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Non Candy Valentines with DIY Heart Glitter Cards

Daunted by the DIY Pinterest Valentine’s Day projects that you’ve been seeing??  Yeah, I feel ya.  We made play-do last year last year, and…we had a lot of fun!!  But…this year?  I didn’t have time!!  As most of you don’t!  If you do have time?  Totally make the play do!  It’s still in our fridge a year later, smells yummy, and we still play with it!  BUT…if you want something a tad bit easier…

You can still have your preschooler/kindergartner totally involved in Valentine’s Day projects even if they aren’t totally diy!  You can make them into a diy craft by involving them in the process!  I bought all my supplies from a Dollar Tree, spent less than $7, and involved Maya in every step of the way!  She helped pick out what we should buy (at $1 each, it was easy to say yes, but admittedly afterwards, I felt like we went overboard spending $7!)

Honestly, this would be a great idea for a birthday party parting bag (at least, I think so!).  At less than $1 per kid?!!?  Yet, lots of fun an useful things…score!Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-1Two years ago, we made DIY Glitter Hearts for Valentine’s Day.  I remembered them being so easy, and that she had so much fun doing them, so we decided to not recreate the wheel.  Isn’t that the best advice ever?!!  WHY RECREATE THE WHEEL??? This year, Maya wrote her name all by herself on the back of each card.  An upgrade + Kind of a milestone! Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-2I’m including links below to pretty much the exact same thing I bought for $1 each, but if you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you and want to put something similar together from Amazon…

What you need…

For the Valentine Bags

Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card

OR…I found a pack on Amazon that was kind of similar to what I put together.

Online Pack

What to do…

  • Yes.  You could assemble all these together yourself, and just have your preschooler work on the cards, but I wanted Maya to have a little more ownership since we weren’t doing a DIY craft for the actual Valentine.  SO, we turned it into a craft
  • She laid out how many bags that were in her class and counted them out (there were 25 in the bag, so we had some left over).Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-3
  • Then she put one of each item into each bag.Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-4 Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-5 Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-6
  • The bags came with end ties, so I tied them together with the cards at the end 🙂

For the Heart Cards

  • Card stock paper/water color paper, or I used a cardboard insert that had come in clothes I’ve bought online/t-shirts I buy for the Huz.  Yes, I save everything just in case.  Yes, I was so excited to finally use some of my hoarded craft supplies! 😉
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Hole Punch
  • Large sheet of aluminum foil for easy clean up
  • Cookie sheet or empty box (to contain the glitter bomb and glue :))

What you do…

  • Since we were doing this for Valentine’s Day, I cut little hearts out. You could do circles, or just squares/rectangles if you wanted to make cards for a different occasion.
  • Put the “cards” on a lined cookie sheet/box and let your toddler drizzle glue all over them.Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-7
  • Then, while glue is still wet, have them go to town with the glitter!Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-8I shook all the excess of some cards onto others so that the glitter was evenly distributed. Blog Non Candy Preschool Valentine Bags DIY Glitter Heart Card-9
  • Once the glue is dry, punch a hole in the corner and tie to the bags.

Have Fun!!dit-elle-Lauren

DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey

Ok, truth be told, this was a bit of a failed project.  BUT…I still think the idea is good, and if it inspires someone to do something great with it, then yay! haha.

I started off having visions of orange, yellow, and brown tulle for the tail, but Maya vetoed that and wanted yellow and green.  Hmmm…ok.

Oh, and I thought we had little googly eyes, but we didn’t.  You’d think I’d just NOT do this post, but honestly.  This is how pretty much every DIY project goes for me.  I have an idea in mind.  Never have the time to truly execute it, so I just throw it all together and hope for the best.  Sometimes it turns out ok, or even better than I had hoped.  Other times…not so much 😉

I admit.  I played with the color on this first one just to see what it might have looked like a little darker and more orange 😉  If I had more time and talent, I would have just changed all the tulle to the color I wanted and added some googly eyes!!  Sadly…I barely had time to post THIS!!  Much less make it look better than it was!Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-1 And…the true color of our turkey’s 🙂  Are you green with envy??

Ok, I couldn’t resist.Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-2What you need-

  • 2-3 different colors of tulle.  Cut into 3×8 pieces.  I think I had 6 in each, which would be perfect if you did yellow, orange, and brown.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pine cones (Maya always has fun foraging for pine cones 🙂
  • Clear tiny hair ties.  I thought about using paper clips, but I think these tiny hair ties are perfect.
  • Orange pipe cleaner.  I would have loved to have used a red one too to hang over the nose, but alas…didn’t have that on hand either! OR…red yarn!

Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-3Fold the tulle pieces in half and secure with the hair ties. Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-4 Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-5This has nothing to do with the project other than Maya asking me to take her picture which surprisingly RARELY happens!  Of course when it does… Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-6 Set up your pine cones to see how they naturally will sit up right.  They all topple over at certain points, so you want to make sure you put the “tail” and “beak” at the point where they naturally sit up.Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-7Turn your back for a second to glue the tails in place and then hear a “Ta dah!!”  Ok, that really shouldn’t be in the instructions, but that’s what happened here 😉 Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-8Glue the tail at the base, and the beak to the front, and there you go! Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-9I’d then glue the googly eyes on, and maybe even do some yarn or another red pipe cleaner over the nose for the snood (No I didn’t know what that thing was called!  I looked it up-ha!)

In any case….have fun!!dit-elle-Lauren

Chalkboard Pumpkin Signs

I love just about anything chalkboard.  And…I love just about anything pumpkin!  So, what two better things to combine??! 🙂

What you draw on them is totally up to you, AND…you can change it later!Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-1What you need

  • Pumpkins (any size or color!)
  • Chalkboard Paint (can be found at any hardware store)
  • Paint Brushes (I used the foam kind, so I could just throw it away afterwards)  Maya used little paint brushes we’ve gotten in water color kits)
  • Chalk Pen (got mine on Amazon)Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-2Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-6Having a cute little helper is nice too 🙂 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-3 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-4 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-5 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-7The best part is you can wipe these off and do a new face after a few days! Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-8 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-9 Wouldn’t these be fun for place cards at a wedding or party?  Guests could take them home as favors too!Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-10 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-11 Blog DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins-12Enjoy!dit-elle-Lauren

DIY Jell-o Play-Doh { Non Candy Preschool Valentine }

I really wanted to give a non candy option out for Maya’s Valentine’s Day treat.  Yes, I’m that mom.  :{

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make the homemade Play-Doh I’ve been meaning to make for ages.  Maya loves Play-doh (what kid doesn’t?!)  I found this really cool recipe online that uses Jell-O.  It dyes it, AND makes it smell yummy.  FUN!

I’ll be honest.  I’m marginally embarrassed by how much time I spent on these, but whatever… 😉Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-1What you need… (I doubled the recipe for each color, so mine will look bigger)

  • 1 cup white flour
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 Tablespoons salt
  • 2 Tablespoons Cream of Tartar
  • 2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil (I used Olive Oil)
  • 1 3 oz pack Jell-O

What you do…

  • Mix all of the ingredients together in a small saucepan until smooth.Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-2 Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-3 Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-4I’ll be honest.  I helped her 🙂 Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-5
  • Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously until it thickens into a ball of dough.  (about 10 minutes)Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-6
  • Once it has finished cooking, place the dough onto a floured cutting board and wait for it to cool (about 20-30 minutes).  While it’s cooling you can start making another batch with a different color/flavor Jell-O! 🙂Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-8We did Raspberry and Blueberry (Maya’s choice!).Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-9
  • Once it is cool, knead it, adding in flour until it is no longer sticky (about 1/2 cup).Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-10 Maya liked this part! Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-11 Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-12hahaha 😉 Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-13
  • Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container.  It will keep for at least a few weeks in the refrigerator, with daily use.  If at any time it starts to be a little sticky, just add more flour.Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-14Making it into a Valentine’s Day gift…
  • Get mini Glad containers
  • 3 Yards of Tulle
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Make a little card on card stock (I did mine in Photoshop, but handwritten would be super cute if you had an older child!  Or…if you have good handwriting-I do not ha ha)
  • You can write a little Valentine’s message.   I actually put the recipe on the cards in case other parents wanted to make some.Blog DIY Jell-O Play-Doh Non Candy Valentine Toddler Craft-15

Thank you so much Kaley Ann for the great Jell-o Play-Doh idea.  Go check out her blog for more great DIY ideas 🙂dit-elle-Lauren

DIY Toddler Thank You Cards / Art

After Maya’s birthday this year, I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a part in her thank you cards.  This is a super easy, relatively fast DIY that you can do with your toddler or…on your own 🙂  You could do these for thank you cards, or even frame them as art!Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-1What You’ll Need…

  • Blank Note Cards with Envelopes.  I got mine at Target on clearance, but you could get some at any craft store.
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Cookie sheet lined with tinfoil.  You could just lay out an old sheet/newspapers, but I like to collect all the unused excess glitter and save it :).

What to do…

  • Lay the blank cards out
  • Let your toddler drizzle the glue all over.  I had to rotate the cookie sheet a few times and guide her around so that there wasn’t just a big puddle haha, but she got the hang of it.  The best part is that it’s her design!Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-2 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-3 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-4
  • Sprinkle glitter over the top and then shake off excess.Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-5 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-6 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-7 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-8
  • Let it sit until it dries.
  • You can write your thank you message on the back with a note “Handmade by…”

The above images are the 2nd set we made recently.  Here’s the ones she made for her birthday.  I love that she’s super proud of them, and that she has a part in the actual “Thank You” process 🙂Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-9 Blog DIY Toddler Glitter Thank You Card Art-10Have fun!dit-elle-Lauren