Family Pics at sunset | Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos

Pictures originally taken on vacation from 12/2019

Playing catch up because I never posted them, and we were supposed to be in Mexico next week….sigh. We aren’t.

I was determined to take family pictures, even though we were minus Jackson due to a work shortage.

I actually tried to take them before dinner, but omg there were people EVERYWHERE!

SO…after dinner as the sun was DOWN. We went for it!

Not going to lie….I did a lot of photoshopping of families walking along the beach, but NOT as much as if we’d done it earlier!

I mean…Clearly, they are ALL on board with family pics….
BUT….I persevered!!  As I DO!

This one was the best happy accident!  I had meant to get a picture of just me with the Huz, and asked C to play with Maya off to the side…

On me…

Dress- Love Sam (ebay)
Sandals- Rachel Zoe (ebay)
On Maya…
Dress- Posh Peanut (thrifted)
Sandals- Tucker and Tate (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Oh…ALL THE PEOPLE!  And nobody in my family wanting to take pictures hahaha
Me…frantically pushing the shutter release to jump back in while NOBODY WAS AROUND!!!!
Odd…other people wanted to capture the sundown images for their family…
Ha!  It’s ok, I’ll remove you 😉
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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