Happy Valentine’s Day!

 I’ve never been a “let’s get dressed up and go out on the town!” kind of Valentine’s Day girl…

A) It seems like a lot of fuss and pressure for one designated day that you are sharing with…EVERYONE!

B) I hate crowds.  See above…sharing with EVERYONE-no thanks!

C) You pay way more and it’s SO hard to get into good restaurants in Seattle, because…yup-everyone!! Are you sensing a trend here?

Every year the Huz makes us a nice dinner.  We get a nice bottle of wine, and stay at home and have way more fun!

We had our normally busy day, but I managed to bribe Maya into going outside twice.  Once for 5 minutes, and then again for 4 haha.  Yes, I checked the time stamp 😉

I took these of myself when Maya was in school.  I knew I was going to go help out at her Valentine’s Day party and then after letting her play after school, we’d come home to dinner.  All that to say…I kept it pretty casual, but added a fun pop of red with my comfy clogs!blog-doma-leather-jacket-striped-top-dl1961-toni-red-sven-clogs-1 blog-doma-leather-jacket-striped-top-dl1961-toni-red-sven-clogs-2 blog-doma-leather-jacket-striped-top-dl1961-toni-red-sven-clogs-3The only way I could get pics of Maya was to let her just do whatever she wanted.  Which usually means dancing.  The girl has got some serious moves!!blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-gapkids-tiered-skirt-steve-madden-lace-up-studded-bootsLoooooove!blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-1 Omg, her little tongue sticking out through the gap in her missing teeth??!!!blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-2
blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-3I would have loved to have gone somewhere with a little better scenery than our dirty front steps, but you take what you can get!

And I LOVE this one!blog-doma-leather-jacket-striped-top-dl1961-toni-red-sven-clogs-8 And these… 🙂blog-doma-leather-jacket-striped-top-dl1961-toni-red-sven-clogs-9 blog-doma-leather-jacket-striped-top-dl1961-toni-red-sven-clogs-10 I thought about asking her for a serious smile, but these are so her!!blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-gapkids-tiered-skirt-steve-madden-lace-up-studded-boots-4 I can’t even…blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-gapkids-tiered-skirt-steve-madden-lace-up-studded-boots-5 blog-faux-leather-jacket-crewcuts-heart-sweater-gapkids-tiered-skirt-steve-madden-lace-up-studded-boots-6

On me…

Leather Jacket- Doma” (old similar here)
Top- Banana Republic (thrifted, similar here)
Jeans- DL1961 Toni “midrise” (eBay, similar here)
On Maya…
Jacket- Cherokee (thrifted for $1.50!, but similar here)
Sweater- Crewcuts (thrifted splurge for $8.50 haha, but similar here)
Skirt- Gapkids (thrifted)
Leggings- GapKids (thrifted)
Shoes- Steve Madden (thrifted, but similar here)
Keeping it Real…
This is what happens when I ask for a smile haha.  blog-outtakeDidn’t quite get situated before the shutter release went off haha.blog-outtake-1 And she thought it was hilarious to keep knocking over the “O”… 😉blog-outtake-2
(all pictures taken with a self timer/shutter release and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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