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Wool Hat + White Button Down + Crop Flares + Booties (I can smell fall!)

 We are in that time of year where one week it’s in the 90’s (say WHAT?  Shoot me…), but then…we’ll have a cooler morning here and there, and this week RAIN!  It’s one of the many things I love about Seattle.  We have definite weather changes, and with that comes variety in our wardrobe choices-yay!!  I’m getting excited to wear booties again, so I broke them out for a test run the other day with my favorite cut of jeans-crop flares!  Oh, and a wool hat, because I hadn’t washed my hair in…well, a few days. 😉blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-1 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-2 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-3 Oh, and her little hand gripping my hair…DYING!

I know that everyone thinks their kid is the sweetest, but…she IS!!blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-4 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-5 OMG, her face!!!!  It’s a cross between wanting to show that she’s mad, but…NOT-HA!
blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-6 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-7 blog-nordstrom-wool-hat-alara-white-button-down-j-brand-gigi-crop-flare-sam-edelman-petty-booties-8blog-tank-leotard-peek-kids-floral-skirt-pink-minnetonka-moccs-1 Maya had gymnastics later this day, so she was totally on trend with the leotard look haha 🙂blog-tank-leotard-peek-kids-floral-skirt-pink-minnetonka-moccs-2 When I asked if she’d come outside to take some pictures, she said…


….I guess, I could just bring it out there too…”


Seriously, the best $.75 ever!  I originally thrifted this a few years ago just for her to pretend to work on it.  I never thought it would actually work, but 2 batteries later…a total working learning “laptop”!blog-tank-leotard-peek-kids-floral-skirt-pink-minnetonka-moccs-4

On me…

Hat- Nordstrom (thrifted, but similar here)
Top- Alara (eBay)
Boots- Sam Edelman “Petty Suede Boots” (thrifted for $8.40!!!)
On Maya…
Leotard- Bloch (thrifted)
Skirt- Peek Kids (thrifted, but similar here)
Moccs/Boots- Minnetonka (hand me down from a friend-SCORE)
Keeping it Real…
OMG, haha!  I showed this video I took on our Instagram Story.  She often grabs the remote shutter and starts taking pictures.  She thought it was hilarious to take pictures between my legs….between HER legs! 😉  And…the camera caught me getting a picture of US, that she took. haha.
blog-outtake-1 blog-outtake-2 Oh, and I had another post all together taken in this direction of the side walk, but CLEARLY I f’d up the focus.  It was 8:30 in the morning, so I blame it on my coffee not having kicked in yet!
All in all, a blessing in disguise, because I love the light in the other direction more 🙂
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))