Family Pictures…didn’t think they were happening for 2015

 And then…a holiday miracle was bestowed upon me!!  My brother decided to come up and visit this last weekend, and it was pretty much instantly decided between me and my mom-FAMILY PICTURES!!!

We had all been to Maui over the summer for my parents 45th wedding anniversary (a couple posts can be seen here and here), yet due to all the various activities with 3 families the only picture we got of ALL of us was one taken by a waiter at one of our family dinners :{  I even brought my tripod!!!  It never saw the light of day though…sigh.

And don’t get me started on my immediate family.  With a teenager that works while also taking college courses, another teenager who is in high school and sports year round, a husband who travels half the week, and me who works on the weekends…oh, and rainy Seattle.  Our family pictures had just fallen by the wayside this year…

And…I’m not going to lie.  I was bummed.

And then…it happened!

My mom got these of me…Blog StyleMint Scarf Joie Tambrel Sweater DL1961 Emma Lola Keim Booties-1Yup.  Every once in a while, I call to my daughter like she’s a dog 😉Blog StyleMint Scarf Joie Tambrel Sweater DL1961 Emma Lola Keim Booties-1-And then…Because she needed a little warming up, and me being a monster seemed appropriate ha!  THIS is what family pictures really consist of haha 🙂Blog StyleMint Scarf Joie Tambrel Sweater DL1961 Emma Lola Keim Booties-2 Blog StyleMint Scarf Joie Tambrel Sweater DL1961 Emma-3 Blog StyleMint Scarf Joie Tambrel Sweater DL1961 Emma-4 Blog StyleMint Scarf Joie Tambrel Sweater DL1961 Emma-5In another post, I’ll show how cute these boots are!  I found them for $4, and then later realized they retailed for over $100!  SAY WHAT?!!Blog Gap Kids Jean Jacket SweetLukaMo Forest Native Dress Naturino Boots-1Seriously, DYING!!!  Her dress….it’s the PERFECT twirl dress, which she happily did all around our house.  In the cold with a bunch of layers…not so much.  Thankfully, I bought it in a size 6 hahaha.  SO…be prepared to see this dress and another one just like it a LOT!  SO CUTE! Blog Gap Kids Jean Jacket SweetLukaMo Forest Native Dress Naturino Boots-2And, because it’s rare to get the Huz in some pics…Blog Family Pics 2015-1 Blog Family Pics 2015-2 Maya CANNOT handle people getting their pictures taken without her.  I got 1 shot of my parents before she photobombed them!  Yet, on the way there her exact words were

“I don’t want to be in the pictures, NO WAY!  I’ll just hide behind you.”  Oh boy…and yet, I’ll happily be photobombed!!Blog Family Pics 2015-3 And then!!!  Honestly, I always think “All I need is ONE!!”Blog Family Pics 2015-4 But we got a couple of super cute ones!Blog Family Pics 2015-5 THANKS MOM!!Blog Family Pics 2015-6And then, I had to get a few of the kids, because…are you kidding me??? Blog Family Pics 2015-7I can’t even handle this… Blog Family Pics 2015-8On me…

Sweater- Joie “Tambrel” (eBay, other color here)
Scarf- StyleMint (old, on the cheap similar here)
Jeans- DL1961 Emma in “Cellar” (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Lola Keim (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Jacket- GapKids (thrifted, but similar here)
Sweater- Old Navy (thrifted, similar here)
Boots- Naturino (thrifted for $4!!, but similar here or different colors here)
Keeping it Real…
I’m still not getting my act together to send out a CARD this year, and I’m trying to still absolve myself of that.  I could send a Happy New Year’s Card, and honestly, I made one up.  BUT…there’s still the addressing and stamping, and I’m still behind on so many client’s stuff, so…this year.  It’s not going to happen.  My one big guilt is that I don’t have a massive way of telling people.  Not many of my friends or family know about this blog and Facebook is sporadic at best on sharing, but…so be it.  I’ll try and do better next year.
OH, AND!!!
You guys…for those new to the blog.  THIS happened last year, so honestly, my bar was set pretty low hahaha.  I can laugh about it now… Maya is super happy and chill as long as she doesn’t realize “PICTURES ARE BEING TAKEN!”  And, since I take most of our images with a self timer and tripod, or while she’s playing- she doesn’t get it.  Thankfully, I have a solid knowledge of Photo Shop, and took a butt tone of pictures to make sure we had ONE good image, yet…the stories are priceless.
Seriously…DYING about the Huz and Maya.  Me, Charlie, and Jackson are like “KEEP SMILING THROUGH THE MADNESS!!!!” ha!Blog outtake Family Pic 2014
(Only one of these pictures was taken with a self timer and tripod-say what?!!
All others taken by my mom or me! :))


4 thoughts on “Family Pictures…didn’t think they were happening for 2015

  1. Second City Mom

    So much of this post gave me such big smiles…you calling Maya over like a dog (I do that to Luke..hahaha), your perfect family portrait, Maya’s joy with her brothers, and you with your husband. Hey, no cards needed, just send this post to everyone and I’m sure they would enjoy it as much as I did! Happy New Year, Lauren!


    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you so much Leyla!! The only problem with sharing this link is that most of my family and friends don’t know about this blog. I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone 🙊🙈 I might post more pics without the ones of just me over on my photographyy blog though and then maybe send that! Thanks for the idea! Hope you had a great weekend! Xx Lauren


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