Pink, Blue and Turquoise oh my!

blog Pink Tee Gap Skinny-1

This is my basic ‘mom uniform’. Jeans & tee-shirt & flip-flops. Black/gray/navy hues are my general go-to colors, but I’ve been trying to add some “bright” to that. Can’t get much brighter than punch pink and turquoise beads!

blog Pink Tee Gap Skinny-2 blog Pink Tee Gap Skinny-3 blog Pink Tee Gap Skinny-4

A friend gave me the chew-beads when Anders was born. It’s one of those things I would never have bought for myself, but as it turned out WE love them, Anders loves them and Ava loves them!

In fact, I love them so much that I wore them out with girlfriends one evening. We were at a restaurant and the waitress (a clearly hip gal in her early 20s – and I feel totally old writing that! haha!) asked where I got the beads? I told her they were chewbeads and any maternity/baby clothes retailer carried them.. She looked at me in horror, like she wished she hadn’t asked. “They totally work even without a kid attached to them…” I tried. But the conversation was over, LOL. Seriously though – they are great, add a splash of color to any outfit! 🙂blog Pink Tee Gap Skinny-5On me…

Jeans- Basic GAP skinnies
Top- GAP, looks like this one on
Necklace- Chewbeads

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