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Family Pics at sunset | Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos

Pictures originally taken on vacation from 12/2019

Playing catch up because I never posted them, and we were supposed to be in Mexico next week….sigh. We aren’t.

I was determined to take family pictures, even though we were minus Jackson due to a work shortage.

I actually tried to take them before dinner, but omg there were people EVERYWHERE!

SO…after dinner as the sun was DOWN. We went for it!

Not going to lie….I did a lot of photoshopping of families walking along the beach, but NOT as much as if we’d done it earlier!

I mean…Clearly, they are ALL on board with family pics….
BUT….I persevered!!  As I DO!

This one was the best happy accident!  I had meant to get a picture of just me with the Huz, and asked C to play with Maya off to the side…

On me…

Dress- Love Sam (ebay)
Sandals- Rachel Zoe (ebay)
On Maya…
Dress- Posh Peanut (thrifted)
Sandals- Tucker and Tate (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
Oh…ALL THE PEOPLE!  And nobody in my family wanting to take pictures hahaha
Me…frantically pushing the shutter release to jump back in while NOBODY WAS AROUND!!!!
Odd…other people wanted to capture the sundown images for their family…
Ha!  It’s ok, I’ll remove you 😉
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


OTS White Top + Black Palazzo Pants + Wrap Sandals + Colorful Bag | Golden Hour in Los Cabos

Sprinkling In Mexico pics from December 2019…there’s no rhyme or reason…just saw this in my drafts! SO….might do another one.

On me…

Top- Love Sam
Pants- Misa Los Angeles
Shoes- Koolaburra
On Maya…
Dress- Gap Kids (thrifted)
Sunglasses- (thrifted-I buy her $1 glasses whenever I find them!)
Shoes- Birkenstock Kids “Arizona” (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Off the Shoulder Mini Dress + Gold Sandals…when in Mexico

Pics originally taken from our last trip to Mexico in December of 2019…sadly never posted them!

Since that time, I think we’ve cancelled 7 vacations…I’m so over it. I know we are super fortunate, but man would I love to just GET AWAY FROM IT ALL!

Words taken from Instagram on 07/10/2020

Just a warning…I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of our Mexico pics from December…
I didn’t have the time to ever blog them, but I’m determined to catch up!
And…this is something I’d be wearing now…if I was going anywhere besides by backyard.
Although, as you’ve seen. I’m still wearing all that in my own house!
AS YOU SHOULD! I’m a firm believer in getting dressed, albeit around 5pm…just to feel NORMAL!

Hoping to blog these soon!

On me…

Dress- Misa Los Angeles “Lexi” (eBay)
Sandals- Kaanas “Gold Granada Wrap” (eBay)
On Maya…
Jumpsuit- Heart & Arrow  (thrifted)
Shoes- Avarcas
Keeping it Real…
I had originally tried to take pictures the night before, but the sun had set and EVERYONE was walking to and from on this walkway!!  So…I just bagged it after a few pics.  LOVE this one though!!!
Don’t mind us….
hahahaha You can tell I messed the focus up on this next series.  HATE when I do that, but it’s SO stressful to set up the tripod in a busy area quickly!!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Knotted Peasant Top + High Waisted Crop Flares + Birkenstock Gizehs

I had all these great intentions of blogging on our Mexico pics while we were on Christmas Break, but then reality and a never ending cold (I was seriously sick for the entire 2 1/2 weeks!!) kicked my ass, and…well.

I blogged nothing.

So, I’m catching up now, and hope to eventually also catch up on the pics I took from our LAST vacation to Los Cabos back during Spring Break 2018.  Maybe for this next Spring Break??  Haha.

All in all, I’d love to do a write up of both places we stayed and what we did…eventually.

Until then.

A fairly simple comfy outfit.  High wasited crops are my go to right now.  So easy and comfy.  These had a built in hem that was too short for my legs, so I let it out, and I LOVE THEM!  Funny enough, the brand has an almost identical pair to these with the hems let out.  Great minds and all…

And, while I like to tuck things into high waisted pants, it’s so much easier and more flattering to tie tops right at the waist!

No lumps!  No fussing with retucking when you go potty-haha, yes, I went there!


Top- Current Elliott (eBay)
Jeans- McGuire “Bessette Culottes” Mine came with a shorter hem, but I let them. (eBay)
Sandals- Birkenstock “Gizeh” (thrifted, like new for $25!!)
Keeping it Real…
I know I post these a lot, but I was a little cranky that I lost this amazing sun flare by the time I
actually got into the frame… 😦 . Imagine me IN with all this light goodness, ok?
See that woman in the distance?  Yep, of course she came RIGHT up the walkway…again…don’t
mind me!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod)


Jumpsuits for resort vacations…

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish we were still in Mexico…
Reality is SO overrated!  And it’s currently raining SIDEWAYS in Seattle, so really overrated…
BUT…celebrating Christmas with our parents was what it was all about! Next year…if we can just get them to come to Mexico with us!
I know I should be posting cozy winter outfits, but…nope. I’m going to post pics we took on our vacation for a little bit longer.
For me, rompers and jumpsuits are a no brainer when packing. An easy all in one outfit! I added a vintage thrifter belt and thrifted sunglasses, because I’m too paranoid to lose my prescription ones!! I always load up on cute thrifted sunglasses before any vacation and summer!
Saltwater sandals are hands down the best to bring on a beach vacation!  Waterproof and cute too! I can’t even… The only bad thing about taking this vacation at the end of my ridiculously crazy season at work, was that I really didn’t want to pick up my camera as much.  It sat untouched for the first 4 days… I was happy to not pick it up, but then knew I’d regret not taking pics!

The other bad thing about the timing of our vacation was that the sun set at around 5:00.  We were barely back from playing by 4, and to turn around and go back out to catch the sunset…it didn’t happen.

I kept telling myself I’d get up and take some sunrise pictures, because that was around 6:45 and they were AMAZING!!!  But alas…nope, that didn’t happen either.

SO…one shoot on the beach at midday was all I got.

Not the most idea lighting, but….LOVE!
And yes, Maya got to ride this horse later!!  I’ll post more about that later!  Definitely the surprise highlight of the trip for both of us!

Jumpsuit- J Crew (eBay)
Sandals- Saltwater
On Maya…
Jumpsuit- Zimmerman Kids- (eBay, but similar here)
Sandals- Saltwater “Strappy” (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
I totally messed up and stood a line farther back in the walkway than I originally focused
on…and….an entire series of super cute shots are out of fucus!  BOO!
She ALWAYS stands in front of the focus stand!  Yet, she doesn’t stand still for a SECOND, so she
cannot BE the focus stand.  Which is why I lug it around… In between moment of the shutter going off.  Always cracks me up…
Maya putting our keycard between her feet.  Outtake or marketing GENIUS?!!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))