Happy Holidays! (from Lauren & Family)

 This holiday card was such a comedy of errors…

Maya falls on a metal toy and gives herself a black eye the day before (thank you Photoshop!!) -> Our kitchen sink broke at 11pm the night before -> the Huz stayed up late trying to fix it -> was too tired to fix it -> He got up at 6am to try some more -> Kept trying for 6 HOURS, including multiple trips to the  hardware store, thus blew through our original 10am shoot time.  Huz FIXES THE SINK! -> Time for Maya’s nap so we decide to try when she wakes up ->  Maya boycotts nap for almost 2 hours and finally falls asleep ->  She wakes up at 5, cranky and hungry -> Light is fading fast, so we decide to just rally everyone up and go for it -> The outfit I had originally had in my head did NOT go well with the kids clothes (which was what I was most worried about) and the Huz hated his sweater… -> Maya is starving and wants a cracker every 30 seconds -> entire shoot lasts 15 minutes from first shutter click to the last shutter click (including cracker breaks).

All that said…(now that 2 months have gone by) I love our holiday card.  It’s us 🙂

Happy Holidays to you and yours! 🙂Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-1 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-2 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-3 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-4 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-5There wasn’t a lot of time for “outfit” shots, so I ran outside with the tripod once we got home and got a few more before the sun went completely down. Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-6 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-7 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-8 Blog Coated Genetic Denim Booties-9Big thank you to my parents for riding the wave, feeding Maya, and getting some great shots!

On me…

Sweater- Unknown (ebay, but similar here)
Jeans- Genetic Denim (similar here and less expensive here)
Boots- Paul and Joe (From Shopbop old, but fun different color here here, similar here and less expensive here)
On Maya…
Dress- Gap (similar here)
Tights- H&M (sold out, but similar here)
Boots- (thrifted, similar here)


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