DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey

Ok, truth be told, this was a bit of a failed project.  BUT…I still think the idea is good, and if it inspires someone to do something great with it, then yay! haha.

I started off having visions of orange, yellow, and brown tulle for the tail, but Maya vetoed that and wanted yellow and green.  Hmmm…ok.

Oh, and I thought we had little googly eyes, but we didn’t.  You’d think I’d just NOT do this post, but honestly.  This is how pretty much every DIY project goes for me.  I have an idea in mind.  Never have the time to truly execute it, so I just throw it all together and hope for the best.  Sometimes it turns out ok, or even better than I had hoped.  Other times…not so much 😉

I admit.  I played with the color on this first one just to see what it might have looked like a little darker and more orange 😉  If I had more time and talent, I would have just changed all the tulle to the color I wanted and added some googly eyes!!  Sadly…I barely had time to post THIS!!  Much less make it look better than it was!Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-1 And…the true color of our turkey’s 🙂  Are you green with envy??

Ok, I couldn’t resist.Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-2What you need-

  • 2-3 different colors of tulle.  Cut into 3×8 pieces.  I think I had 6 in each, which would be perfect if you did yellow, orange, and brown.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pine cones (Maya always has fun foraging for pine cones 🙂
  • Clear tiny hair ties.  I thought about using paper clips, but I think these tiny hair ties are perfect.
  • Orange pipe cleaner.  I would have loved to have used a red one too to hang over the nose, but alas…didn’t have that on hand either! OR…red yarn!

Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-3Fold the tulle pieces in half and secure with the hair ties. Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-4 Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-5This has nothing to do with the project other than Maya asking me to take her picture which surprisingly RARELY happens!  Of course when it does… Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-6 Set up your pine cones to see how they naturally will sit up right.  They all topple over at certain points, so you want to make sure you put the “tail” and “beak” at the point where they naturally sit up.Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-7Turn your back for a second to glue the tails in place and then hear a “Ta dah!!”  Ok, that really shouldn’t be in the instructions, but that’s what happened here 😉 Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-8Glue the tail at the base, and the beak to the front, and there you go! Blog DIY Pinecone Tulle Turkey-9I’d then glue the googly eyes on, and maybe even do some yarn or another red pipe cleaner over the nose for the snood (No I didn’t know what that thing was called!  I looked it up-ha!)

In any case….have fun!!dit-elle-Lauren

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