Snow Day!

 We don’t get snow every year, so when we do, it’s pretty exciting!  This was our second snow of the year, and it was coming down in big fluffy flakes ALL DAY!

SO PRETTY!blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-1 blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-2 Finally captured her gap toothed smile!  She lost two of her bottom teeth last month, and is there anything cuter than a gap toothed smile??!  Not much…blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-3 blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-4blog-mini-a-ture-joes-jeans-winter-jacket-sorel-tofino-boots-1In my defense…It’s really hard to catch air when you are lifting your toddler up…here’s that adorable smile again!!blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-1 blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-2 blog-mini-a-ture-snow-jacket-3 This is the 3rd year in a row that she’s worn this jacket!!  It is SO well made!  I saw it at a thrift store for (I think) $15, and actually put it back as being too expensive.  As I was halfway home (the particular thrift store is about 30-45 min away from my house), I called my thrifting friend who lives right by the store and asked her to check if it was still there if she was going in there soon.  She did, and it was!  SO GLAD!!  It was a little big on her the first year, fit her perfectly last year, and perfectly still this year!  I may even see if it still fits next year joy… 🙂blog-obermeyer-skiter-suit-sorel-snow-countess-boots-1 blog-obermeyer-skiter-suit-sorel-snow-countess-boots-2 blog-obermeyer-skiter-suit-sorel-snow-countess-boots-3A neighborhood dad helped them make this guy.  They were so proud!

Can you SEE all the snow coming down?!!!

On me…

Hat- H&M (Old)
Jacket- Joe’s Jeans (eBay $37-kid of a splurge haha, similar here)
Jeans- Joe’s Jeans (thrifted, similar here)
Boots- Sorel “Tofino” (old, similar color here)
On Maya…
Hat- H&M (Old)
Jacket- Mini A Ture (thrifted, but similar here)
Jeans- Gap Kids (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Sorel “Snow Countess” (thrifted for $4.50!!, but similar here)
And then…
SnowSuit- Obermeyer “Skiter Suit” (thrifted for $7!!, but similar here)
Boots- Sorel “Snow Countess” (thrifted for $4.50!!, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
Let’s just say that she wanted to keep my nose warm… 😉
blog-outtake-1 Coming down from our attempted jump
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


2 thoughts on “Snow Day!

    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you Leyla! I’ve been going through serious withdrawals from blogging, and I HAD to blog these! I’m hoping to find the time and inspiration get back in the groove.

      Hope you guys have a good weekend!



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