Happy Birthday to me! {42}

I don’t know about other Mom’s, but usually on the rare occasion that I go out at night- I’m still sitting in my sweats, hair a frizzy mess, no make up on, and NO idea what I’m wearing…about 20 minutes before we are due to head out the door.
So, of course, there are rarely pictures of me all done up in my “going out” clothes here.


This past Friday, we went out early on a double date with my parents, and we actually got home before 9!  It was the first time we left Maya with her youngest (oldest brother 15) as her babysitter!!

Honestly, it was perfect!  We had an amazing time, ate a LOT of delicious food, drank some amazing wine, and rode the bus home (um, so fun and way cheaper!!)

AND…another total upside?  I could run outside and take a few pictures while it was still light!

blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-1 blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-2 blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-3And then, Maya all ready in her jammies, came out for a few!

I swear it’s a toss up between what’s better…

Going out and having your kid put to bed when you get home…


Having them still up when you get home, so you can hug and kiss them before they go to bed.


I happened to capture the latter, and I’m so glad that I did!blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-4 blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-5 blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-6 blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-7 blog Ella Moss Geometric Silk Dress Ugg Espadrilles-8Oh, and her nightgown is a 9-10 hahaha.  I knew she’d love it, so I thrifted it for $3!!!

I kid you not, she’s picked it out of a stack of (I’m too embarrassed to say) 75% of the time since… So, clearly.  Nightgowns for the win as far as Maya is concerned!Blog Mini Boden Night gown-1I can’t even…Blog Mini Boden Night gown-2 Blog Mini Boden Night gown-3

On me…

Dress- Ella Moss (thrifted)
Sandals- Ugg (thrifted, similar here)
On Maya…
Nightgown- Mini Boden (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
Of course the minute I go out to take pictures, my neighbor walks by with is dog…
 Blog Outtake
(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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