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Oversized Bomber Jacket + Skinnies + Tennies (night on the beach)

Nights on the beach are my favorite (with Maya of course! )

And this puffer has become a total staple in my wardrobe lately! 💚

At first I wasn’t sure if it would go with anything, but I wear it with EVERYthing!! Clearly green parkas are a fav… NOT going to e able to do this much longer!  But…I keep saying that. Video of the set up I used here…Hahaha.  Clearly so happy I’m taking her picture.
I had taken Charlie’s senior pictures earlier in the day, and Maya tagged along.  While he was changing, I took some of her 🙂 . Paint on her forehead from school and all… Seriously though, what the WHAT!??  It blows my mind that Charlie was Maya’s age when I met him…and now.  18, 6’5″ and about to graduate! Of course Maya wanted to pop into almost all his pictures. They are pretty stinking cute together… See what happened right after the above shot that almost gave me a heart attack…

More of an accurate depiction of their relationship haha.

 On me…

Sweater- Feel the Piece (ebay)
Jeans- DL1961 Emma (eBay, similar here)
Shoes- Superga (eBay)
On Maya…
Jacket- Bernardo (thrifted, but similar here)
Top- (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
My remote has been a little faulty, so…we are constantly wondering if it will go off haha.
And…Maya jumping to me with rocks behind me…almost ended badly!
(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Playing on the windy beach in Hunter boots

 To be honest, the overcast somewhat nasty days are usually my favorite days to go outside and play! No need to fight any crowds, so you have the beach all to yourself! I’m sure most people wouldn’t think of playing on the beach in the waves when it’s 44 degrees  and super windy outside, but we had so much fun!

I took a video of how I set up the camera and the shutter release I use which can be viewed here. Of course she thought it was hilarious trying to get ME into the water! I looooove that this almost looks like she’s playing in the snow in these next ones! Her face!!  LOVE!

On me…

Sweater- Elizabeth and James (eBay, similar here and less expensive here.)
Top- Banana Republic (thrifted, but super fun sleeve option here)
Jeans- DL1961 Toni “midrise” (eBay, similar here)
Boots- Hunter (thrifted, but similar here and here)
On Maya…
Vest- Zara (thrifted, but similar here)
Sweatshirt- Crewcuts (thrifted, )
Jeans- DL1961 “Chloe” (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Hunter Original Kids (eBay)
Keeping it Real…
I messed up locking in the focus on a whole series of shots! UGH.  SO frustrating, but thankfully I moved the camera and got the focus right.
Not really an outtake, but her pose!!  KILLS ME!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Fancy Dresses on a windy beach…

 One thing we’ve had LOTS of lately, is windy days!!

I’ve been wanting to get dressed up and play with the wind, and we finally did it the other day.  Maya LOVES to dress up, so that was an easy sell.  It was pretty cold though, so layers were key.

I totally underestimate the wind and which direction we should be facing.  I thought it would be better to have the wind at our fronts, but that just pushed my dress in all kinds of unflattering areas!

This one totally cracks me up though, and thankfully she’s hiding me-haha!I took a little video of Maya running around too… (click to view) Loooooove this next one! I messed up the focus on this next one.  It’s harder to lock in the focus on my tiny little focus stand when the camera is farther away from the tripod…

Soooooo, I just did a creative blur, and called it an “artisic shot” haha.

I actually really like it!

On me…

Jacket- Doma (old, similar here)
Belt- Linea Pelle (Old, similar here)
Boots- Circa Joan & David (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Jacket- Zara Kids (thrifted, but similar here)
Sweater- CrewCuts by J Crew (thrifted, but similar here)
Shoes- Unlisted “Totally Mine” (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I tried to get an image of my super fun HANDMADE earrings/necklace, but the wind was obviously not cooperating!
So…I came back and took a pic in front of my house.  Of COURSE my neighbor came by when I was taking them-as they always do!
Today she’s doing a buy 2 get 1 free sale!  Now that’s fate!  SO….check out her amazing designs!
I aaaaaaalmost posted an image that showed just how badly the wind was blowing my dress onto me, but just couldn’t.
You’re welcome!
Because….it wasn’t pretty-haha.
Her face in this next one… 🙂
And another video we took “I just want to go in the car now mom!” haha.
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Staying fit over the holidays…

I’ve been wanting to do a post about this for so long…

Honestly, fitness and exercise is more of our daily life than anything else we post about!  BUT…in my mind, I wondered who wants to read about that?  Um…Ok,  A LOT OF PEOPLE!

So, I thought I’d tell how I stay fit.  As a mom… As someone who is 40 and beyond… It’s different now, but I’ll try and share universal thoughts.

It’s also super important for me that some form of exercise is part of Maya’s daily life too, so…my number one tip?

  1. Get outside and be active with your kids!  They need it and love it, and you are having quality time with them while keeping you both healthy!  Go for a long walk around your neighborhood.  If you live near any hiking places, go hiking (a post from a hike we did a while back coming soon!).  Even in the colder rainy temps, layer up!  I have this set for Maya, and we layer it under everything.  If she gets too hot, we just peel the layers off!  Lately, it’s been HER pushing me to run more!  She will say “C’mon mom!!  You can go faster than that!  You can do it!!  (Video Here :))
  2. Make a date with a friend or family incorporating exercise instead of food!  This is good for a couple of reasons.  If it’s raining or cold, it’s easier to just want to curl up with a book, but if you have someone counting on you to meet them, you are more likely to get out there.  Instead of meeting for drinks/dinner.  Meet a friend for a walk or run!  Don’t get me wrong.  I want to get out there and have some drinks with my friends, BUT…it can add up both monetarily and calorically. And, honestly, most of the time I don’t want to take away from family time at night.  I have friend that I’ve been meeting every Monday for a 3 mile walk through the hills of our neighborhood.  We get exercise, but we also get to have some weekly quality time together and uninterrupted conversations-double win!  I know that isn’t a possibilty for moms that work 9-5 jobs, but you could make it a Sat or Sun morning date!  Maya and I also meet up with my parents every Sunday morning for a walk.  Lately, Maya has been running more, so we don’t get as much quality time with them, but it’s still better than nothing!  If you have kids, working out with your spouse can be harder, but you could absolutely make it a family affair!  With a stroller or once they are able…bikes!
  3. Join a class.  Can you tell I find the easiest way to hold myself accountable is using others-haha?  There is an outdoor bootcamp that I do through my local YMCA (more on THEM later!!) . I’ve made some good friends just from going there every week, and it’s SO nice having someone else forcing me to do things I’d never do on my own!  And there are SO many classes offered at your local gyms!
  4. Find an App you like!  There are so many apps out there for exercise!  One of the things I’ve found challenging about some apps is that I have to stop what I’m doing to look at what they are doing next.  OR…in reality, my eyesight is so bad that I have to have it in my face to see what they are doing.  It’s great once I get the routine down, but not so great for new exercises.  One app Aaptiv talks to you and plays customized music tailored to your tastes!  They have programs for running, treadmill, elliptical, Indoor Cycling, Stair Climber, Strength Training, Stretching, Yoga, Walking, Meditation (I’ve SO been meaning to try this!!), Race Training, and more!  It’s great if you only have a few minutes at home or aren’t able to meet someone else or make a class at the gym, because you can do a lot of the things outdoors or at home!  AND…they have a 30 day free trial!
  5. Join a gym with good daycare-find a YMCA if you have one near you!  Ok, this might sound obvious, and it is.  BUT…when you are a mom, finding a gym with good child care is absolutely the difference between going and not going sometimes.  I honestly should work for the YMCA, because I am one of it’s biggest supporters and tell every mom and dad I know to join-most do!   The salesperson in me hasn’t died ha!  Sadly, I don’t get paid for referrals, but I’m SO happy to give my friends happiness, and the YMCA is hands down been a life saver to my sanity and health.  The YMCA is SO catered to making sure your kids have fun, and if they are running around having fun/getting exercise, that means you can work out and TAKE A SHOWER guilt free!!  They have so many fun programs for kids and adults!  One thing you can do together is swim.  Maya and I go swimming every Sunday.  I tell her we have to stay in the deep end, which means she swims the entire time, and I have to tread water or swim the entire time.  Again…double win!
  6. Get a Kindle or listen to an audio book.  I used to not be able to work out without music, and I’m still a firm believer that it gives you a certain adrenaline boost that undoubtedly helps while working out.  However…I recently started reading while doing the elliptical, and it’s been a GAME CHANGER for me!  I LOVE to read, but once I had Maya I “never had time” . I felt too guilty sitting on the couch reading, so I was lucky if I read for 15 min at night before bed.  Now, I take my Kindle to the gym (or you can do the Kindle app on your phone if your eyesight allows ha!), and I’m reading again!  It’s such a nice escape!  Sometimes I’ll stay on extra long or go sit on the bike after if I’m at a good part in my book!  I’m sure the same would apply to audio books, but I just haven’t tried them yet.  Audio books would be GREAT for outdoor running or walking!
  7. Buy some cute/weather appropriate workout clothing.  Ok.  I know that the cute part might sound silly, BUT…whatever!  When I have cute work out gear, I feel better!  Oh, and if it’s flattering and sucks you in….EVEN BETTER!  It might sound gross to some, but I still buy all my work out gear at thrift stores or eBay.  Wash it on “sanitize” mode, and get over it!!  You get it at a fraction of the cost, and you feel and look great!  I get Lululemon pants for sometimes less than $10!  My average is less than $20!  Average for a jacket is $25!  And let’s be honest…there’s some CUTE workout gear out there now!!  SO…if you happen to wear it all day (I mean…I miiiiiiiight on occasion! ;)) you still feel cute!  Same for kids!  I said before, but I get Maya North Face jackets all the time for less than $10, and on eBay, I’ve been scoring her Ivviva (Lululemon’s kids line) for $10 or less.

I can add to this later, but would love to hear ideas that you have for staying fit!

On me…

Top- Lululemon (thrited for $14, similar here)
Pants- Lululemon “In the Flow” ($15 on eBay, similar here)
Shoes- New Balance “Fresh Foam Zante” (purchased through Joe’s New Balance)
On Maya…
Jacket- Ivivva “Live to Move” ($8 on eBay, but similar here)
Pants- Ivviva “Rythmic Crop” ($10 eBay)
Shoes- New Balance (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
It should first be noted that we took these pictures AFTER our actual morning walk.
Had I taken a shower…nope.
I’d always imagined I’d take these pictures with a perfectly curled pony tail, and I wouldn’t be in the midsts of my stress eating/drinking super busy work time, but…let’s be real.
SO…I put on a pair of Lululemon compression leggings.  Which they don’t seem to offer anymore??!!!  TRAGEDY!  Do yourself a favor and eBay “In the Flow” and BUY A PAIR!  They look so bizarre not on, but they are AMAZING!  High rise to suck you in all over!
Um, never mind.  This is just me normal…
So….while we do go for walks/runs every Sunday, I don’t bring my camera!  I take lots of iPhone pics of our walks usually documented in our Instagram Stories!  The other day we went BACK out after our walk and just grabbed a few pics with the tripod (shown above).
Here’s a hilarious video of the timer going off surprising us, and us just running back and forth hoping to get a shot or two haha.  It should be noted that it was warmer in the morning when we took our walk, and then went down to 45 degrees later when we took these.  SO…it was a get it in one try shoot!  And…I love the shots we got!!  Honestly, we are usually running and laughing anyways, so it’s a totally true depiction!
Here’s us turning around for another go!  Not even remotely in focus, because I had set the focus point way ahead of this, but…who cares!  I love it!
Here’s a few iPhone pics from the past few Sunday’s walks.
She literally says all the time that she wants to start a dog walking business.  She literally stops for every dog “Can I pet your dog?”  FYI…this is not our dog!
haha!  We meet a lot of nice people… 🙂
Oh, and btw, this is the jacket Maya was wearing above.  It was the same day, but the jacket is reversible!
When the tide is out, we go down and play on the beach.
FYI, North Face Jacket, Ivviva Pants, and Puma Sneakers all thrifted… Another compelling reason to get outside…this view!
Oh, and she’s wearing the 32 degree top here AND a REVERSIBLE Patagonia down jacket that was….$2.50!!!  WHAAAAAT?!  It had some stains, but a night in Oxyclean, and one side is now stain free!   The other side has a stain under an arm!
Even in the rain.  REI rain jacket…less than $5 at the thriftstore!  Sadlly…the shoes aren’t waterproof, but also thrifted, so…
And yes, she usually brings along a toy, and YES, she rain with this!!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Snow Day!

 We don’t get snow every year, so when we do, it’s pretty exciting!  This was our second snow of the year, and it was coming down in big fluffy flakes ALL DAY!

SO PRETTY!blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-1 blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-2 Finally captured her gap toothed smile!  She lost two of her bottom teeth last month, and is there anything cuter than a gap toothed smile??!  Not much…blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-3 blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-4blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-sorel-tofino-boots-1In my defense…It’s really hard to catch air when you are lifting your toddler up haha.blog-sorel-tofino-and-snow-countess-bootsAnd…here’s that adorable smile again!!blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-1 blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-2 blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-3 This is the 3rd year in a row that she’s worn this jacket!!  It is SO well made!  I saw it at a thrift store for (I think) $15, and actually put it back as being too expensive.  As I was halfway home (the particular thrift store is about 30-45 min away from my house), I called my thrifting friend who lives right by the store and asked her to check if it was still there if she was going in there soon.  She did, and it was!  SO GLAD!!  It was a little big on her the first year, fit her perfectly last year, and perfectly still this year!  I may even see if it still fits next year hahaha.blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-4Pure joy… 🙂blog-obermeyer-skiter-suit-sorel-snow-countess-boots-1 blog-obermeyer-skiter-suit-sorel-snow-countess-boots-2 blog-obermeyer-skiter-suit-sorel-snow-countess-boots-3A neighborhood dad helped them make this guy.  They were so proud!

Can you SEE all the snow coming down?!!!

On me…

Hat- H&M (Old)
Jacket- Joe’s Jeans (eBay $37-kid of a splurge haha, similar here)
Jeans- Joe’s Jeans (thrifted, similar here)
Boots- Sorel “Tofino” (old, similar color here)
On Maya…
Hat- H&M (Old)
Jacket- Mini A Ture (thrifted, but similar here)
Jeans- Gap Kids (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Sorel “Snow Countess” (thrifted for $4.50!!, but similar here)
And then…
SnowSuit- Obermeyer “Skiter Suit” (thrifted for $7!!, but similar here)
Boots- Sorel “Snow Countess” (thrifted for $4.50!!, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
Let’s just say that she wanted to keep my nose warm… 😉
blog-outtake-1 Coming down from our attempted jump haha.blog-outtake-2
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Thrifted Crop Flare Overalls (!!!) + Twirl Dresses Forever {and another Low Tide Adventure}

 I will always love overalls!  I think I actually owned this pair in a couple of colors back in the 90’s!  I just recently thrifted them for $6, so I have no idea from what era they originate.  I love that they are a little cropped (not sure if they are supposed to be??), and they are beyond comfy!Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-1 Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-2 Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-3 Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-4 Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-5 Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-6 Blog Gap Crop Flare Overalls Gold Salt Water Sandals-7I’m not 100% sure how I found Crew & Lu, but I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while now.  Uyen is freaking hysterical, and she makes the most adorable clothing!!  A few weeks ago, she had 60% off almost her entire inventory, and I jumped at the chance to get a few things for Maya.

When we opened the box, Maya “Ooooohed and aaaaaaahed!”  She kept saying “Oh, THANK YOU MOMMY!  These are amazing!”  I may have gotten a couple of dresses… 🙂Blog Crew and Lu Cloud Grey Everyday Dress Salt Water Sandals -1 LOVE the back on this dress!!Blog Crew and Lu Cloud Grey Everyday Dress Salt Water Sandals -2And the twirl factor is off the charts.  A total win in Maya’s book 😉 Blog Crew and Lu Cloud Grey Everyday Dress Salt Water Sandals -3 Blog Crew and Lu Cloud Grey Everyday Dress Salt Water Sandals -4 Blog Crew and Lu Cloud Grey Everyday Dress Salt Water Sandals -5

On me…

Overalls- Gap (thrifted, similar here and here)

Sandals- Salt Water Sandals

On Maya…
Dress- Crew & Lu (sold out, but so many other cute dresses)
Keeping it Real…
Normally when we go to the beach, she just runs, plays, FALLS, and splashes around.  She was so nervous about getting her dress dirty though that she kept holding it up.
Thankfully, she had her swim suit on underneath 😉Blog Outtake
(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Twinning in Levi’s Cut offs…and another low tide :)

 I’ve been feeling a little down lately.  There are a number of small little factors adding up, but one of them is that we aren’t able to do as many outings lately for a number of reasons.  I really miss them!!

And creatively, I miss taking pictures for ME…of US.  I miss the fun we have (not that we aren’t still having fun!), but I really miss being able to document that fun.

Anyways, enough about that!  But be forewarned.  Since the outings are fewer and far between, I took a TON of pictures haha.  Trust me, this post could have been even longer!!Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-1 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-2Getting her to come to me when there’s all the open space from low tide, is practically impossible!  Although, I tried to take a bunch while I was holding her, but my remote trigger was acting up-GRRR! Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-3 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-4 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-5Our shoes didn’t stay on long 🙂 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-6And, she’s OFF! Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-7 LOVE this next one!!Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-8 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-9 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-10 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-11hahaha. Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-12 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-13- Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-13 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-14 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-15 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-16 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-17I had to get in the water for this shot, and let me tell you.  The water was COLD!!! Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-18 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-19 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-20 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-21 Blog Levi Cut Offs The LB Brand Dear Big Me-22

On me…

Top- Monrow (thrifted)
Jeans- Levi’s 501 (purchased 20+ years ago and DIY cut off, similar here)
On Maya…
Top- The LB Brand “Dear Big Me” (tee version here)
Jeans- DIY Levi’s Cutoff  (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
So, my remote trigger (MY 3RD ONE!!!) wasn’t working about 5  minutes in.  I’m really hoping the batteries are just going out.  I haven’t had time to test it again.  I had to hold it pointing at my camera, which I shouldn’t have to do.  I had to Photoshop it out of my hand in the first shot 😦
Oh, and my face?  hahaha.
Blog Outtake
(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))