Maui Vacation | Day 2

 Well…we finally made it!  The first day here was a little crazy, but day 2 was so good.

It started with us going to the pool.  Maya used to LOVE swimming.  She wanted to go all the time on vacation, and always wanted to go to the pool at the gym.  Then…I put her in swim lessons.  She did SO well the first day.  Even went under water and kiiiind of swam to the wall.  The instructor was so cool!  Then…they switched instructors on us, and Maya wouldn’t even get in the water.  I managed to get her to go with me on non lesson days for a few weeks and then…not at all.  She wouldn’t even get in with me.  I kept asking here and there, and her response “I’m NOT GOING SWIMMING!”  I was more than a little nervous that she would refuse to get in the water on this vacation, which would make it a loooooong 11 days…

Our first day here, we decided to just go walk by the pool.  Maya immediately said she wanted to go swimming.  REALLY??  YES!  So, the next morning we went, and I couldn’t get her out!!


I posted a little video on my personal Instagram page.

The even better part?  She passed out and took a 2.5 hour nap-whoo hoo!!

Later…I took this of her playing with her My Little Ponies…

Blog Maui 7-27-2015-1Then we met my brother and his family down on the beach. Blog Maui 7-27-2015-2 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-3She is always the happiest the minute her feet hit the sand…or don’t hit the sand 🙂 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-4 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-5Here’s a few iPhone Shots that my mom took. Blog Maui 7-27-2015-6 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-7 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-8 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-9 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-10And then my dad got these with my camera.Blog Maui 7-27-2015-11  Of course it took all of about 5 minutes for her to be completely soaked. 🙂 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-12 Blog Maui 7-27-2015-13This was after the sun had completely gone down. Blog Maui 7-27-2015-14And, another iphone shot during our picnic in the dark.  The sun sets around 7 here. Blog Maui 7-27-2015-15


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