Maui Vacation | Day 3

I’ve always wanted to get a picture of Maya swinging from this vantage point.  Usually, I don’t bring my big camera to the park, and even if I did…I’d be pushing her.  One of the many reasons it was great to go on the vacation with my parents.  My dad pushed Maya super high (which she LOVED!), and I was able to get a shot I’ve wanted to get for a while.  This girl loooooves to swing!Blog Maui Day 3-1 Blog Maui Day 3-2That little toe drag kills me!! Blog Maui Day 3-3 Blog Maui Day 3-4Funny thing.  I actually had a different top on, but spilled something on it right before we left for dinner on the beach.  A happy accident 🙂 Blog Maui Day 3-5There was actually this snarky little boy next to us that kept throwing and kicking wet sand at us.  I kept trying to move, and he kept following us.  Maya kept saying “No thank you!!”, and then she wanted to kick sand back at him.  I almost let her… ;}  I ended up photoshopping him out, so there would just be a happy picture haha. Blog Maui Day 3-6 Blog Maui Day 3-7 Blog Maui Day 3-8 Blog Maui Day 3-9 Then…I wisened up from the prior night and made Maya change into her swimsuit.Blog Maui Day 3-10 But she kept wanting to go farther and farther out, so I told her she had to wait for me to go put my swimsuit on.  This is her pouting because she didn’t want to wait.  I guess while I was up changing she said to my mom-

“I want to cheat…”

My mom asked her what she meant, and she said she didn’t want to wait for me to come back.  She wanted to cheat and go in the water!

The teenage years are going to be fun… I’m sure my parents are thinking-

“Payback!” 😉

Blog Maui Day 3-11These swimsuits from SwimZip are SO amazing!!  Not only are they adorable, but they have SPF50!  The zip up all the way up, so there’s no wrestling the top over their heads when you put it on and take it off!  They were a life saver on this trip!  I got myself one in black 🙂Blog Maui Day 3-12One of my favorite shots from the trip!  The sunsets were UNREAL!  I’d like to take credit for editing this to make it look amazing, but my dad took this, and it’s straight from my camera with nothing done, but a little crop. Blog Maui Day 3-13And…of course we had to do one of these 😉 Blog Maui Day 3-14On me…

Top- Three Dots (similar here)
Swimsuit- J Crew (similar here)
On Maya…
Dress- Thrifted
Sandals- Saltwater “Surfer” Sandal  (thrifted for $1.50!!)
Swimsuit- SwimZip
(all pictures taken of me and Maya taken by my dad :))


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