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Happy Halloween!! (2017)

There’s a dragon on the loose!! I honestly felt bad that I didn’t do more of a DIY costume this year, but Maya saw this mask and tail at Goodwill, and it was game over.

Honestly, I didn’t have time to make anything this year, so in a way I was relieved.  Last year’s DIY costume (OMG, is it possible that I didn’t BLOG IT?!!) was super fun, but wow…time consuming and a bit stressful.  Houston took her over to my In Laws early so they could see her in her costume.  Probably the only actual people to see her since she will be wearing a super warm jacket tonight! Every Part of her costume was thrifted.

On Maya…
Leotard- Bloch (thrifted)
Skirt- Hanna Andersson  (thrifted)
Sequined Leggings- A Children’s Place
Boots- Timberland

Mask , Tail, and Wings- Goodwill



Remlinger Farms “Fall Harvest Festival” | For Maya’s 5th Birthday

We went to Remlinger Farms for Maya’s 4th birthday last year (SO fun looking back on those pics!!), and we had such a good time that we went back again a few weeks later!

This year, I asked her…

“Would you rather have a birthday party with all your friends, or go back to Remlinger Farms with family?”

She chose Remlinger Farms with family again-YAY!!

I was a little nervous if she would have as much fun as she did the year before.  I shouldn’t have been worried… 🙂
blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-1 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-2 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-3 She freaking LOVES this ride!!  I think this might be the last year she can go on it, which is sooooo sad!blog-remlinger-farms-x2blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-4 Although, the best part for her was having her big cousin there again!blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-5 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-6 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-7 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-8 OMG, dying over Houston and Charlie’s face hahaha.blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-9 And…Maya’s face here-HA!  What you can’t quite see (except by my sister in laws swirling hair!!!) is that this little ride was spinning around SO FAST!  I actually had to look away, because I was getting nauseous… Obviously, I didn’t volunteer to go on this one with her!blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-10 The family that rock climbs together…blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-11 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-12 My dad got this one of me 🙂  Not going to lie.  I was shaking for a little while after this.  I don’t recommend rock climbing in Frye boots haha 🙂blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-13 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-14 Gah.  How cute would it be to have this every year!  Charlie didn’t come with us last year, and I’m not sure she’ll chose this over a party again next year… 😦blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-15 I wanted to get a family picture in front of this, but the kids vanished…

So, my sister in law kindly got this one 🙂blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-16 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-17 The train was the only thing we didn’t do last year, so we wanted to make sure we got on.  It was perfect timing too, because it started to rain right before we got on!

DYING…blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-18 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-19 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-20 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-21 Are you kidding me?blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-22 blog-remlinger-farms-mayas-5th-birthday-23Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

See Maya’s 5th birthday “Black Balloon Shoot” here. 🙂

Keeping it Real…

Note to self.  Don’t try and “grab a quick family picture” at the end of the day when it’s just started raining…

As an fyi, I’m 5’8″ but look tiny next to Charlie haha!blog-outtake-1 Because…someone was TUCKERED OUT!blog-outtake-2