Sunset on the beach…

 This beach is kind of on the down low as far as West Seattle goes.  Compared to the much busier Alki Beach.  However…when there is a good sunset, not so much.  So…we had an audience when we were doing these, hence no shots of me awkwardly posing by myself 😉Blog Old Navy Swing Top Edyson Destroyed Skinny Birkenstocks-1 Blog Old Navy Swing Top Edyson Destroyed Skinny Birkenstocks-2A rock in one hand…a stick in another.  SO perfectly Maya… 🙂 Guess Romper Navy Converse High Tops-1Guess Romper Navy Converse High Tops-2Guess Romper Navy Converse High Tops-3Guess Romper Navy Converse High Tops-4Blog West Seattle Sunset-1Guess Romper Navy Converse High Tops-5Blog West Seattle Sunset-2On me…

Top- Old Navy (old)
Jeans- Edyson “sloan” deconstructed skinny  (thrifted, sold out, but similar here)
Shoes- Birkenstocks (20 years old, and still hanging in there!
On Maya…
Romper- Guess (thrifted, but love this for fall)
Shoes- Converse (thrifted)
Keeping it Real…
 So, here’s another look at my set up and a refresher on how I take the images of me and me with Maya.  I use that light stand with a stuffed animal at the top to focus on.  Once I’ve locked in my focus, I switch the lens over to manual focus, so it doesn’t change.  I mark where I need to stand, and run over to that spot with Maya.  I’ve got my camera on a tripod a few yards away.  I usually move the light stand completely out of the way, but messed up on this one 😉  Yes, I’m sure people think I’m completely wacko haha.  Oh, well!  One of these days I’ll try and take a video of how it all goes down…. Here’s Maya getting the hang of it all on her own!  And…here’s the original post where I talk about my set up (misses and all!)Blog Old Navy edyson Outtake
(all pictures taken with a self timer and tripod, except ones of Maya :))


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