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Wool Hat + White Button Down + Crop Flares + Booties (I can smell fall!)

 We are in that time of year where one week it’s in the 90’s (say WHAT?  Shoot me…), but then…we’ll have a cooler morning here and there, and this week RAIN!  It’s one of the many things I love about Seattle.  We have definite weather changes, and with that comes variety in our wardrobe choices-yay!!  I’m getting excited to wear booties again, so I broke them out for a test run the other day with my favorite cut of jeans-crop flares!  Oh, and a wool hat, because I hadn’t washed my hair in…well, a few days. 😉blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-1 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-2 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-3 Oh, and her little hand gripping my hair…DYING!

I know that everyone thinks their kid is the sweetest, but…she IS!!blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-4 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-5 OMG, her face!!!!  It’s a cross between wanting to show that she’s mad, but…NOT-HA!
blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-6 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-7 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-8blog-tank-leotard-peek-kids-floral-skirt-pink-minnetonka-moccs-1 Maya had gymnastics later this day, so she was totally on trend with the leotard look haha 🙂blog-tank-leotard-peek-kids-floral-skirt-pink-minnetonka-moccs-2 When I asked if she’d come outside to take some pictures, she said…


….I guess, I could just bring it out there too…”


Seriously, the best $.75 ever!  I originally thrifted this a few years ago just for her to pretend to work on it.  I never thought it would actually work, but 2 batteries later…a total working learning “laptop”!blog-tank-leotard-peek-kids-floral-skirt-pink-minnetonka-moccs-4

On me…

Hat- Nordstrom (thrifted, but similar here)
Top- Alara (eBay)
Boots- Sam Edelman “Petty Suede Boots” (thrifted for $8.40!!!)
On Maya…
Leotard- Bloch (thrifted)
Skirt- Peek Kids (thrifted, but similar here)
Moccs/Boots- Minnetonka (hand me down from a friend-SCORE)
Keeping it Real…
OMG, haha!  I showed this video I took on our Instagram Story.  She often grabs the remote shutter and starts taking pictures.  She thought it was hilarious to take pictures between my legs….between HER legs! 😉  And…the camera caught me getting a picture of US, that she took. haha.
blog-outtake-1 blog-outtake-2 Oh, and I had another post all together taken in this direction of the side walk, but CLEARLY I f’d up the focus.  It was 8:30 in the morning, so I blame it on my coffee not having kicked in yet!
All in all, a blessing in disguise, because I love the light in the other direction more 🙂
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Happy 4th of July!

 Cannot wait for the 4th of July parade later today.  I think this will be the first year that Maya really gets excited about it.  She was still a little oblivious about it last year.

Pretty sure she still won’t be excited about the fireworks though…Blog Joie Genetic Denim Rafe Espadrilles-1 Blog Joie Genetic Denim Rafe Espadrilles-2 Blog Joie Genetic Denim Rafe Espadrilles-3 Blog Joie Genetic Denim Rafe Espadrilles-4 Blog Joie Genetic Denim Rafe Espadrilles-5

On me…

Top- Joie (sold out, but similar here and less expensive here)
Jeans- Genetic Denim “the Shane” (similar here and less expensive here)
Shoes- Rafe (old, similar here)
On Maya…
Dress- Janie and Jack (hand me down, but this is cute!)
Shoes- Kids Connection (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
The only “keeping it real” I have is that I am so busy with work that I don’t have much time for personal pictures.  These were taken in about 15 minutes, and I was lucky to do that!  Again, big thank you to my parents for watching the Peanut so much while I’m away!!  Oh, and AMEN for children’s Zyrtek.  FINALLY found something that worked on Maya’s hives that she’s been having for the past 6 days.  Still hoping we don’t have to keep taking it for the long term…
(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod, except ones of Maya :))