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Little White Dress…Day to night (Night)

I showed this dress on Monday as an every day wear, but honestly…it begs to be worn out!!

All the little details…kill me!  Oddly, when I got home, I swear the attached slip shrank like 4 inches!!!  I don’t remember it being so short in the store, so I added another slip underneath for coverage!

If I were to go out for New Years, this would absolutely be an option!blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-1 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-2 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-3 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-4 I told Maya we could do whatever she wanted for these next shots.  I’ll reveal what she really had us doing in the “keeping it real”… :}

All in all, I just want her to have fun, so whatever she suggests, I’m game for 🙂  AND, I got some great shots of us laughing, so I’m beyond happy too!blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-5 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-6 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-7 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-8 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-9 blog-doma-leather-joie-oshea-dress-nine-west-10

On me…

Leather Jacket- Doma (old, similar here)
Booties- Nine West (I think 20+ years old! Love these!)
On Maya…
Vest- Zara (thrifted, but similar here)
Dress- Hanna Andersson (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- See Kai Run(hand me down)
Keeping it Real…
And for those following along, yes…she’s still in the licking phase ;{
blog-outtake-1In her words when I asked what we should do…
“Make funny faces, and pee in our pants!”
“Just preteeeeeending!!!”
Behind the scenes video here!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


If we were going out for New Years Eve… (we’re not :))

 I couldn’t even tell you the last time I stayed up til midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Wow…I sound old 😦  It’s been even longer since I went out.  It just get’s so crazy out there, and my days of dancing til 2:00 am are few and far between.

That said.  I thought it would be fun to dress up as if we were going out!  Isn’t that the best part??

This is Maya’s “Happy New Year!!”Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-1As a side note.  If I were really going out, I probably wouldn’t wear my hair like this, but our power was out for 4 hours this morning and it was the best I could do 🙂 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-2I’ve been dying to wear these faux leather pants, but had no where to wear them.  In front of my house seemed perfect haha.  Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-3I love this vintage coat.  It even is signed on the lining by the woman who made it.  How cute is that? Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-4 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-5It has a fun sash too… Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-6 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-7 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-8The best part of Maya’s outfit?  That sweater!  I found it at a thrift store in the kids section, but it’s really a woman’s wool sweater that got washed, dried, and shrunk!  It fits Maya perfectly though haha.  So…if you happen to shrink a sweater, try it on your toddler 😉 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-9 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-10 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-11 Blog Addison Story Sold Design Lab Vintage Coat-12Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year!

On me…

Coat- Vintage
Top- Addison Story (old, but similar here and here)
Shoes- Paolo (old, but similar here)
On Maya…
Sweater- Halogen (Similar here or actual kids sweater here or here :))
Top- Gap
Skirt- Kids Corner (similar here)
Shoes- Mickey (thrifted, but similar here)