Remlinger Farm // Fall Harvest Festival // Maya’s Birthday recap!

I feel like the worst mom ever around Maya’s birthday.  It’s my busiest time at work, so the thought of planning/organizing a party, or planning anything for that matter just stresses me out. ;{  We always have a family BBQ, but I wanted to do something extra fun for her this year that didn’t involve a lot of planning on my part…

Insert Remlinger Farm Fall Harvest Festival!!

We got there right when they opened at 9:30 am, but the actual entertainment part of the festival didn’t open until 10, so we just walked around the property for a little bit and looked around the Farm Market.  I’m soooooo glad we got their early, because we basically just walked up to every single ride and got on.

Maya was in HEAVEN!!!!!Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-1 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-2 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-3 I mean, if this doesn’t personify pure joy I don’t know what does!!  The entire time she had a smile plastered to her face.Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-4 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-5 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-6 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-7 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-8 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-9 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-10 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-11Not going to lie.  I was too scared to feed them haha. Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-12My sister in law and niece met us out there.  🙂Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-13 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-14No, I could not believe she wanted to go on this.  She LOVED IT!!  It actually gets going pretty fast! Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-15 My dad took a hilarious video of this.  You get to control how fast you spin.  The Huz kept asking her.  “Do you want to go faster?  Are you too dizzy??”  Nope, they SPUN AWAY!!  I felt a little nauseous watching it!Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-16 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-17 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-18 Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-19Then, as we left, we got to grab free pumpkins! Blog Remilinger Farm Fall Festival-20I can’t even 🙂

This so epitomizes everything Maya. Pink tutu, singing her brains out into a bedazzled microphone (both courtesy of her amazing Aunt)  And of course, holding onto her rainbow unicorn. DYING!!! 😍

Pretty much the opposite of the the leather jacket, jeans, and boots I put her in earlier 😏

Blog Party-1She’s been super into coloring lately, and literally spent a few hours coloring after everyone left!! Blog Party-2Happiest of birthdays to you, my sweet Maya!

Love you more than you could ever imagine!


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