Chunky Hand Knit Cardigans with Thrifted Frye Boots on the Beach…

Is there anything better than an oversized chunky knit cardigan in the winter? 🤗
Well, yes, when it’s handknit by your dad!  He actually made this sweater for himself, and when he didn’t want it anymore, I stole it out of his donation pile haha.   Yet another reason I love having my parents living only a few blocks away!

It’s week 3 for @theMomEdit  style challenge., and the theme is “Oversized Chic”

This outfit errs more on the side of comfy…but I’ll try and work on another post that’s a little more “chic”.
Until then…some of my new favorite pics of us playing on the beach!
I recently scored these Frye Boots for $14 at a thrift store.  I could NOT believe my luck!!!  I had scored Maya’s a few years ago for $20, and anxiously awaited for them to fit!

Proooooobably wasn’t the best shoe choice for playing on the beach at sunset last week, but…that’s one of my favorite things about thrifting.
Wear it, ENJOY it, play in it, have no guilt over it.

Thankfully, a wet wipe to both as soon as we got back in the car and they were all good. ☺️
GAH!!!  That sunset!!! Maya found a few crabs, but they had burrowed deep by the time I got over there. One of my favorite things to capture with my clients is silhouettes at sunset.  I love trying to make the image “them” even though you can’t see their faces.

Sadly, as it got darker I couldn’t find my remote on the rocks!  SO…I had Maya push the shutter for me as I jumped and I pushed the shutter for her, and then I merged them together in Photoshop.

These totally crack me up!!
I LOVE these, but sooooo wish I’d been able to capture some of us just dancing.  When I couldn’t find the remote, I just set up my phone to take this video and I LOVE IT!!!  I guess I’ll just have to try again 😉

If you are following along on the weekly @theMomEdit  style challenge. you can see

Week 1 “Layer A Cami Over Something Warmer”

Week 2 “All Black with a Pop of Color”  (I did a day to night) day here and night here.

The next week challenge goes from 1/30-2/6 and it is…

“Make Wide Leg Crop Pants Work in Winter” .


On me…

Sweater- Hand Knit by my dad.
Top- J Crew (thrifted, similar here)
Boots- Frye “Veronica Short” (thirfted for $14!)
On Maya…
Sweater- Crewcuts by J Crew (thrifted)
Top- Crewcuts by J Crew (thrifted)
Jeans- GapKids (thrifted, but similar here)
Boots- Frye “Veronica Slouch” (thrifted, sold out, similar here)
Keeping it Real…
I was having some remote technical issues.  Maya’s face though.  Worried, yet, um…
The set up for us dancing… The set up for our jumping shot 🙂
Maya didn’t quite understand when to push the shutter.  She’d hit the shutter after I jumped,
and then she kept laughing uncontrollably, so I
literally had to jump like 10 times!  My 44 year old legs cannot do that anymore haha.  I really
thought I might pull a muscle, but…thankfully I didn’t. Ok, I had a few fails too 🙂
But laughs were had by all!
(all pictures taken with a shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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