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Sweet Potato, Carrot, Onion Hash

Truth be told, these started out in my mind as pancakes (clearly that didn’t happen!).  I’m not really sure they are a “hash”, but I couldn’t think of a good name for them.  They reminded me of the consistency of polenta, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone any more than I already was haha.

Whatever it ended up being still tasted really good, so it all worked out in the end 😉

I like that the carrots and onions add some additional nutrients/health benefits, and the eggs add a little protein!Blog Whole30 Paleo Sweet Potato Carrot Onion Mash-1 Blog Whole30 Paleo Sweet Potato Carrot Onion Mash-2What you need… (would feed 4-6 people)

  • One Large Sweet Potato
  • 1 medium onion
  • Handful of baby carrots (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon crushed garlic
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil (or oil of your choosing)

What to do…

Blog Whole30 Paleo Sweet Potato Carrot Onion Mash-3

  • Chop up  your sweet potato, onion, and carrots, and toss them into a Cuisinart.  Pulse until all finely diced.  Maya LOVES this part, and it’s an easy way to get your child involved in the  process 🙂
  • Whisk eggs and garlic together and add into the Cuisinart.  Pulsing a few more times, and scraping down the edges to blend.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • In a large frying pan, heat oil until nice and hot.
  • Pour mixture into pan (I had to do it in two batches).  Wait until it gets nice and brown before flipping.  I loved the crispy parts in there!
  • Honestly, I made 4 little pancakes the first batch and attempted to keep them in tact.  They fell apart, so I just mixed them together in the end…Blog Whole30 Paleo Sweet Potato Carrot Onion Mash-4I served it with fish and a variation of my staple Mango Avocado Salad, and it was yummy!  I think it would be amazing with a fried egg and avocado too for brunch!  Really, the possibilities are endless 😉


Bacon Avocado Chipotle Sweet Potato Burger

Bacon avocado chipotle sauce sweet potato burger with asparagus!? What? Yes! Because all of these flavors are awesome together and this is a fabulous paleo dinner!

When I first went strict gluten free years ago because of a severe allergy (and I avoid most grains and legumes for health reasons) I had no idea how I would “survive without bread”. I loved it and flour and gluten is in “everything”! Well, I’ve learned a lot about gluten free and paleo cooking over the years, was in part inspiration for this blog with Lauren, and this is just one example of how a burger can be totally delicious.. without the bun and with more veggies! Enjoy. 🙂

paleo bacon avocado sweetpotato burger blog (2)paleo bacon avocado sweetpotato burger blog (1)IMG_1546


  • Hamburgers (fried or grilled)
  • Bacon strips (cooked)
  • Sweet potato rounds (peel potatoes, slice in 1/2 rounds, bake on oiled baking pan for ~20 minutes
  • Avocado slices
  • Chipotle sauce (1/4 cup mayo + 1/2 tsp taco or chipotle spice whisked together and refrigerated until ready to use)
  • Fresh steamed or grilled asparagus


  • Stack items as desired, smother in the chipotle sauce and serve!
  • Enjoy with a chilled beverage, my favorite is pear or apple cider! 🙂



Sweet Potato Hash with Spinach and Eggs

Good morning! Sweet potatoes, sausage, egg and greens tossed in a skillet makes an excellent breakfast. There are a few steps, so this is a great weekend breakfast to make during that first cup or two of coffee. 😉 Paleo, gluten free, and wonderful served with fresh fruit or berries!

yam spinach egg hash blog (3) yam spinach egg hash blog (2) yam spinach egg hash blog (1)


  • 2 tablespoons high-heat oil, divided
  • 1 pound fresh sausage (optional)
  • 1/2 onion, thinly sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 1/2 pounds garnet or jewel yams, or sweet potatoes, scrubbed and cut into 1/2-inch cubes
  • 1 bunch spinach or kale, tough stems removed and leaves chopped
  • Salt, black pepper, and/or red chili flakes to taste
  • 4 eggs


  • Heat 1 tablespoon oil in skillet over medium-high heat. Add sausage (if using); crumble and cook until no longer pink. Add onion, garlic and cook until onion is soft, 5 to 7 minutes. Remove mixture from pan.
  • Heat remaining oil in skillet and add yams. Cook until golden and tender, stirring occasionally, about 20 minutes. Return sausage mixture to the skillet. Stir in spinach or kale and toss with potatoes and meat. Now, using a spoon, make 4 shallow indentations in the hash and crack 1 egg into each indentation. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and cook until whites are set, 8 to 10 minutes. Serve immediately.
  • Enjoy!

Thanks PCC Natural Markets for the inspiration (modified and shortened recipe from the original and it was still great)!


Sweet Potato, Sausage and Kale Soup

It’s been rainy and damp this past week, so this soup seemed like a great dish – the sweetness of the sausage and sweet potatoes balance out the kale in a delicious way. Hot steamy bowl anyone? This recipe makes a large batch and freezes very well!

Blog sausage kale sweet potato soup 1 Blog sausage kale sweet potato soup 2


  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 4 cups chopped onion (about 2 large)
  • 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
  • 6 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 1 lb sweet turkey or chicken Italian sausage
  • 8 c. coarsely chopped peeled sweet potatoes (~2 lbs)
  • 5 c. water
  • 4 c. chicken broth
  • 1 bunch kale, rinsed and chopped
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • Salt / pepper to taste


  • Heat oil in large pot, add onion and sauté for 5 minutes
  • Add garlic, salt & pepper (if desired) and sauté for a minute
  • Remove casings from sausage and add sausage to pan
  • Cook 5 minutes or until sausage is lightly browned, stirring to crumble
  • Add potato, water and broth and bring to a boil
  • Reduce heat and simmer for ~8 minutes
  • Gradually add kale, cook another 10 minutes or until tender
  • Season with salt/pepper as needed
  • Makes 10 servings


Grilled Chicken, Sweet Pototato, and Onion with Basil Guacamole // Paleo // Whole30

Here’s another super simple healthy Paleo and Whole30 recipe for you.  I don’t know why, but I always feel so bada$$ when I grill on my own!  Am I the only female that feels that way?  Sounds totally sexist, but usually it’s such a nice excuse not to cook break to have the Huz do the grilling.  It’s so easy, less dishes to cook, and I swear everything tastes better off the grill… This dinner was no exception!Blog BBQ Paleo Whole30 Chicken Sweet Potato Grilled Onion with Basil Guacamole-1Ingredients (Would serve 4)

For the Guacamole

  • 10 grape tomatoes (cut in half)
  • 1 large avocados
  • 1 inch cut of red onion
  • Salt and pepper to to taste
  • 5 Fresh Basil Leaves // Honestly, I didn’t have any cilantro, so I used basil (I had it) and LOVE the change of flavor from the usual guacamole!
  • Sea salt and Pepper to taste

Pulse all this in a Cuisinart or blender until chunky.

For the BBQ

  • 1 large sweet onion
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 2 Sweet Potatoes cut in half
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Dried Rosemary


  • Light your grill to medium heat
  • Cut the sweet potato in half and pierce with a fork, lightly coat with Olive Oil, S&P, and dried rosemary.
  • Once preheated, Place Sweet Potatoes on the grill first, because they take longer to cook.  Make sure they cook for 15 minutes before you add other items to grill.  I placed them directly on the grill-no tinfoil.
  • Lightly coat chicken in olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, pepper, and rosemary.  Set aside.
  • Peel and cut the onion into 4ths (about 3/4″ slices), then lightly coat with olive oil, S&P, and rosemary
  • Once sweet potato has cooked for 15, add chicken and onion.  Cook both of those for 8-10 on each side (depending on size of the chicken)
  • Layer sweet potato, guacamole, chicken, a little more quacamole, with onion on the side.