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Crop Flared Overalls + Chasing the Golden Hour

 This park we go to while the Huz is out of town is perfect right now after dinner.  We caught the last few rays of sun before it set behind the trees, and there’s a big field where Maya can practice soccer.  I’m hoping to go back a few more times before Fall really sets in!

Oh, and I did a post about these ridiculously comfy overalls before.  Oddly, as I looked back on these images, I wonder how really flattering they are.  I mainly LOVE how comfy they are, but…whatever.blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-1 blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-2 One of my favorite images I got from this night!  Although, with this light..there were a few!blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-3 blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-4 blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-6 blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-7 blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-8 That light?!  That laughter?  Love…blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-9 blog-gap-crop-overalls-black-converse-10 It’s so funny.  I kept asking her if she wanted to blow the dandelions.  Again…it’s not our yard or our neighbor’s yard, so go at it, no?! 😉

But…she wants to just tear all the “fluff” off and then throw it!  I guess that works too 🙂blog-gapkids-chambray-dress-gray-checkered-vans-1 blog-gapkids-chambray-dress-gray-checkered-vans-2 blog-gapkids-chambray-dress-gray-checkered-vans-3 blog-gapkids-chambray-dress-gray-checkered-vans-4

On me…

Top- Patterson Kincaid (eBay)
Overalls-Gap (thrifted, similar here and here)
Shoes- Converse (thrifted)
On Maya…
Dress- GapKids (thrifted,similar here)
Leggings- GapKids (thrifted, similar here)
Shoes- Vans (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
Sometimes we laugh ourselves right out of the frame 🙂
blog-outtake-1 The downside to this park, is that a lot of people bring their dogs here to run off leash in the attached baseball field.  Maya cannot resist a dog, and always wants to run off and play with them.  Takes a little while to get her back… So, there are about a kazillion self timed shots of me caller her back haha.blog-outtake-2
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Fun with the fog…or really, just having fun :)

I have been LOVING all the fog we’ve been having here in Seattle.  It’s SO much fun to photograph!  Clients always get excited by sun (so limiting for pictures!), but fog…love it!  Some like sun flare…I like fog flare 😉

You’d think I’d want to wear vibrant colors in the haze, but no….black and gray.  My usual.Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-1 Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-2 Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-3Love that the picture on the left shows the fog rolling in, and the one on the right…it’s passed.  In a matter of minutes! Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-4Someone found her love of the self timer again.  I let her push the button and she thought it was hilarious.  Everyone (even strangers!) always says how much Maya looks like my husband, but for anyone that knows me…that is SO MY LAUGH!  Love that I captured it.  With a self timer no less 😉 Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-5 Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-6 Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-7 Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-8Um, see what I mean about the fog??! Blog Doma DL1961 JCrew Converse-9On me…

Leather Jacket- Doma (similar here and less expensive faux leather here)
Top- Addison (50% off at Shopbop!)
Jeans-DL 1961 (these are the Emma Leggings)
Shoes- Converse (similar)
On Maya…
Jeans- Gap (similar)
Top- Gap (similar)
Jacket- Circo (thrifted, but this one is so cute)

Coated denim…day to night.

You know all those weekends where you play with your kids during the day and then get to go out with your husband at night?  Yeah…me either.  However, it does happen on occasion, and a lot of times it’s a short notice offer from my parents that we jump on.  Here’s an outfit that lets you run around during the day, then swap out the shoes for night.Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-1 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-2These are so comfy, and I love the added bling of the glitter.  So not me, but fun!  I think Maya is rubbing off on me haha. Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-3 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-4 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-5 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-6 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-7Then a little bootie for night!  Haha, just reread that.  And, yes to that too 😉 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-8 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-9Funny story.  I’ve had these boots for probably 10 years!  That is the upside to buying quality leather… I used to wear them under my long bootcut jeans.  You never even saw how cute they were.  Love that it’s in fashion to let them show now!  Remember-hoarding, I mean holding onto quality classics, is good 🙂 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-10 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-11These were all done with the self timer again.  Maya was a little sad she wasn’t in them all! Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-12 Blog J Brand Agnes Coated HM Chunky Sweater-13

On me…

Sweater- H&M (On sale for $15!)
Shoes (1) – Shoes- Superga (on sale!).
Booties (2) – Paul and Joe (From Shopbop old, but fun different color here here, similar here and less expensive here)
On Maya…
Jeans-Old Navy striped skinny jeans (thrifted, but similar idea here)
Top- Children’s Place (thrifted)
Sweater- H&M (thrifted, but similar non cardigan here)
Shoes- Zulily