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Menswear Inspired….or, actual menswear?

A little of both!  I love the menswear inspired look.  I am not afraid to actually buy mens clothing, and I absolutely buy boys clothes for Maya too!

My entire outfit (minus my prescription sunglasses ;)) all were thrifted!  The entire outfit cost me around $20-$25!blog-theory-tan-button-down-levis-501-luciano-moresco-brogues-1 blog-theory-tan-button-down-levis-501-luciano-moresco-brogues-2 blog-theory-tan-button-down-levis-501-luciano-moresco-brogues-3 blog-theory-tan-button-down-levis-501-luciano-moresco-brogues-4 blog-theory-tan-button-down-levis-501-luciano-moresco-brogues-5blog-theory-tan-button-down-levis-501-luciano-moresco-brogues-6I can’t even with this next pose.  It’s so funny.  She definitely went through a “NO PICTURE!!” phase for a while.  She eventually would get over it and just play, thank goodness!  Unless, of course it’s with my phone.  She still is pretty adamant about me not taking pictures of her with my phone!  I think she is so used to me having a big camera, that she doesn’t think as much about it.  But with my phone, I’m all up in her face and usually asking.

Anyways, lately, she’s been pulling out these “poses” and it’s totally cracking me up!  I honestly think that’s why she does it.  She’ll do anything if it gets a laugh.  SO…I’ll keep laughing 😉 1blog-maya-259-old-navy-tan-trench-tucker-tate-tunic-cherokee-destroyed-boyfriend-brown-toms-3And of course, she’s always jumping and twirling 🙂blog-old-navy-tan-trench-tucker-tate-tunic-cherokee-destroyed-boyfriend-brown-toms-2 blog-old-navy-tan-trench-tucker-tate-tunic-cherokee-destroyed-boyfriend-brown-toms-3 After this one, she was like-

“Mom!  Did you get it when I made the face like this?!!”

Insert…below face 🙂

Yes, I did.blog-old-navy-tan-trench-tucker-tate-tunic-cherokee-destroyed-boyfriend-brown-toms-4On me… (no time for similar links, sorry!!)

Top- Theory (thrifted)
Belt- Vintage (thrifted)
Jeans- Levis 501 (thrifted from the mens dept and DIY cut off and frayed)
Shoes- Luciano Moresco (thrifted from the mens dept)
On Maya…
Jacket- Old Navy (thrifted)
Top- Tucker + Tate (Nordstrom Rack)
Jeans- Cherokee (Target)
Shoes- Toms (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Haha.  Yes, this is another one of her new “signature poses”  🙂
blog-outtake-1 And….another picture of her taking a picture of us between my legs 🙂blog-outtake-2 She was running around by the tripod and ALMOST ran underneath it!!  My face…haha.blog-outtake-3
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Menswear inspired…or just actual menswear?

 I have been in search of the perfect “boyfriend” jeans.  I have a couple that I like ok, but mainly it’s because they are so darn comfortable it’s hard not to like them!  But flattering?  Not so much.  I snagged this pair at a thrift store for $7, and really wasn’t sure what they were.  Boyfriend jeans?  No, they say “relaxed”.  Finally, it hit me why I couldn’t figure it out.  They are mens jeans, that were accidentally marked and put in the women’s section.  So, they are quite literally “boyfriend” jeans.  That is…if I had a tiny boyfriend.  Thankfully, I don’t 🙂

Then, these ADORABLE little oxfords came in the mail from Zulily the other day for Maya, so it was a menswear kind of day 🙂Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-1 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-2 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-3Thought I’d add a little femininity with this vintage flower lariat necklace. Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-4 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-5 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-6 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-7 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-8I made these jeans for Maya “destroyed” over the weekend, and I LOVE how they turned out.  Sooner or later I will blog how I did it. Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-9 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-10 Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-11THAT.FACE! Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-12On me…

Jacket- Banana Republic (old, but similar in navy here)
Top- Zara (sold out, but similar here)
Jeans- 7 For all Mankind-similar (men’s 🙂 thrifted)
Shoes- Timberland (thrifted, but similar here and less expensive option here)
On Maya…
Vest- Janie and Jack (thrifted, but similar here)
Top- Gap (similar)
Jeans- Gap (thrifted and destroyed by me)
Shoes- Zulily (by Osh Kosh)


Joie Peasant Blouse 3 ways… Day 3

Yesterday, I paired this Joie top with slip on oxfords and a pair of cropped pants for a more casual work outfit.  Then, paired it with a belt and a fun pair of pumps for a dressier casual office outfit.  The day before that was a more casual look.

Today, I wanted to show how I would wear it dressed up for a more corporate outfit.

I first put on a simple white camisole (probably don’t want your co-workers to see through your blouse!).  I stock up on these for layering under just about everything!  Then I tucked them into a pair of super wide low rise menswear inspired wool trousers.

My 13 yr old step son asked “What are you wearing?  Those look like mens pants.”  hahaBlog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-1 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-2 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-3 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-4 Blog Joie Blouse Super Wide Leg Pants-5On me…

Top- Joie (on sale!!)
Pants- Lauren Moffat (old, but similar style different color here)
Shoes- Charles by Charles David (old, but similar 40’s style here.)  These are fun too!
Belt- Banana Repbublic (old, but similar here).  This is fun too!
And there you have it!  One blouse, worn three very different ways- Casual, Office Casual, and here.  What was your favorite?dit-elle-Lauren