Who What Wear’s 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge // All 30 days in summary :)

I did it!  I didn’t necessarily do them on the assigned days, and a few times I just played catch up/dress up, but still…pretty fun and…challenging!  The whole point was to get you to step outside your comfort zone, and it did!  So funny how we all have a comfort zone, and I’m guessing no two people’s are the same.  Anywho…here it is 🙂  Some of these I already blogged, but some I did on the side…

Day 1: Wear a bright color combo.

This was actually really hard for me.  I am SO not a bright color person, and then to mix TWO??  Oddly, I really like it, and this dress/tunic has been hanging in my closet unworn for who knows how long (years!!!)

Blog WWW Challenge Bright Color Combo-1Day 2: Mix at least two textures into your look.

Coated denim (love!!) and fuzzy open knit.  I cannot WAIT for spring and summer.  We had a sneak peek the other day with sun and 60 degree weather, and it was SO nice…

Blog Nordstrom Sweater StyleMint tank J Brand Coated Skinny -3

Day 3: Go big or go home with an oversized coat, baggy t-shirt, and loose trousers.

This was another tough one.  As a rule, I wear baggy on the bottom/tight on the top or tight on the top/baggy on the bottom.  BIG everywhere without looking like a slob/behemoth?  That was tough… Wearing heels was a must with all this bigness 🙂blog WWW Challenge Go Big or go home-2

Day 4: Try a boyish look.

This isn’t really a challenge for me, since I tend to lean towards boyish looks.  I decided to pick my favorite look from the past few months.  These are actual men’s jeans, and they are SO comfy!!Blog 7FAM Boyfriend Zara Striped Tee Timberland Loafers-3

Day 5: Change out your handbag.

Sun=lighter colored bag, yay!!Blog Winter Kate Kimono HM Tank Genetic Denim ShoeMint Eila Sandal-4

Day 6: Wear the item you’ve been ‘’saving’’ for a special occasion.

Ok, both of these I save.  WHY??  The J Brand coated jeans are something I’ve been coveting FOREVER, yet, when I finally scored them on eBay I still forget I got them!  I even still watch them!! WTF??  So…busting them out for this, and another post too 🙂  This top?  LOVE it.  It’s a total mullet top, which I LOVE.  Simple in the front, party in the back!  But, it’s kind of long, so it either requires a tuck (which I don’t really do-hence the saving) or wear it as a long tunic.  Love it though, so if I ever really do got out, it’s ON! haha.Blog WWW Challenge Wear an item youve been saving

Day 7: Focus on your jewelry.

Basically, I was wearing a tank, jeans, and cardigan, but the layered jewelry just made the outfit….Blog Nordstrom Sweater StyleMint tank J Brand Coated Skinny -5

Day 8: Break out an item you haven’t worn in at least six months.

We got some sun, so I got to bust out this fun yellow kimono 🙂Blog Winter Kate Kimono HM Tank Genetic Denim ShoeMint Eila Sandal-1

Day 9: Actually wear the hat you claim ‘’you can’t pull off.’’

I LOVE the looks of hats.  I just always feel like I’m trying too hard when I actually put them on…  Which is comical, because that is the point of hats, no?  To be able to easily just throw it on and go?  Anyway, this has never seen the light of day :{  One day I’ll do it.  On one of those many days I don’t take a shower, or wait too long between colorings (which is all.the.time)blog WWW Challenge Wear a hat you cant pull off

Day 10: Mix an expensive item from your closet with something under $100.

Well, this I do all the time.  Except most times the expensive item, I got on sale/thrifted/or on ebay for 90% off and it’s usually under $100 too.  Actually, usually under $20 🙂  This jacket I got when I worked for a boutique one summer about 12 years ago (as a 2nd job to when I worked at a bank).  I used my employee 40% off discount, and it was still pretty spendy.  Basically, I just spent my paycheck there… Still looks amazing though, so buying quality pays off!Blog Doma Leather Jacket Zara Joes Jeans Zipper Pura Lopez Oxfords-3Day 11: Wear a bold print.

Love the print in this top.  I scored it on eBay.  It’s about 4 sizes too big, but I still love it 😉Blog Vince Sweater CoreyLynnCalter Top Goldsign Jeans Converse-1

Day 12: Swap heels for sneakers.

Not exactly a challenge, since this applies to pretty much every day 🙂Blog Maya Self timer-3

Day 13: Make a neutral outfit interesting by layering and adding a pair of statement shoes.

I was planning on wearing something completely different, but then it went and got sunny on me!  NOT complaining 🙂  I’m actually a big fan of little bits of color peeking out here and there, and I LOVE fun shoes.  Just goes to show, you can have  completely simple outfit and make it pop pretty easily.Blog HM Sweater Mother Rascal Cuff Jeans Converse-3

Day 14: Mix two or more prints into your outfit.

This gave me complete anxiety at first.  I rarely wear prints, and the thought of wearing two…together??  So, I fell back on my favorite neutral print-leopard 🙂Blog Gap Shirt Black Orchid Ikat Jeans Leopard Flats-1

Day 15: Create a look with three levels of layering.

The tank I’m wearing is actually a black and white stripe tank.  You really only see it from behind (the black top is sheer in the back) or when I move/pick up Maya.  I like the simplicity of that…Blog Juicy Jacket HM Top Joes Jeans Born Booties-1

Day 16: Go monochrome in a bright color.

I don’t know if oxblood counts as “bright”, but it’s what I went with 🙂Blog Vintage Leather Jacket Lanston Tee True Religion Suede Skinny Frye Booties-1

Day 17: Winterize your favorite summer skirt (does a dress count??).

I already said in the post that I’m not much of a skirt wearer, so winterizing a dress was about as close as I got.  Totally nailed it with Maya though, so check hers out 🙂Blog Twenty8Twelve Dress Joie Boots-1

Day 18: Test out a new tuck.

Not really anything “new” about this tuck, but I’ve never tucked anything into these boyfriend jeans, so…new tuck?  YES! Day 18: Test out a new tuck.Blog HM Top J Brand Aiden Jeans Linea Pelle Belt Superga-1

Day 19: Pair your favorite denim pieces together for a denim-on-denim look.

Yes, I totally cheated and used a look that I just did.  But…I just did it (a few weeks ago), so…not a challenge right?? 🙂Blog Denim on Denim StyleMint Goldsign Dietrich Wide Leg-3

Day 20: Dress down your favorite LBD

This was one of the most unexpected fun challenges.  I rarely wear dresses, but this added a little kick to my step.  Felt a little flirty, yet totally comfortable and “me”.Blog StyleMint Jacket Twenty8Twelve Dress Frye Harness Boots-1

Day 21: Belt your outerwear.

I kind of liked this one too, and I never would have done it without the challenge…WWW Belt Outerwear

Day 22: Keep it simple with skinnies and a sweater.

(or top, since it was warm :))blog ZaraTop DL1961 Emma Cole Haan-1

Day 23: Wear a color you have not worn in awhile.

Decided to kind of cheat and use a scarf as my color 🙂Blog Zara Sweater Vince Destroyed Skinnies Lace Up Boots-1

Day 24: Layer in an unexpected way.

Vintage dress/slip/nightgown with a tunic sweater + Jeggings + Converse = total comfy outfit!Blog Vintage Dress Design History Sweater Converse-3

Day 25: Dress up a pair of distressed jeans.

Cheating again with this one to save myself.  Wore this for Valentine’s Day.  Ok, I wore it for my Valentine’s Day Post haha.  I love dressing up distressed jeans, though, so this one wasn’t a big challenge.Blog Doma Leather Bomber Jacket BCBG Silk Tunic Current Elliott Destroyed Skinny Frye Booties-7

Day 26: Wear a bold coat with simple essentials.

LOVE this faux fur coat that I SCORED at a thrift store for $10, and then found out was sold at Nordstrom for $300ish!!Blog WWWStyleChallenge Bold Coat

Day 27: Try a sleek and slouchy look

I wasn’t really sure what this meant, but I usually try and pair something sleek when I wear slouchy, so…?  I’m using one of my favorites on this too.Blog Zara Sweater Mens 7FAM-5

Day 28: Give a feminine dress some edge with a moto jacket.

Once again, I surprised myself and LOVED this look!Blog Doma Leather Alice Olivia Dress Joan David Booties-Day 29: Incorporate an office-appropriate blouse into your weekend look.Day

This was something I do often, since it’s the perfect mix between casual and dressed up for when I got on shoots.Blog Joie Top 7FAM Jeans Airwalk Slipons-1

30: Leave the details to your shoes.

Without these shoes, this would look like a plain T with skinnies.  Nothing fancy.  With the heels, it’s totally a going out outfit!  Love that!  And I also love that heels take about 5 lbs off you instantly.  For sure miss THAT!Blog Make it about Shoes

PHEW!!!  That was really fun, challenging, and somewhat stressful.  BUT…at the end of it all, SO FUN!

I encourage you to step outside your style comfort zone every once in a while.  Scary, but so worth it! 🙂

Any favorites??dit-elle-Lauren

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