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Dressing for a party in pajamas! (I mean cashmere and silk joggers…)

 So, we took these images right before Thanksgiving.  Yes, that was a little bit ago, but still…

Tis the season!

And who says you can’t be comfortable when you go to a party or host one??  I literally felt like I was in my jammies, and I was in heaven!blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-1 I can’t even handle her…blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-2 She’s a one woman show, I tell ya!blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-3 I’m her one woman audience… 🙂blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-4 blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-5 blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-6 blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-7 blog-joie-sweater-trina-turk-silk-joggers-tracy-reese-gina-booties-8I couldn’t decide on which image to post of these next three (there were actually 5!), so…I’m posting all three.

Because, are you kidding me?!!blog-faux-fur-jacet-crewcuts-silk-tutu-old-navy-riding-boots-1 blog-faux-fur-jacet-crewcuts-silk-tutu-old-navy-riding-boots-2 blog-faux-fur-jacet-crewcuts-silk-tutu-old-navy-riding-boots-3 Coming in for a punch to the gut.  It’s her new thing, and she thinks it’s hilarious… :{blog-faux-fur-jacet-crewcuts-silk-tutu-old-navy-riding-boots-4

On me…

Sweater- Sweater- Joie “Tambrel” (eBay, here with a super fun back!!)
Pants- Trina Turk (eBay, similar here in black)
Booties- Tracy Reese “Gina” (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Jacket- (thrifted, similar here)
Skirt- Crewcuts (thrifted)
Leggings- Tucker + Tate  (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Old Navy (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I’m in trouble…blog-outtake-1 Didn’t know we were going to do this, or I’d aimed the camera a little higher-grrrr.blog-outtake-2I don’t even remember what she was about to do here, but obviously, it wasn’t good haha 😉
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Silk Top + Flares for a holiday or NYE Outfit

 So, I never posted what I ended up wearing to the Huz’s holiday party.  I had option one (Silk Romper + Booties) and two (All Black!) all lined up, but they both got vetoed in the end.

I ended up going with this one, because it was a little warmer, more comfortable, and could go be seen as somewhat casual yet also dressy since I wasn’t completely sure what others would be wearing.  There were people more dressed up and also more casual at the party, so I was super thankful I went this route.

I never end up getting pictures on the nights I go out, because usually I get ready 20 minutes before we leave.  Then, there’s no time and it’s too dark!  So…I threw on this outfit again when I happened to have day 2 of straightened hair. 😉

It was a WINDY day, and I had about 5 minutes, in an alley a block away.  Such is life…

Could be an inspiration for a NYE outfit??  I will most likely be in my sweats… 😉Blog Ramy Brook Silk Top DL1961 Roxy Born Tortoise Heels-1 Blog Ramy Brook Silk Top DL1961 Roxy Born Tortoise Heels-2 Blog Ramy Brook Silk Top DL1961 Roxy Born Tortoise Heels-3

On me…

Top- Ramy Brook (eBay, LOVE this here)
Jeans- DL1961 “Roxy” (thrifted, similar here)
Shoes- Sofft (Consignment Store for free on trade! Couldn’t find similar, but SO comfy)
Keeping it Real…
Not a true “keeping it real” image, except…hi wind!!  Oh, and you can see that I layered a long sleeve t shirt underneath to stay warm for these pictures, but I didn’t really wear that at night 🙂

Blog Outtake


(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod)