Tis the season…for holiday parties!

 I’ll admit.  I didn’t wear this to a holiday party….yet!  I thought it might be fun to do a few posts a week this month on “fancier” clothes, because this is the season when a parties/get togethers could be sprung on you last minute!  I like to be prepared.  That is why I have a ridiculous amount of party dresses on hand “just in case” haha.  I snap up timeless dresses (or not so timeless if the price is right) all the time, because you KNOW that when you are in a bind and looking…there’s nothing to be found.  Funny thing is.  I’m not inherently a dress girl.  My comfort zone is pants.  For some reason, dresses make me feel…vulnerable?  Something I don’t like to be.  Anywho…here’s dress #1 with two shoe options.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.

Oddly enough, the Huz readily agreed to take these pictures.  Hmmm, shocking 🙂

Please forgive the ghostly pale legs.  I do live in Seattle…Blog Joie Silk Dress-1I love this dress, because the black and white print is pretty timeless.  You can mix in any number of pops of color, or just stay with classic black. Blog Joie Silk Dress-2 Blog Joie Silk Dress-3 Blog Joie Silk Dress-4Or boots??  This is for sure what I feel more comfortable in, although I LOVE green… Blog Joie Silk Dress-5 Blog Joie Silk Dress-6 Blog Joie Silk Dress-7So, which do you like better?  Heels or boots?Blog Joie Dress-x2Then, like I could leave Maya out!  She had a friend over for a playdate the other day and we got them all dressed up for pictures, because…why not 🙂 Blog Joie Silk Dress-8 Blog Joie Silk Dress-9 Blog Joie Silk Dress-10LOVE these of them doing “ring around the rosie”  SO CUTE!!! Blog Joie Silk Dress-11On me…

Dress- Joie (old, but similar here, here , here and less expensive here)
Shoes 1- Charlotte Ronson (old, but similar here and less expensive here)
Boots2- Faconnable (old, but similar here and less expensive here)
On Maya…
Dress- Gap (thrifted and gifted to me by a friend!) similar here or here.
Boots- Nordstrom (thrifted, but similar here)
Jacket- George (thrifted)


4 thoughts on “Tis the season…for holiday parties!

  1. marmargerbil

    Before I forget: that little velvet jacket on Maya is amazing! Adorable. I like both shoes, but I adore those heels! So perfect. I just bought a timeless black and white dress that I love so much I wore it to Thanksgiving, and I am sorta planning on wearing it to Christmas Eve AND New Year’s…… which is unlike me but I just adore it!


    1. laurenkahan Post author

      Thank you! I had no idea how/where she would wear it when I saw it at the thrift store, and what do you know. It worked here! 🙂

      That is one of the reasons I love black and white dresses so much! You can totally change them up with accessories and wear them on multiple occasions, yet it looks completely different! WIN!! 🙂


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