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Remlinger Farms “Fall Harvest Festival” | For Maya’s 5th Birthday

We went to Remlinger Farms for Maya’s 4th birthday last year (SO fun looking back on those pics!!), and we had such a good time that we went back again a few weeks later!

This year, I asked her…

“Would you rather have a birthday party with all your friends, or go back to Remlinger Farms with family?”

She chose Remlinger Farms with family again-YAY!!

I was a little nervous if she would have as much fun as she did the year before.  I shouldn’t have been worried… 🙂
blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-1 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-2 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-3 She freaking LOVES this ride!!  I think this might be the last year she can go on it, which is sooooo sad!blog-remlinger-farms-x2blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-4 Although, the best part for her was having her big cousin there again!blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-5 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-6 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-7 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-8 OMG, dying over Houston and Charlie’s face hahaha.blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-9 And…Maya’s face here-HA!  What you can’t quite see (except by my sister in laws swirling hair!!!) is that this little ride was spinning around SO FAST!  I actually had to look away, because I was getting nauseous… Obviously, I didn’t volunteer to go on this one with her!blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-10 The family that rock climbs together…blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-11 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-12 My dad got this one of me 🙂  Not going to lie.  I was shaking for a little while after this.  I don’t recommend rock climbing in Frye boots haha 🙂blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-13 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-14 Gah.  How cute would it be to have this every year!  Charlie didn’t come with us last year, and I’m not sure she’ll chose this over a party again next year… 😦blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-15 I wanted to get a family picture in front of this, but the kids vanished…

So, my sister in law kindly got this one 🙂blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-16 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-17 The train was the only thing we didn’t do last year, so we wanted to make sure we got on.  It was perfect timing too, because it started to rain right before we got on!

DYING…blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-18 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-19 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-20 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-21 Are you kidding me?blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-22 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-23Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

See Maya’s 5th birthday “Black Balloon Shoot” here. 🙂

Keeping it Real…

Note to self.  Don’t try and “grab a quick family picture” at the end of the day when it’s just started raining…

As an fyi, I’m 5’8″ but look tiny next to Charlie haha!blog-outtake-1 Because…someone was TUCKERED OUT!blog-outtake-2

Believe….I Can Do That.

This has been ingrained in me ever since I was little.  It has helped me accomplish a lot of things in life, simply because…I believed I could do that.  Some of that was because I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do what I wanted, but once you have that mindset, I truly believe anything is possible… It’s so important to me, that I actually have it tattooed on the inside of my arm.  What better message could I have Maya see on the daily?

I’ve been debating how personal I wanted to make this post.  I try and keep things pretty light and fun, mainly because I want Maya to look back on this, and have a reminder of how much fun we had.  Well…the last 6 months or so have not been light and fun.  It’s been one major thing after another stresswise.  I remember one night, my husband and I were sitting on the couch having a glass of wine and we started laughing at the absurdity of it all.  Like….is THIS it??!!  Have we turned the corner YET??  Well, on a few things, yes.  On some others, not quite yet.

ALL THAT TO SAY…I have not been as healthy as I normally like to be.  Some people don’t eat in times of stress, but that is NOT me!!  I still have been working out 4-5 days a week (hello, stress reliever!!), but if I wasn’t…I’d for sure be 15-20 lbs heavier vs only 5.  I’ve been eating a lot more junk, snacking way more than normal, and drinking more than I should…

Well, I’ve had it.  It’s not the weight so much, because really…I go up and down 5 lbs even when I’m not stressed 🙂  I’m so tired of being exhausted all the time, my stomach not feeling so great, and waking up puffy and bloated… I started thinking about doing a juice cleanse.  I’m not even sure I’d have the willpower to do a full cleanse, but I thought maybe I’d sub in some healthy juice for all the crappy snacking I was doing!  I looked into a few different companies, but started getting overwhelmed with options.

I kid you not.  A few weeks later I was contacted by Suja Juice!  They asked if I’d be interested in trying some of their juices!!  Um, hello universe!!  You sure do work in mysterious ways.  I couldn’t believe the timing!  They were ridiculously generous, and sent me a lot of YUMMY juices to try.  Previously, I’ve always been against drinking juice, because it seemed like empty calories.  I’d rather just eat the fruit!!  BUT…there are so many delicious fruits, vegetables, and nutrients packed into these, that I didn’t feel guilty at all.

SO…I’m determined.  I am going to get my diet and health back on track.  And I don’t mean I’m going on a diet.  I just want to feel good again!  I want to have energy!  I can totally do that!! 🙂

This one, Uber Greens has Uber Greens– cucumber, celery, grapefruit, green chard, green leaf lettuce, lemon, kale, spinach, parsley, peppermint tea & spearmint tea!!  And…it’s only 50 calories!  It was totally refreshing, and I felt great after drinking it. Blog Suja Juice Dit-Elle-1 This one was one of my favorites!!  Twilight Protein.  It’s more like yummy smoothie!!  The added protein is great if you work out, or even if you don’t! 😉Blog Suja Juice Dit-Elle-2I’m not going to list them all…  Truth be told, there was one “Greens” drink that I had to make myself choke down.  Hey…all in the name of honesty, right??  BUT…this Berry Goodness, was just that.  YUM! Blog Suja Juice Dit-Elle-3SO…. I thought I might hold myself more accountable if I put this out there.  I’m determined to get back on track, and I can’t thank Suja Juice enough for giving me some tools to make that happen!!  They didn’t ask me to write this post, and if all the juices had been horrible or gave me a stomach ache, I absolutely wouldn’t be singing their praise!!

I’m still totally new to working juices into my diet, so I’d love to hear from anyone who has done it successfully!!

(all pictures taken with a tripod and remote shutter release by me :))dit-elle-Lauren

Staying Fit as a Mom…

Gosh…now, there’s a title!!

Before I became a mom, I heard and saw so many tales of things that frankly…scared the crap out of me!!

I’m going to gain a bunch of weight?  I’ll have a bunch of stretch marks?  I won’t have time or energy to work out afterwards?  I will live in yoga pants (but damnit they’ll be CUTE!! ;}) and yearn for the days of my youth when I dressed up, actually wore make up, and looked good everyday?!!!

YES!!!!  Those things are all true.  And….yet, NO, they don’t have to be!!!Sir John Lubbock QuoteGosh, this is so true for SO many things!!

For Me.  I don’t really make the time to do my hair, make up, or nails.  When I do, it’s a total luxury.  And, truth be told.  I wish I had time to cook amazing meals for my family every night.  Let’s be honest.  I could…if it was important to me.  BUT, I usually throw together the same 5 things on repeat, and only branch out now and then (and obviously blog about it when I do haha!).


Here’s my top 5 ways I stay healthy.

  1. Food.  I try and keep to an 80/20 rule.  Ok…70/30, but maaaaybe 60/40 sometimes. ;} Try to keep the healthy eating to a majority.  For me, if I go to too much of an extreme, I give up.  Then…I go off the deep end in the other direction.  I have MAD RESPECT for all of you that strictly stick to Whole30, any kind of cleanse, or other diets.  I think the most important thing is listening to YOUR body, and what’s best for YOU!  But, if you want it to be a way of life vs a diet, I strongly recommend some leeway for things here and there, unless of course it’s a health concern or allergy!
  1. Do not weigh yourself every day, BUT do weigh yourself once a week.  Yes, muscle weighs more than fat.  And yes, SALT can make the scale say you gained a &^%$ ton of weight!!  BUT…if you try and limit it to once a week.  You will have a gauge.  For me, I can talk myself into it being all good by squeezing into my favorite stretchy jeans, when I KNOW that it hasn’t.  So, I need to have a little check in to catch myself.  I try and give my self a 5 lb swing.  When I get over that 5 lbs, that’s when I know I have to button down the hatches and get back on track.  And to be real.  I go up and down those 5 lbs all the time.

3.  Join a gym that has FREE child care!!  I should have made this #1, because….DUH!!  FREE CHILD CARE!!!  We became members of the YMCA about a year ago, and it was the BEST THING WE’VE EVER DONE!!!  Ok, that might be a sliiiiiight exageration, BUT….FREE CHILD CARE!!  For…TWO HOURS!!  Where your kid runs around on amazing fun equipment, does CRAFTS!!!, and plays with kids their age….all the while, YOU get to work out, OR…shower (UNINTERUPTED!), OR…work on your laptop in the lobby, OR…just sit and stretch all the while coasting on social media, that you never have time for otherwise ;}  Have I totally given you a glimpse of my life??  YES I HAVE!  (If you don’t have the money for a gym membership, there are SO many at home videos or workouts on Pinterest that you can do from home)  Then, your kids can SEE you working out, and it shows them how important it is.


4. When Maya was smaller, I wore her all the time.  My Ergo was my best friend.  I had a C-Section, so working out was a no go for a while.  So…I wore her, and I walked.  It was amazing.  I got out of the house-YAY!  I had her next to me-YAY!  She got fresh air-YAY!  And I burned a lot of calories while doing something that I loved, that wasn’t overly exerting.  It had me spending time with my daughter, oh and I usually went with my parents or friends.  More time spent with family and friends is a total win and a luxury when you’re a busy parent!

5.  Get some cute work out clothes.  Ok, that might just be me, but if you are looking at this blog, then it’s most likely you too!!  I swear when I have a cute outfit on, I feel better!  If that makes me shallow, then…well, there you go.  It’s no secret that I buy the majority of my clothing at thrift stores, on eBay, on ThredUP, or my local consignment stores.  You do NOT have to spend a ton of money on work out clothing.  And if it creeps you out.  Wash it on sanitize.  It’s NO different.  Get over it, and look cute!  On someone else’s dime 😉

Fitness and trying to stay healthy is important to both Esther and I.  We might start doing a few posts here and there about it.  Would that interest anyone?  We ABSOLUTELY welcome comments on how YOU fit everything in and stay healthy and fit as a mom!  Or, if you have any questions, fire away!!

For more fitness inspiration, check out Esther’s Post on how she went from not really “getting” yoga, to getting totally hooked on  Hot Yoga from yesterday!dit-elle-Lauren