Silk Top + Flares for a holiday or NYE Outfit

 So, I never posted what I ended up wearing to the Huz’s holiday party.  I had option one (Silk Romper + Booties) and two (All Black!) all lined up, but they both got vetoed in the end.

I ended up going with this one, because it was a little warmer, more comfortable, and could go be seen as somewhat casual yet also dressy since I wasn’t completely sure what others would be wearing.  There were people more dressed up and also more casual at the party, so I was super thankful I went this route.

I never end up getting pictures on the nights I go out, because usually I get ready 20 minutes before we leave.  Then, there’s no time and it’s too dark!  So…I threw on this outfit again when I happened to have day 2 of straightened hair. 😉

It was a WINDY day, and I had about 5 minutes, in an alley a block away.  Such is life…

Could be an inspiration for a NYE outfit??  I will most likely be in my sweats… 😉Blog Ramy Brook Silk Top DL1961 Roxy Born Tortoise Heels-1 Blog Ramy Brook Silk Top DL1961 Roxy Born Tortoise Heels-2 Blog Ramy Brook Silk Top DL1961 Roxy Born Tortoise Heels-3

On me…

Top- Ramy Brook (eBay, LOVE this here)
Jeans- DL1961 “Roxy” (thrifted, similar here)
Shoes- Sofft (Consignment Store for free on trade! Couldn’t find similar, but SO comfy)
Keeping it Real…
Not a true “keeping it real” image, except…hi wind!!  Oh, and you can see that I layered a long sleeve t shirt underneath to stay warm for these pictures, but I didn’t really wear that at night 🙂

Blog Outtake


(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod)


2 thoughts on “Silk Top + Flares for a holiday or NYE Outfit

  1. Second City Mom

    Love that top on you! Such a good choice for the party. Those flares, tho! You are rocking them! Hope you had a great time at the party. And who takes pictures of outfits before any event? We are hot messes over here…


    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you so much Leyla! We did have fun! We even sang karaoke together…(thank you wine! ;))

      Seriously!! I don’t know how many times I’ve almost or did have a breakdown right before we leave for a date, because I’m so rushed and a total hot mess! Once we actually LEAVE the house, I’m fine though ha!

      Hope you had a great day!

      xx Lauren



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