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Stripes + Faux Fur On the two of us…

 I’m pretty sure it’s obvious, but I am so obsessed with stripes!  The “don’t wear horizontal stripes” is for sure a rule to break.  Everyone can!  Little hints of it peeking out of layering…LOVE!!!  I’m also a bit obsessed with the faux fur trend, but have only really had the nerve to try it out on Maya (my little fashion guinea pig :})Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-1 Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-2See the below expression?  That would be me awkwardly trying to talk to a neighbor that came out while the self timer was going off.  Hey, I have a limited window of Maya snacking in the wagon.  I’ve got to keep this moving! 🙂  He eventually went back inside… Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-3 Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-4 Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-5And THIS is why I am so thankful I’m doing this blog.  Are you kidding me with that smile?  LOVE HER!  In her hand is a doll from LinaMarieDolls.  They are SO CUTE (sorry, I didn’t get a better picture of the doll, but getting Maya to “show me the doll” wasn’t exactly working.  I won it in a cut throat auction, and have never been so glad to spend more than retail price on anything! 🙂  It’s all for a good cause, right?  She has SO many other cute creations!!  I foresee our house being overrun by them… 🙂 Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-6I see so many other bloggers talking about “reality” vs “blogging reality”.  I admit.  I’m only posting pictures that look good.  Where me and Maya look happy.  Duh.  Honestly, I’m so lucky.  Maya really is a happy kid, but I HAD to put these in here.  These are SO going to be my teenage years… Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-7This is such a blogger pose below… And remember this sweater in red?  YES, I found it in another thrift store in cream.  Same “too big” size!  This one was $1.50.  SCORE!! Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-8Now, back to reality.  “I’m jumping!!” Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-9Lastly.  Wow, I’m rambling a LOT in this post.  I’m not sure if any of you care about coats, but I’m thinking with the crazy weather in the US, the answer is yes?!  I LOVE vintage coats.  They are a fraction of the cost, look totally current (most designers base their looks on vintage coats), and nobody else will have them (WIN!!).  All around SCORE as far as I’m concerned!!  I haven’t really blogged much about outerwear, but I thought I might at the end for those that care.  Pretty sure I got this coat for less than $20.  It’s been a while… Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-10 Blog HM Sweater Genetic Denim Shane Coated-11On me…

Sweater- H&M
Coat- Vintage
Jeans- Genetic Denim “The Shane” Coated (similar here and less expensive here)
Shoes- Report (sold out).  Similar here.
On Maya…
Sweater- Old Navy (thrifted, and sweaters are slim pickings on line right now but love this here)
Vest- Koala Kids (thrifted, but similar here)
Jeans- Gap (similar)
Boots- Minnetonka (thrifted, but similar here)