Horseback Riding at Solaz Los Cabos

I have to be honest.  I did this excursion as a gift to Maya.
She looooooves horses.  As, I did at her age and beyond!!
Every trip we went on as a kid, I requested horseback riding as my pick for something to do!
  She’s definitely following in my footsteps.
But…we’d seen the horses walk along the beach while we’d played in the pool, and in my mind I
thought “ho hum…”…yawn.
For the price… I thought that I would walk alongside her as she rode, but changed my mind last
minute to buy a spot for myself, and…
It was probably the highlight of the trip for both of us!
I talked the Huz into coming down to take a few pictures of us as we left. I honestly was a liiiiiittle worried that they just let Maya be on her horse by herself. She wasn’t worried at all, and quickly caught up to us! Oh, and doing it at sunset was the BEST idea!!
A), yes, I was thinking about the light…I can’t stop myself.
But also, we had other things planned during the day, so win win.
B) It’s HOT!  No way could I have done this for an hour in the blazing heat…nor wanted to.
  Much less PAID to do it, but maybe that’s just me!
For others, if you do it during the day…sunscreen up!!
The rest of the images are from my iphone.
The sunset was amazing!! And at the halfway mark our guide asked if we wanted to stop and take pictures with my phone…
He actually took a few from a different angle and then said…I think this is better.
AGAIN….are you kidding me??
LOVE YOU!  Because…it was!
I can’t….love this! On the way back…
We went out for 30 minutes, the stopped.  He took some pictures of us (above and some not
shown), and then we headed back.
On the way back we got more adventurous with the trotting…which we did a lot of.  Even
galloped a bit.  I’m not going to lie.  I was a little worried about Maya, but she took it all in stride
(no pun intended!) . This is absolutely one of those trips that I would have paid to get a video
taken!  I took a few videos with my phone as I felt comfortable, but watching Maya and dealing
with my own horse took precedence. She ROCKED IT!  Every time we trotted and even galloped, she was amazing!  And SO HAPPY!
We made it back to our starting point in half the time it took us to meander out!
Our guide said…”We still have time, we can keep going?”
This face says it all!
The next one is one of my FAVORITE images of her!!!
Windswept.  SO happy, yet being tolerant of me snapping a shot.
And at the end… our guide asked.
“Want me to take some pics with the sunset?”
I may have said…
“YES!! I LOVE YOU!!!!”
I’d thought it before, but may have let it slip out at this point haha.
Clearly….Maya felt the same way. 🙂
Thank you to Amigos!! And this sunset??


2 thoughts on “Horseback Riding at Solaz Los Cabos

    1. laurenkahan Post author

      It was SO perfect! And to think I was going to bail and just attempt to walk along with her….for an HOUR! Uh, no. She did amazing! And it was so beautiful! The look on her face of pure joy the entire time was everything though!



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