What to wear for family pictures?

This is family picture season.  I’m in the thick of it at work, and families always ask…

“What should we wear??”

My answer is always, first and foremost, wear what you feel good in!  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the latest trend, all look good together, etc… If you don’t feel good-you won’t like the pictures!  Now, that aside, here are some tips-

*Wear complimentary colors, but try not to be too matchy matchy.  I love when a kid/children wear a print and then older siblings and parents pick up a solid color in that print.  Or, you can have everyone wear neutral colors (creams, browns, grays) and then have a pop of color here and there (scarf, shoes, hair accessories, ties, belts) that match.

*Try to stay away from large logo’s or pictures on clothing.  It tends to draw the focus away from the most important thing….you and your family!

*Don’t wear all black.  Yes, we all feel good in black.  However, when you are all cuddling together (those are my favorite pics!), you will look like a big blog of black with floating heads.

*When in doubt, do a dress rehearsal really quick one night and snap a pic with your phone.  You will see if it all meshes well or clashes 🙂

Here’s what we wore last Mother’s Day.  Every year, that’s what I ask for as a present.  My parents take the pictures 🙂  We don’t have the boys for Mother’s Day (obviously), so this just gives you an idea for a smaller family…

I started off with Maya’s print top…Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-1Then I picked up a color in her top with my solid top. Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-2 Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-3Same with my husband. Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-4I made sure his shirt picked up another color and also went well with my top.  That’s usually not a problem if you chose different colors in your child’s top. The colors usually are meant to go together 🙂 Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-5Then for Father’s Day, I did a little shoot with all the kids and made a book with the images. Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-6Blog What to Wear for Family Pictures-7 On me…

Jeans- Genentic Denim (on sale here! )
Top- Sanctuary (Sold out, but similar color here)

Shoes- (thrifted) but similar here and cheaper here.

On Maya…
Jeans- Gap.
Top- Gap (thrifted, loving this long sleeve one here)
Boots- Children’s Place (Thrifted, but similar here.
Jeans- Old Navy (from ThredUp, but same on sale here)
Top- Gap (from ThredUp, but similar here)

Shoes- Zulily

Super Mom Tip-

You do NOT have to break the bank and go crazy buying clothes for pictures.  Having a color scheme in mind is the best time to hit the thrift stores!  Both boys are wearing thrifted Ralph Lauren Polo shirts- $5 each 😉  You can pick up a fun colored scarf for $1.50 or a pair of fun shoes for $10 that will MAKE your outfit!  Also, check out Pinterest!  There’s a TON of ideas on there.  Here’s a board I started with a few more ideas.


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