White Button Down + Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans = Classic

 So, two things.

A white button down with jeans is ALWAYS a classic!  You cannot go wrong!

Second thing…we took these images a YEAR AND A HALF AGO!!!

Yes, that was spring of 2017!


Hence the flowers blooming behind me.  I thought I’d post them last spring, but…didn’t.
BUT…I couldn’t NOT post these!! LOVE! One of my fav pics of Maya, and…you might have spotted this image in Hanna Andersson stores 🙂 But these next two are favs too!!

On me…

Top- AG Jeans (eBay, love this version)
Shoes- Superga (similar here)
On Maya…
Dress- Hanna Andersson (old, but cute for fall!)
Leggings- Hanna Andersson (thrifted, similar)
Shoes- Converse (thrifted, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I mean…other than this being from a YEAR AND A HALF ago…
We have this goodness for you 😉
Always trying to lure Maya into the shots with me 🙂 Um…BOTH of our faces! No caption needed. I can’t even…
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Boho Top + Crop Flares + Gold Sandals

 I could lie and say that we took these recently, but alas…it’s broken record time.

We took these back in June!

But…I’m over posting in real time, and hopefully anyone reading this is too.

I still want to capture US.  And…while I’m capturing us in the current time, I don’t have time to post all the images, so… I’m going to pretend I got my act together and took these recently when the weather was nice RARELY do I look at the camera (Tripod!), but I’m sure Maya was running around behind it! Picking flowers for me… 🙂 LOVE HER!

THIS is the reason I keep posting.  Even if it’s 3 months late…
Twirling and dancing is where she’s happiest…

It’s true from 3 months ago…3 years ago!

Who knows what will be 3 months from now, but I hope she’s still twirling!

On me…

Top- See by Chloe (eBay)
Jeans- AG Jeans “the Jodi Crop” (eBay)
Sandals- Kaanas “Gold Granada Wrap” (eBay)
On Maya…
Dress-Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Leggings- Naartjie (thrifted)
Shoes- Converse (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
By the way…killer squirrels are on the loose!!
BUT…you’d have to know my history with them to TRULY understand my fear!
Because…I’m not messing around!  I’ll abandon SHIP IN AN INSTANT! And….these adorable piggy back shots?
Not always so adorable…
Ha! AND…Maya frequently dances with my focus stand…Which miiiiight be why some of our shots
aren’t in focus 😉
 Oh, wait….no.  I never give Maya my phone when I want to get a shot of just me!!
I would NEVER! 🙂
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Party Dresses on the Beach at Sunset…

 A little over a month ago, Maya and I participated in a photo challenge put on by Red Tricycle and Disney Junior.  I posted one of our entries along with a quick chia pudding recipe here.

We didn’t win, but we sure did have fun!  We ended up knocking out 3 days worth of challenges in this one shoot, because…as fun as it was.  It took time!  And time is a hot commodity these days.  The best part was that we were doing it together though!  And Maya was excited about it-YES!

We were both excited about the “Elegant Ensemble” challenge.

Party dress?  Count us IN!

Looooove this next one! Another day was “Fancy Fingernails”

This was super fun!  Normally I go get manicures with just my mom, but I asked Maya if she wanted to come with us, and she did!  She was so serious when they were doing her nails.  And of course…she picked FOUR colors haha.

Blue and white on one hand…silver and gold on the other.  🙂

Maya on a rock…is her comfort zone…OMG.  This is hands down my new favorite picture of Maya!

SO HER!! And yet…this is also so her.

“I hate pictures!  Oh, but how about I nail this pose….”


I swear these were ALL HER.

All I said was, “Can I get a picture of you standing on that rock?” Then…we got some together again as the sun was fully down.

These were to showcase our “Unique Updos”

I didn’t get a good picture of Maya’s (shown later in a phone pic in the “keeping it real” section!), but her’s was braided all along the back and then a braid bun.  She had been asking me to do her hair that way for a WHILE, so I finally tackled it.  She was VERY specific!

On me…

Belt- Vintage
On Maya…
Dress- Fleurisse “Samantha” (eBay for$3.50-retail $245!!!)
Shoes- Seychelles (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I was a liiiiiittle nervous that I was putting too much time/thought into this shoot.  I kid you not, the more time and thought I put into shoots, the more likely it is to go to shit!
So…I made sure to leave with PLENTY of time to catch the sunset.  I picked a spot that usually isn’t very popular, but 10 min after we got there a family of SIX comes down.  Not only would they be in our shots I had set up, but of course Maya wanted to play with them!
We flipped it around and shot the other way… But, it’s a lot harder to focus when things are heavily backlit…
I messed up the focus on the first round of shots!
And finally the family left after the sun had gone down.  And…we got the amazing shots on this rock!  But not before…
And…here’s the picture I actually took with my phone as I finished Maya’s hair.
SO glad I did!
And I’m only a little bummed I didn’t get a picture of it on the beach, but…whatever!  I got WAY
more than I expected to get!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Belted Silk Maxi + Birkenstocks For a Night Out…

About two months ago (yes, I’m frantically trying to squeeze in all the summer pictures before they look ridiculous!), the Huz and I went to a friends house for an amazing dinner that we won at Maya’s school auction!

I’d been wanting to wear this maxi dress, but was worried I’d look too dressed up.  Am I the only one that worrieSO..I put a vintage braided belt on and some Birkenstocks, and dressed it down a little! My parents were watching Maya, so we took these when I went to drop her off.  YES, I brought my camera and tripod haha.  And when we showed up, my mom was unintentionally totally matching us!

I’d call that FATE!! I mean… 🙂Love this sequence of Maya.  It’s SO HER!!

Totally sweet and innocent… Then strutting her stuff! And….doing a booty dance haha. The dinner we went to was at a friends house that lives a few blocks from us, but they went totally all out because it was an auction fundraiser.

My mouth is watering looking at all these images again! Their backyard is AMAZING! And one of the dads that helped put the dinner together did this amazing seafood broil! Are you kidding me??!!
And, yup!  I logged my tripod with me here too haha.  Again…it’s only a few blocks away 😉 As the sun went down and the drinks set in… 🙂

On me…

Dress- 7 For All Mankind (eBay)
Belt- Vintage
Shoes- Birkenstock “Grenada” (hand me down from my mom!)
On Maya…
Dress- Crewcuts (thrifted)
Leggings- Tea Collection (thrifted)
Shoes- Umi “Alvina” (Nordstrom Rack)
Keeping it Real…
The shutter always catches us while we are looking where to stand!
AND…I had to use a lens that made us look SO distorted because it was a really tight space!  I look like I’m super short with a ginormous head and feet!!  Don’t get me started on my arms!  All that to say…the lens you shoot with ABSOLUTELY changes how you look!  When they say the “camera adds 10lbs”.  It’s RIGHT!  I take phone images and I’m like…wow!  I look good!
Sadly, I don’t post phone images here haha.
Seriously…I can’t even with her dance moves!
The stage Maya was (ok, IS) in right now…
NOT loving pictures.
Thankfully, I get a few in here and there.
My motto…. “I only need ONE!!” haha
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


White Tank + Distressed Levi’s Mini + Platform Clogs | Twinning (ish!)

 We had a lot of days towards the end of summer where we  weren’t supposed to go outside due to smoke from wildfires all around us (Canada, Eastern Washington, even Oregon depending on the wind!)

I have to admit that it was pretty depressing and NOT the way I wanted to spend our last weeks of summer…

BUT, you have to put it all in perspective.  I am so thankful that we still have our home.  I cannot even imagine all the families that were DIRECTLY affected.  Don’t even get me started on the animals!

SO, we had a tiny break where the air was “Moderate” . You can still see in the background that it’s not great… We only went outside for a few minutes, but we had total cabin fever and needed to get OUT!
Can you tell? Pretty sure it’s obvious by now that we are both obsessed with clogs!

And Sven spoils us!!! Totally obsessed with straw bags for summer too!
And as the temps get cooler…just throw a cardigan over everything!I can’t even…. On me…

Sweater- Theory (old, similar here)
Top- Wilt (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Top- Mini Boden (thrifted)
Jeans-Levi’s (thrifted DIY raw hem, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
Whoops!  Forgot to post these with the original post!
Maya was off to the side telling me what faces I should make…ha!
Oh, don’t mind me…just retying. Ha! Oh…I guess I wasn’t supposed to dance too….
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


Leather Jacket + Tied silk top + White Joggers + Ankle Wrap Sandals | Date Night

 I recently wore this outfit when the Huz and I went out to dinner in Victoria BC for our anniversary.  I brought my camera and tripod, but it sat in the corner the entire trip!

I got a lot of compliments though, SO…I decided to put it all back on when we got home and take some pics really quick! haha.

I’ve been knotting so many shirts lately.   My torso is so long that my shirts never stay tucked in, and I like the drape and look of the knot.  Even on a silk top-who knew!?

On me…

Leather Jacket- Remake Remodel (eBay for $16!! similar here and cute faux option here)
Top- Geren Ford.  (old)
Cross Body Bag- DVF (eBay, similar here and less expensive here)
Sandals- Koolaburra “Alexa” (eBay)
Keeping it Real…
I ran outside and took these in 10 minutes, so no outtakes.  Just got er done!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod-except iphone selfies :))


Belted Boho Dress + Sandals

 Truth be told, these were taken back in the middle of June.  This summer has been a whirlwind, but I’m determined to post some of these while the sun is still shining haha.

I used to be jeans only, but I’m really loving wearing dresses more often.  The ease…the comfort…and they instantly make . you look like you put some effort into your outfit.  In reality, they are a total time cheat-WIN!

Love the little faux leather straps with the leather tassles! Maya on the other hand, has ALWAYS been a dress girl!  🙂 And…thankfully also a world class cuddler! Hahaha.  Trying really hard to be grumpy.  Ok, I can laugh about it now… Thankfully, it usually ends up in laughter.

On me…

Dress- Unknown Brand (thrifted, love this for fall!)
Belt- Vintage
Shoes- Kork-Ease “Rebecca” (thrifted for $7!)
On Maya…
Dress- Hanna Andersson (thrifted)
Shoes- GapKids (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))