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Show the love… // Helen Ficalora

I love how classic and timeless Helen Ficalora’s jewelry is.  I got my first 2 charms from her about 8 or 9 years ago (an L for me, and a G for Greta, my English Mastiff fur baby :))  When the Huz and I got married 5 years ago, I added an H.  Then when Maya was born, I got an M.  I know that other people make them for less, but I have worn them every single day that I’ve had them, and I LOVE that you cannot tell the difference in their age at all!  Last month, I took a “selfie” with my phone of me and Maya snuggling in her rocking chair before her nap.  In the picture you could see my charms, so I hashtagged them on Instagram #showtheHFlove.  I don’t have that many followers on my personal account, so I never really thought much of it.  THEN…earlier this month, I get an email.

“Congratulations Lauren!!!!

You are the lucky winner of the #showthehflove giveaway for August!!

Look forward to receiving a yellow gold ‘love’ charm with a diamond!”

Um, WHAT???!  I never randomly win ANYTHING!  Mostly, because I rarely enter any kind of giveaway, and I loathe gambling. haha  I just sat reading the email over and over with my mouth open.  To win something that I LOVE (pun intended haha).  I was so excited, grateful, and amazed at the generosity!!  I loved Helen Ficalora before, but am even a bigger fan now!

All Mama’s, it’s a great way to keep your babies close to you at all times, and she has even more fun charms and jewelry too.

All these opinions are totally mine, and I in no way was asked to write this!!  Again, I won the charm from my personal account that has a whopping 84 folowers, so I know they didn’t send it to me to be promoted.  I just wanted to spread the love and in some small way show my gratitude.  And even MORE importantly share with everyone her amazing jewelry!Blog Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace-1How cute are these little pink boxes that the charms come in??! Blog Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace-2Little helper 😉 Blog Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace-3 Blog Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace-4 Blog Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace-5 Blog Helen Ficalora Charm Necklace-6Thank you, thank you, thank you Helen Ficalora!!  You have a customer for life 🙂

Here’s the iPhone picture I took… 🙂Blog Helen Ficalora Charm-7dit-elle-Lauren

Daring to Wear J Brand Coated Denim…

I have been obsessed with the coated denim trend.  I’ve also been a little obsessed with animal print.  Usually, I’d pick one trend or the other to avoid overkill, but when I saw these, I had to have them!  My fear…am I too old to pull it off -39 is the new 29 right?? haha.  Anywho, I stalked these on eBay and finally pulled the trigger when I got a smoking deal.  Then…I waited for an occasion to come up where I could wear them!  When one of my best friend’s birthday came around, I knew that a girl’s night would be the perfect occasion to test them out on!

Added bonus?  They are stretchy, but are a thick material which basically makes them like jean spanx (but in a good way!)

BlogJBrandCoatedCreamSweater-1nblogJBrandCoatedCreamSweater-13 BlogJBrandCoatedCreamSweater-3nBlogJBrandCoatedCreamSweater-3- BlogJBrandCoatedCreamSweater-4

Jeans- J Brand 
Sweater- Unknown (ebay)
Shoes-Nine West (old)
Bag- Aaneta
Jacket- Doma (old)