclip the spot where the ends overlap so that it stays connected.
  • Place the crown on the balloon and wait for it to dry.  I went back and moved it a few times so that it didn’t get glued to the balloon.  It will dry in the shape of the crown, but it’s still moveable/not stiff.

I can totally see making these for a party, or having the girls make them at the beginning of a party to take home when they leave!  dit-elle-Lauren

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