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Family Pics at sunset | Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos

Pictures originally taken on vacation from 12/2019

Playing catch up because I never posted them, and we were supposed to be in Mexico next week….sigh. We aren’t.

I was determined to take family pictures, even though we were minus Jackson due to a work shortage.

I actually tried to take them before dinner, but omg there were people EVERYWHERE!

SO…after dinner as the sun was DOWN. We went for it!

Not going to lie….I did a lot of photoshopping of families walking along the beach, but NOT as much as if we’d done it earlier!

I mean…Clearly, they are ALL on board with family pics….
BUT….I persevered!!  As I DO!

This one was the best happy accident!  I had meant to get a picture of just me with the Huz, and asked C to play with Maya off to the side…

On me…

Dress- Love Sam (ebay)
Sandals- Rachel Zoe (ebay)
On Maya…
Dress- Posh Peanut (thrifted)
Sandals- Tucker and Tate (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Oh…ALL THE PEOPLE!  And nobody in my family wanting to take pictures hahaha
Me…frantically pushing the shutter release to jump back in while NOBODY WAS AROUND!!!!
Odd…other people wanted to capture the sundown images for their family…
Ha!  It’s ok, I’ll remove you 😉
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Rompers + Birkenstocks +Fun bag | Night out in Los Cabos

Another blast from the past (pics taken 12/2019) because…we were supposed to go to Mexico next week but we cancelled it. The SEVENTH vacation we’ve cancelled. I so hope that’s a thing of the past….

Words written on Instagram from this time…

The funny thing about social media is that you only see the highlights… •
I’d love to say that this vacation was a dream from start to finish, but…it wasn’t. We didn’t even know if we would be able to come here until the day before we left…

Family medical issues.

BUT…we had SO many special moments in this magical place!

AND…guess what…YES, I brought my tripod! Even though, I was SO sick of my camera by the time we left. NO offense to all my amazing clients, but…I’m SO burnt out by December! I didn’t take a single picture until we were halfway through our vacation. I ALWAYS regret it, and yet I always do it…

These after dinner on the beach shots are my fav…nobody there.
On me…

Jumpsuit- Michael Stars (ebay)
Belt- Vintage
Bag- thrifted
Shoes- Birkenstock (thrifted)
On Maya…
Jumpsuit- Zara (thrifted)
Shoes- Birkenstock “Arizona” (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


OTS White Top + Black Palazzo Pants + Wrap Sandals + Colorful Bag | Golden Hour in Los Cabos

Sprinkling In Mexico pics from December 2019…there’s no rhyme or reason…just saw this in my drafts! SO….might do another one.

On me…

Top- Love Sam
Pants- Misa Los Angeles
Shoes- Koolaburra
On Maya…
Dress- Gap Kids (thrifted)
Sunglasses- (thrifted-I buy her $1 glasses whenever I find them!)
Shoes- Birkenstock Kids “Arizona” (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Off the Shoulder Mini Dress + Gold Sandals…when in Mexico

Pics originally taken from our last trip to Mexico in December of 2019…sadly never posted them!

Since that time, I think we’ve cancelled 7 vacations…I’m so over it. I know we are super fortunate, but man would I love to just GET AWAY FROM IT ALL!

Words taken from Instagram on 07/10/2020

Just a warning…I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of our Mexico pics from December…
I didn’t have the time to ever blog them, but I’m determined to catch up!
And…this is something I’d be wearing now…if I was going anywhere besides by backyard.
Although, as you’ve seen. I’m still wearing all that in my own house!
AS YOU SHOULD! I’m a firm believer in getting dressed, albeit around 5pm…just to feel NORMAL!

Hoping to blog these soon!

On me…

Dress- Misa Los Angeles “Lexi” (eBay)
Sandals- Kaanas “Gold Granada Wrap” (eBay)
On Maya…
Jumpsuit- Heart & Arrow  (thrifted)
Shoes- Avarcas
Keeping it Real…
I had originally tried to take pictures the night before, but the sun had set and EVERYONE was walking to and from on this walkway!!  So…I just bagged it after a few pics.  LOVE this one though!!!
Don’t mind us….
hahahaha You can tell I messed the focus up on this next series.  HATE when I do that, but it’s SO stressful to set up the tripod in a busy area quickly!!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


White Tied Button Down + High Waisted Dark Denim Shorts + Gold Wrap Sandals

The last fashion post from our recent trip to Los Cabos…

I’m still hoping to do a recap of both places we stayed, the things we did, and recommendations from BOTH our trips from last year, but…that might be a while 🙂

For now, quick and easy fashion thoughts!

A white button down is a staple packing piece for me.  It’s so versatile!

Dress it up, dress it down. Wear tied as a knot, tucked or untucked. It could even be worn as a cover up!
And these high waisted dark denim shorts were super versatile too!  They can be somewhat dressed up, or totally casual with tank and flip flops! I honestly don’t know who I had more fun packing for though…me or Maya. I’d totally wear her outfit too! 💜 Pose…art directed by Maya 🙂 Loooooove this next one!!
On me…

Top- Calypso St Barth (thrifted, similar here)
Jean Shorts- Frame Denim
Sandals- Kaanas “Gold Granada Wrap” (eBay)
On Maya…
Top- Crewcuts by J Crew (thrifted)
Shorts- Crewcuts by J Crew (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
A lot of times, I’ll tell Maya she can choose how we pose.
A lot of the times, I don’t quite know what she wants me to do haha.
She was very specific with heart shot! 🙂
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Thrifted Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress for Cocktail Hour

 I found this dress a week or so before we left for Mexico, and I KNEW it would be perfect to bring!  I thought it was vintage at first, but I don’t believe it is now… It definitely has that look though, which I love!

A few days into our trip the hotel had a cocktail hour for the guests.  I loved the fact that all these people were wearing fancy expensive outfits, and here I was in my $5 thrifted dress. 🙂

The twirl factor, the off the shoulder goodness, and…the tassle tie!!

LOVE! Maya’s entire outfit is thrifted too, but that’s per usual… Gah, love this little nugget! On me…

Dress- Thrifted
Sandals- Koolaburra “Alexa” (eBay)
On Maya…
Dress- (thrifted)
Sandals- Seychelles (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
It’s been a while since I showed how we take the pictures.  Yes, I brought my focusing stand and tripod along with me!
Otherwise…there would be no pictures of me on…or me with Maya.
SO, yes, I take them along on all our trips now.
 The downside of taking pictures at a resort?  There are constantly people walking or driving by
and wondering what the heck I’m doing haha.
You can totally tell he’s laughing at me! ha!  Don’t mind me…
Maya- “Um…more people are coming.”
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Horseback Riding at Solaz Los Cabos

I have to be honest.  I did this excursion as a gift to Maya.
She looooooves horses.  As, I did at her age and beyond!!
Every trip we went on as a kid, I requested horseback riding as my pick for something to do!
  She’s definitely following in my footsteps.
But…we’d seen the horses walk along the beach while we’d played in the pool, and in my mind I
thought “ho hum…”…yawn.
For the price… I thought that I would walk alongside her as she rode, but changed my mind last
minute to buy a spot for myself, and…
It was probably the highlight of the trip for both of us!
I talked the Huz into coming down to take a few pictures of us as we left. I honestly was a liiiiiittle worried that they just let Maya be on her horse by herself. She wasn’t worried at all, and quickly caught up to us! Oh, and doing it at sunset was the BEST idea!!
A), yes, I was thinking about the light…I can’t stop myself.
But also, we had other things planned during the day, so win win.
B) It’s HOT!  No way could I have done this for an hour in the blazing heat…nor wanted to.
  Much less PAID to do it, but maybe that’s just me!
For others, if you do it during the day…sunscreen up!!
The rest of the images are from my iphone.
The sunset was amazing!! And at the halfway mark our guide asked if we wanted to stop and take pictures with my phone…
He actually took a few from a different angle and then said…I think this is better.
AGAIN….are you kidding me??
LOVE YOU!  Because…it was!
I can’t….love this! On the way back…
We went out for 30 minutes, the stopped.  He took some pictures of us (above and some not
shown), and then we headed back.
On the way back we got more adventurous with the trotting…which we did a lot of.  Even
galloped a bit.  I’m not going to lie.  I was a little worried about Maya, but she took it all in stride
(no pun intended!) . This is absolutely one of those trips that I would have paid to get a video
taken!  I took a few videos with my phone as I felt comfortable, but watching Maya and dealing
with my own horse took precedence. She ROCKED IT!  Every time we trotted and even galloped, she was amazing!  And SO HAPPY!
We made it back to our starting point in half the time it took us to meander out!
Our guide said…”We still have time, we can keep going?”
This face says it all!
The next one is one of my FAVORITE images of her!!!
Windswept.  SO happy, yet being tolerant of me snapping a shot.
And at the end… our guide asked.
“Want me to take some pics with the sunset?”
I may have said…
“YES!! I LOVE YOU!!!!”
I’d thought it before, but may have let it slip out at this point haha.
Clearly….Maya felt the same way. 🙂
Thank you to Amigos!! And this sunset??


Tank + High Waisted striped Palozzo Pants + Tied Sandals

 On of my fav combos for any weather.

Tight top + wide leg pants.

It can be varied in so many ways!  In warmer weather add sandals, in colder weather…booties and a jacket.

On vacation, it’s so easy to pack a bunch of tanks and loose fitting pants!

And…that’s what I did!I hadn’t taken pictures for the first 4 days of our vacation.  I was so OVER my camera with my workload leading up to our vacation that I needed a break.  But…I knew I’d regret not taking pictures, so I busted out the tripod outside of our room.

We didn’t take these pictures until after the sun had set…

The light was dreamy though! Not going to be able to do this much longer!!
Meanwhile…people coming down our walkway always….

Don’t mind us!

On me…

Tank- Feel the Piece (eBay)
Sandals- Koolaburra “Alexa” (eBay)
On Maya…
Romper- Art Room via Target (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Yeah, when you take pictures in the walkway in front of your room…people walk by.
But…the timer keeps going, so….carry on!!
Hahaha. Maya-
“What’s that dance you did in the olden days?”
Well…not MY olden days, but…my parents, yes!
Spot on.
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


A quick trip to Whistler…

Well, if you read this post, you know already that our trip to Whistler almost ended before it began!  After a whirlwind 18 hours, a shiny new passport, and a departure date 6.5 hours later than anticipated…we were off!

Since it was going to be such a quick trip (only one full day and then Sunday morning for a few hours), I almost didn’t bring my camera.  I really wanted to make sure I was enjoying the moment vs trying to capture it.  It’s a hard balance, but I also knew that I’d feel like I was missing a limb if I didn’t bring it.  So, I compromised and decided to just bring one lens.


I did take a lot of videos and linked to a few throughout.  Sorry in advance for my annoying laugh and voice!

We ended up getting into Whistler around 9:30pm.  If you’ve ever been (and come from the PNW or Vancouver), you know that while the drive there is STUNNING, the roads are very curvy, and Canadians drive over the speed limit!  And…I say this as an admitted lead foot, who’s married to even more of a lead foot!

All that said…note to self.  Don’t give your toddler a movie to watch in the back seat on a very long curvy freeway.  ESPECIALLY after she’s eaten a garlic kale salad (the one time in my life I curse the fact that my 4 year old LOVES kale salads!)… Need I say more?  ;{

Thankfully there was a washer and dryer on our floor!  And…a bath!

But…it did take a while to wind down after all that…(video here) 🙂

Blog WhislterWe stayed at the Westin Resort & Spa, which is located right in the heart of Whistler Village, and as a FYI, we never once got our car out of the garage the entire time-SCORE!

The next day we got up bright and early, had breakfast at our hotel, and then walked over to the gondola that’s only a few minutes walk away.  We really wanted to take Maya on the Peak to Peak Gondola.

You catch the first gondola in the village, and then ride it up to the top of Whistler Blackcomb.  Since it was summer, and not as busy, we got a gondola to ourselves going up… Blog Whistler 8-2016-1While, there’s no snow, there are a ton of dirt trails and a LOT of dirt bike riders.  It was super impressive to watch from the gondola!  They even do lessons, just like ski lessons! Blog Whistler 8-2016-2 Once at the top…Blog Whistler 8-2016-3Full breathtaking view here.Blog Whistler 8-2016-4Then, we got on the Peak to Peak gondola, and once again…got the entire gondola to ourselves (video here)!! Blog Whistler 8-2016-5The Peak to Peak holds the World’s Record as the longest unsupported span for a lift of this kind at 1.88miles (takes 11 minutes to get across). Blog Whistler 8-2016-6 Blog Whistler 8-2016-7 And…what to do on an 11 minute ride in your own gondola?  Set up the self timer of course, haha 🙂Blog Whistler 8-2016-8 Blog Whistler 8-2016-9 She wasn’t really in the mood for pictures…Blog Whistler 8-2016-11Which is just as well, because when someone generously offered to take a family picture, we got really in focus mountains, but us…not so much (I always feel weird giving a bunch of instructions before handing my camera over!).  Oh well!  Super nice of them to offer, and it’s better than nothing! Blog Whistler 8-2016-12 Blog Whistler 8-2016-13 Blog Whistler 8-2016-14 Blog Whistler 8-2016-15She LOVES her daddy… Blog Whistler 8-2016-16After that, we came home and relaxed for a little bit and chilled in our room (video here :)).

Then we got ready to go out to dinner.  Oddly, I didn’t take any pics!  SAY WHAT!???

Before that though… This little path was right outside our balcony, and there was this gorgeous trail that had the light shining beautifully through the trees before we left for dinner…Blog Whistler 8-2016-17 And…this is the only shot I got 😉Blog Whistler 8-2016-18And…the only shot of me dressed up… Blog Whistler 8-2016-19After dinner, Maya got on her swim suit, and the Huz took her swimming.  She’s SUCH a fish right now (video here)!! Blog Whistler 8-2016-20Pretty sure belly flops don’t count towards “no diving”….whoops.

Honestly, one of my favorite shots!  Love that she’s looking at the Huz til the end! 🙂Blog Whistler 8-2016-21 Jumping in to get rings!Blog Whistler 8-2016-22The next morning, we had breakfast again at the hotel and then walked over to the Nintendo Family Adventure Zone, which was SO COOL!!!!  It’s open from June 18 – September 5, 2016, and I highly recommend it if you are going with kids between the ages of 4-12(?).   Maybe even older!

I took a TON of videos-some of which can be seen here, (sorry about my annoying laugh and voice!).

Here’s a few from my phone…

Ummmmm, are you kidding me??!!!  She LOVED THIS, and went on it twice!

I went on, and went about half this high haha.  BUT…I did backward flips, so that counts for something, right?  At 42!  RIGHT?!  Obviously, I’m still feeling a little silly that my 4 year old bounced higher than I did… ;(Blog Family Adventure Zone-1 This…she wasn’t so great at, but this guy was super nice and rode on it with her to avoid crashing every 3 seconds 😉Blog Family Adventure Zone-2Sadly, after three hours, we had to call it quits and head back.  I will also say that they have a little farmer’s market there and we got some delicious fruit before we left!

Here’s one last picture I took with my phone as we were driving home…seriously, GORGEOUS!

Blog Whistler DriveWhile it was a very short visit, it did the job of recharging our batteries a bit, and of course…celebrating our anniversary 🙂

If you’ve never been to Whistler, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It’s amazing both in the winter and summer, and we can’t wait for our next trip!